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These are my Outfits Of The Last Bank Holiday Weekend:


Top: All the jewels! Most of them are things I’ve had for a while, and are from Accessorize or are vintage/gifts. The sunnies are from River Island


Saturday BBQ: Sequin top from Next (old, although they always have a nice line in sequinned tees I find). New Asos “Ridley” jeans. I have trouble buying jeans (who doesn’t?) but these have a lot of stretch which I find more flattering on me and they come up nice and high (I hate surprise crack attacks. Again, who doesn’t?!) so are definitely my current favourites. (Although I ordered them in black too (same size) and they were tiny!) Booties from Office.

Sunday lunch with the fam: H&M cardi, pinky/maroon M&S trousers (These confuse me so much as I bought them in blue at the same time and the blue ones are super-comfy while these ones are trying to kill me! Why does this keep happening to me?!), Primark leopard print shoes.

Sunday night pub quiz: New white tee from Forever 21, Asos “Ridley” jeans again, neon green Converse (I used to wear Converse trainers all the time, I miss them!)

Cinco de Mayo margarita night with friends: Old GAP black shirt, Asos denim shorts, M&S tights, Office “Cecilia” flats

Bottom: Bags and shoes! The raffia bowling bag was a gift that my 3 year old niece picked out for me in the Philippines! (She has excellent taste! Must get it from her aunt…. 😛 ) And the blue bag was bought at a market stall in Florence.


Pink earrings: H&M

Pink & green earrings: Asos, Daisy necklace: Brooklyn Flea Market

Huuugely heavy diamanté and perspex earrings: Accessorize

Gold, colourful earrings: Accessorize I think, necklaces and rings are all vintage/gifts. The gold and coral necklace is one of my favourites. My Dad gave it to me as a gift for passing my GSCEs (a million years ago!) and I think it looks like something a mermaid would wear 🙂

So, on the 3 day long bank holiday weekend I wore:

7 bracelets

5 rings

4 pairs of shoes

4 pairs of earrings

3 necklaces

2 bags

& 1 pair of sunnies


My partridge was in the shop.


Have a good week everyone!


The Styletterie




It is gloomier than my favourite fictional donkey in London today but at least it’s Friday!

Camo shirt: Express, NY

Necklace: Brooklyn Flea market, NY

Black lacy cami (mostly hidden) aka the most useful item in my wardrobe: Marks & Spencer

Happy Friday one and all!



The Styletterie


A bunch of us went to my friend’s house in the country last weekend for some nature (bleurgh) and some partying (yay). The main event was twenties themed (because apparently people aren’t bored of that yet). I have mixed feelings about the twenties as a fashion era (pearls and bling = good; drop waisted = WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO HURT ME?) but I fortunately have one twenties-esque dress (ie. it has tassels) that I wear every time this theme pops up. I also do OTT bling rather well, though I say so myself.

This is what I wore:

Dress: French Connection, about 4 years ago. There were no full length mirrors in the house so I was unable to get any decent pictures of it. But to sum up, it’s short, black and fun to swish in!

Deco tiara: Asos

Pearls: Various, some were from Christmas crackers, some were my Grandmother’s, some were from Oasis

Deco watch: Marks and Spencer

Bracelet: Swarovski, a present from my parents for my 21st. This also suffers from leaping off my wrist syndrome, like my other Swarovski bracelet.

Tassel earrings: Karen Millen

Pearl and bling cluster ring: Marks and Spencer

Bling rings: The teardrop one is Mikey and the round one was a gift from my Dad (I think he bought it from one of those aeroplane brochures)

Overuse of the word “bling”: model’s own

ImageI didn’t have time to do anything to my hair so I just threw in some kirby grips and topped it off with the tiara.


ImageI also wore some crystal studded tights (Marks & Spencer)

The shoes are from Aldo, and apparently I used to be able to walk in them! Sadly, this is no longer the case.


ImageRed fur stole: Monsoon


ImageRed lipstick: Wet ‘n’ wild, from New York, 99 cents and still the best lipstick I’ve found. It does bleed a little as you can see but this photo was at the very end of the night, so I’d say it held up pretty well.

And speaking of the end of the night….


What started as a little lie-down resembles the start of a Poirot episode to a worrying degree….

Disclaimer: nobody died in the making of this blog post.



The Styletterie


Ps. There was a prize for best costume. And I totally won 😀





How sweet are my Uncle and Aunt, sending me an Easter present from Athens? I love this colour and material for spring/summer!

Surprise presents are the best!


Happy Friday!


The Styletterie


Ps. Yes I know their sign off looks like childhood euphemisms for boy/girl parts! Can’t bring myself to tell them yet though…  :-p


I’ve never been nominated for anything before! This is just like the Oscars! I’d like to thank the Academy… :-p Ok I’d actually like to thank the excellent Good Niamhning for nominating me. Her blog is awesome, go check it out!

1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you and display the award.
2. Answer eleven questions the blogger gives you.
3. Give eleven random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate eleven blogs you think are worthy of the award (but they must have less than 200 followers).
5. Let the bloggers know you nominated them.
6. Give them eleven questions to answer


Here are my answers to her (surprisingly difficult) questions:

1. What is your dream job?

My dream as a kid was always to be a super-famous pop star but the ability to carry a tune, alas, also remained within my dreams. Realistically, I’d love to be a writer, or a stylist, or some combination of the above. And a super-famous Hollywood actress by night! And a detective! And a professional pizza taster! And also the Queen!

2. What is your most embarrassing story?

Story? Singular? You must be joking. Hmm, if I had to choose, it would probably be the time I tried to wave at a boy I was desperately into and crashed my bike into a statue because I wasn’t looking where I was going. Or the time I tripped and fell into a guy’s arms in a club which almost felt like it might be a meet-cute until I reared up and head butted his nose then ran out while he lurched around clutching his face. Or maybe the time…..(seriously, I could do this all night)

3. Where is your favourite city in the world?

There are so many cities I still haven’t visited that may turn out to be my favourite but so far, I’ve had really good experiences in Los Angeles, Dublin, New York, Stockholm and Athens. And I’ve lived in London my whole life because it’s amazing. And I think Paris is overrated. Sorry.

4. What is your favourite book?

Wah? Are you trying to kill me? That’s an impossible question! But books that I have loved include Matilda – Roald Dahl, The Faraway Tree series – Enid Blyton, Summer Sisters – Judy Blume (what? I was a teenage girl once and Judy Blume is awesome!), The Madness of a  Seduced Woman – Susan Fromberg Schaeffer, How to be a Woman – Caitlin Moran and The Beauty Myth – Naomi Wolf. I’m also super-excited for the release of The Vagenda book next month!

5. If you were only allowed to use one beauty product forever more, what would it be?

Lip balm, probably Blistex or Vaseline. I can’t bear having dry lips.

6. Do you have any hidden/not so hidden talents?

No. I’m frequently described as a good listener so…no.


7. What is the thing you like best about yourself?

I’m a good listener?

I think I’m quite nice, I hate seeing people upset.

8. What was your outfit today?

Fairly dull actually. I’m at work so I’m wearing black treggings, my black ballerina “Cecilia” flats from Office (the best flats ever, and they usually do a sale around Easter…) and a white boho-y top from Next that I bought last summer but am wearing for the first time today because I worry that it looks a bit maternity-y. Silver and blue vintage earrings, a silver bangle, and a touristy evil eye bracelet from Athens make up my jewellery. And I’m wearing my new-ish Primark spring trench with faux-leather sleeves.


9. Do you have a hero?

Can I plagiarise Matthew McConaughey here? No? Ok, Cher Horowitz, Blair Waldorf and Summer Roberts combined, with a dash of Rory Gilmore.

10. Dogs or cats?


11. If you were on death row, what would be your final meal: starter, main and dessert?

Starter: Pizza, souvlakia imported from Greece, McDonald’s, Chinese and ice cream (what? it’s not like I’ll be watching my weight…)
Main: My sister’s roast beef, with Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, carrots, sweetcorn and gravy. Omg, I’m hungry now…
Dessert: Hmm, what takes a really really long time to eat?

11 Random Facts about Meeeeeee

– I looked up why it’s called the Liebster Award. (Apparently “liebster” means “dearest”, “beloved” or “sweetheart” in German).
– My main life goal is to eat McDonald’s on every continent.
– My nicknames are Dim and Rooney.
-My spirit animal is Amy March from “Little Women”.
– I never cry in real life but put me in front of a moderately, slightly, not-quite-super-happy movie and I will flood the cinema.
– I want to look like Salma Hayek when I grow up. (I’m 27 and starting to lose hope…)
– I am rubbish at all sports. I actually picked my secondary school on the basis that they didn’t have a sports day. (And then they introduced one. Naturally.)
– I am the youngest of 4 siblings (and not at all spoilt ;-p)
– I think Eminem is the greatest poet of my generation.
– My favourite movie is “Grease” and I know every line.
– I have a massive crush on Beast in “Beauty and the Beast”. (The castle, complete with library, ballroom and a million adorable members of staff, has nothing to do with it.)

ImageCall me…

Totally randomly, while I was looking for pictures of the Beast, I came across this, which may just be the coolest thing ever!:


Ok, and now 11 questions I would like my chosen blogs to answer:

-What is the meaning of life? (Ok, that one’s optional)

– What was your best ever holiday and why?
– Who is your style icon?
– What do you want to be when you grow up?
– How did you choose the name for your blog?
– Favourite TV show and ultimate TV crush?
– What song do you listen to when you need cheering up?
– What are you most proud of?
– Place you’d most like to visit?
– Do you speak any other languages?
– What’s the best fancy dress costume you’ve ever done?
– Coke or Pepsi? (Just kidding! No one likes Pepsi.)
– Favourite Disney movie and heroine?

And here are the blogs I’m nominating! (Apologies if you do have over 200 followers, I wasn’t certain how to check!):

The Adventures of Char Bar
Sometimes I wear tiaras
Chelsea Rose
Beauty & the butcher
A touch of Vivian
Sundays 4 you
Is this why I’m still single?
The Dirty Pretty Little Thing
red sock, white laundry


Happy blogging! 😀


Thank you!



The Styletterie


I’ve been doing a lot of virtual window-shopping/procrastinating at work/drooling on my keyboard lately, and thought I’d share with you a few of the things in my ASOS basket, that I just can’t justify!

I love this leather dress, but can’t think of where it will ever be appropriate. It’s a bit sexy for a wedding and most of the formal events I frequent tend to be with my family. Also, the boob bits look so perfectly spherical, it might be just a bit too Xena, Warrior Princess for me. But still, so cool.

I totally would get this plaid dress (I am definitely not over plaid yet, I don’t care what anyone says) but it is way too expensive for me and I guess I don’t technically need it. Ugh, I would never have said that 5 years ago. I hate being old. ;-p

The fur trim one is quite cool, and I spotted it on Chloe Howl at the BRITS-


-but it’s super expenisve, and where would I wear it?

I really like the weird armpit-less one but the shape, or lack thereof, looks hella unflattering. (Or would be on me, at any rate!)

And the long dress with the lace cut-outs is stunning but who the hell voluntarily buys clothes that have see-through bits on the tummy?! Has any woman ever in life said “what a gorgeous dress, I just wish it could somehow draw more attention to my stomach so that I can be really self-conscious all evening”?! It really is nice though, and comes in other colours and lengths, so for any weird tummy-showing-lovers out there, go forth!

Aaaand, a couple of things I did buy 😉 :




(The chartreuse one seems to be sold out now -although that’s what they said about the floral one, and I just kept checking until it reappeared- but they have this, which is pretty similar!)

In conclusion therefore:

Internet shopping is simultaneously the best and worst invention of all time.



The Styletterie



ImageI stole the mani idea from …love Maegan. I did it last year in pinks like she did but this year I thought I’d try it with slightly more grown-up colours to avoid feeling like a 12 year old. Then I saw the hearty nail varnish in Camden and somewhat ruined my newfound manicure maturity!

ImageI used:

O.P.I. “Tickle my France-y” for the base colour

Nails Inc. “Shoreditch” for the hearts

The hearty nail varnish is Gabrini, and I bought it at a stall in Camden Market while the seller tried to chat me up…before moving on to my shopping companion, who also happened to be my boyfriend’s little sister! The varnish was quite hard to use, I basically had to scrape the hearts out and plop them on my nail individually. Consequently it’s a bit clumpy, but busy enough that is doesn’t show too much. My sister put one or two hearts just on each thumb and that looks really cute too.

The love bracelet was from M&S a while back, and the heart necklace is stolen from my sister!


The Styletterie


Hearty tee: Zara

Adore necklace: Anthropologie

I so love a theme! And hearts, flowers and general cutesiness are a surprisingly easy one – I had no idea how much of my stuff already incorporates all the traditional V-Day ingredients! 😀

Hope you’re all excited, whether you are spending it canoodling with your main squeeze in a rose scented haze, sitting at home with a pizza, your single friends and Dirty Dancing on repeat or maybe attending an anti-Valentine’s event (I have a friend going to this which looks pretty cool)!


The Styletterie



When I was a teenager and got annoyed with my parents (a pretty regular occurrence), I used to storm upstairs, put my Eminem albums on full blast, change into all black (and usually slutty) clothes and put on really heavy make-up, before sweeping back downstairs to allow my angst to make its point. At the time I thought this was an excellent expression of my dramatic rage, not realising of course that my whole family were chuckling indulgently at my adorably clichéd teenage drama queen behaviour.

Last weekend, I learned that nothing has changed.

Ok it wasn’t my parents’ fault this time but nevertheless I found myself in a bad mood on Sunday and immediately realised that I couldn’t wear the pretty skater dress I had on and changed instead to this:


I’m even posing grumpily…Only happy people stand up straight

(and yes, I do realise that wearing a slogan tee and then taking pictures in a mirror is dumb!)

-My nouveau Nouveau Grunge tee from Zara (£3.99, thank you sales)

 -Patterned Monsoon jeans (last worn in NYC)

 -New Primark leopard print slipper-style shoes (£5 and very comfy)

 -George at Asda cardi

 -Cat’s eye sunnies (River Island). There wasn’t any actual sun in London (shockingly) but I love a good cat’s eye when I’m grumpy. They make me feel aloof and bitchy.

 -Birkin. Yes, really. This was a Christmas present from my Mum. I’m actually not usually a big designer handbag type person and neither is my Mum (the Birkin was a gift from a friend for her 60th that my mother has never touched, hence why I now have it.) But I might just be persuaded to make an exception for this bag……! It makes everything look more structured, more sophisticated and better put-together, I even like the colour (and as a general rule, I hate brown), plus it’s super roomy. (Check out the bag of potatoes I somehow ended up carting around all day for my sister!)


 And all my black jewellery from my teenage goth-lite phase:


-I actually really love that leather cuff (I’m not sure where it’s from, probably Claire’s Accessories or Camden)

-My fake tattoo bracelet, also Claire’s

-Black and gold rings – H&M

-Long silver ring – vintage

-Asymmetric earrings, used to be part of a necklace but I never wore it so I made them earrings

-Starry bracelet from Tiffany, with 2014 charm which was a gift

And it took all my willpower (literally, ALL my willpower) not to smear on the kohl eyeliner and dark lipstick as well.

My clothes have to match my mood. I feel so discombobulated if they don’t. If my mood changes while I’m out, the first thing that happens is that I feel uncomfortable in my outfit. I can’t look colourful and fun and cute if I’m pissed off. When I’m mad, I hate looking as though I’ve made an effort. And if I get dressed in something understated to match an angry or bored mood and then have a really hilarious evening, I curse the decisions that lead me into something so dull.

 *sigh* Life is hard.

 Especially when you’re a 27 year old who apparently has the mental age of herself, aged 14.

Let’s see if I ever make it into my pretty dress…


 The Styletterie


Wow…..just wow.

Total game changer.

There is nothing I don’t love about this. I somehow missed this whilst deciding on my favourite Golden Globes dress but I’m afraid Emma Watson has not only outDior-ed the fabulous Jennifer Lawrence but totally usurped the lovely Miss Bullock. (Although in fairness, the dress Sandra Bullock wore was perfect on her, whereas this is perfect on Emma Watson. The dress has to complement the woman.)

I even love that she only wore one (Dior) earring:


She looks young, sophisticated, sexy and completely memorable. And she wasn’t even up for an award!

I am totally over all my boring just-dresses dresses now, so thanks a lot Emma Watson.


The (drooling) Styletterie