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I tried on this gold poncho from Ruly’s as a joke when I was on holiday in Lisbon and unexpectedly adored it (I love when that happens!). Here are 2 ways I wore it this summer…

Left: with M&S treggings, Office shoes and a handbag bought at a flea market in Florence.

Right: with an M&S dress, Accessorize flip-flops and my sister trying to distract me!



I then got carried away trying to see how many different ways I could wear it…


Fwoofy dress + tassels = ….Must….Twirl….

I’m trying to figure out how to wear it for winter as, even in summer, it was pretty nippy, what with a.)being more hole than actual material, and b.) looking extremely stupid with a cardi on top!

Hope everyone’s having a good day!


The Styletterie



Way back in February I posted about my ASOS wishlist. One of the items on it was this leather dress, which I loved but couldn’t justify at £150, as I didn’t know where I would wear it.

I still have no idea where I would wear it, but now it’s on sale for £60 and they had my size so I went ahead and bought it anyway!

Incidentally, I had a dream last night in which all the shops in the world collectively released a statement saying that they were discontinuing my size! All other sizes would still be made, they would just skip mine. I had a massive dream tantrum and woke up quite genuinely vexed. 😦 I’m sure this dream symbolically reveals something deep and meaningful about my subconscious personality.

Possibly that I’m shallow 😉




My boyfriend thinks it’s “a bit much” and possibly only suitable for a goth/fetish themed event (neither of which ever really crop up in my daily life) and my sister was on the fence.

Any thoughts? I think I like it. It fits quite nicely and the length, which was a big concern, is actually surprisingly flattering. (Loving these M&S sandals!). I wouldn’t wear it in the summer obviously but maybe for a formal event in autumn or winter? (Still not sure where though, don’t think it would work for a wedding or anything.)

Is it too gothy? Too fetishy? Too spherical boob-y? I might try and pair it with a little cardi to tone it down a bit (as suggested by the ingenious Maison Bentley), would this make the difference?

Basically, should it stay or should it go? Help, please!

Thank you!

Happy Friday!


The Styletterie



photo 1 (15)


Dress: Peacocks

Belt: Next

Hairpiece: Asos

Shoes: Office

Bag: Aldo


photo 3 (18)


It took me ages to find a way  of wearing my hairpiece that I liked but I got used to it by the end of the day and actually quite enjoyed it. I was also relieved that no one else was wearing the same one. My friend bought a black fascinator from Accessorize and saw fifteen people in the same one. So for future reference, I would definitely recommend customising your hat, even if it’s just sticking a couple of flower brooches on it or something..


 Is there anything more British than bunting?


My friends and I were very taken with this hat, I’d have liked to see it even simpler though, the bow was unnecessary. 





 We saw The Queen!!! 😀


 There she is again! 


 Photobombed by a hat… 


 Posh nosh, innit… 


 An excellent money making scheme, women were wandering around barefoot from about 2pm onwards… 



 An ingenious woman who wouldn’t let a little thing like mud and grass stop her from wearing her stilettos! 




 I pity the person who had to clean this up… 😦


 I decided that sunglasses under the veil didn’t look as stupid as I had feared.  Thankfully, as it was a gorgeously sunny day!




 The aftermath… 



The gloriously British sing-along at the end was my favourite part (horses are actually pretty boring), although if I never hear “Land of Hope and Glory” again, it’ll be too soon! (They played it FOUR times!)


The Styletterie


NB. I wrote this post last night. This morning I went to a friend’s citizenship ceremony.

Where they played “Land of Hope and Glory”.


Dress: Asos

Leggings: Asda

Shoes: Primark

I am kind of obsessed with this dress. I have it (with shoulders) in 3 colours already and when I saw this version I had to add it to the collection! It’s super comfy (good for work) and the cut-outs make it just a little bit sexy (good for after work :-p). Plus I’m excited to wear it with a patterned shirt underneath when it gets cold again!

I don’t normally wear leggings with shoes, I prefer them with boots so you can’t tell they’re leggings but it’s too warm for boots and too cold for bare legs so I thought I’d give this a try. I think it looks ok and it’s a lot comfier than tights but I’m still undecided! Any thoughts? Are leggings still an acceptable look?

ImageThe bracelet is vintage and the earrings were a gift!



ImageThe star ring is from Whistles. I think I’ve said this before but I’m always pleasantly surprised by how reasonable Whistles jewellery is compared to its clothes! As you can see, the ring has tarnished a lot (it’s a bit more rose gold than yellow gold now) but I still like it!

Happy Friday everyone and enjoy the long weekend, fellow Englishfolk! Woohooo! 😀


The Styletterie


-Cate Blanchett in Armani. This was a beautiful dress, and I appreciate that a nude dress and pale skin can look gorgeous and ethereal (and no one does ethereal quite like Cate) but this really needed some colour! Red lips or even just some brighter earrings would have made this amazing. As it is, she just looked washed out.

– Julia Roberts in Givenchy. This was ok, but nothing to write home about. However she gets a free pass as she’s just had a traumatic family event and so she was probably looking understated on purpose.

– Angelina Jolie in Elie Saab. Angelina’s not one for big sartorial statements. She looked good obviously (she is Angelina) but, you know, yawn. At least it wasn’t black.



-Penelope Cruz in Giambattista Valli. Again, whevs.

– Jennifer Lawrence in, you guessed it, Dior. Now I realise this a controversial choice for the meh column, because she looks stunning. And looking at the pictures, you can’t find fault with it. Her hair was fabulous and I love that she revived her backwards necklace trend from last year. My issue with the dress is simply that it isn’t really anything new from her. The shape suits her beautifully but we knew that. As for colour, when watching the show on TV it came across as red. Jennifer Lawrence has already done red at the Oscars, and better. However, on closer inspection of the photos, it does appear to be a more unusual orange colour so I will simply say that while it wasn’t thrilling, it was beautiful. And just to jump on the J.Law (I always think that should be Jude Law!) is awesome bandwagon, everytime that woman falls over or scoffs pizza or throws herself into selfies, I just love her more. (And she was fantastic in American Hustle!)

-Camila Alves in Gabriela Cadena. I was really on the fence with this dress. It’s pretty and regal but it just falls a bit flat. I think I would love it on someone a bit older. Jane Fonda could rock this dress.

Anne Hathaway looked non-nominee appropriate in Gucci. Not heart stopping, but nice all the same. Although something about the transformation of last year’s pretty in pink number to this edgier black dress just made me think of this:

ImageIf Penelope and Camila wear black next year, we’ll have a fully fledged trend!


The Styletterie


Wow…..just wow.

Total game changer.

There is nothing I don’t love about this. I somehow missed this whilst deciding on my favourite Golden Globes dress but I’m afraid Emma Watson has not only outDior-ed the fabulous Jennifer Lawrence but totally usurped the lovely Miss Bullock. (Although in fairness, the dress Sandra Bullock wore was perfect on her, whereas this is perfect on Emma Watson. The dress has to complement the woman.)

I even love that she only wore one (Dior) earring:


She looks young, sophisticated, sexy and completely memorable. And she wasn’t even up for an award!

I am totally over all my boring just-dresses dresses now, so thanks a lot Emma Watson.


The (drooling) Styletterie