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Don’t you just love it when you are accidentally fashionable?

When I first saw all the glorious pics from Moschino’s new collection with Jeremy Scott, I couldn’t help but feel a little smug. I’ve been taking inspiration from fast food for years! Here I am at my sister and brother-in-law’s joint birthday party, back in 2009, where the theme was “come as your favourite food”. (A theme I totally recommend, people got really creative and it was hilarious.) Anyway, for me there was only one option- I had to represent all my favourite junk foods!

So I went to McDonald’s and requested a bunch of empty french fry cartons. (They questioned me throroughly before complying, I think they thought I was going to stage some kind of anti-establishment, down with McDonald’s art installation in Trafalgar Square or something. When I explained what it was for, they clearly thought that no one would make up something so ridiculous so it must be true.) I then stapled them together in a triangular/corset formation, along with some elastic for the back.

The next Two for Tuesday I asked for some empty Domino’s pizza boxes along with my dinner. Being one of their most loyal customers (I actually won a free garlic pizza bread for this once. Only thing I’ve ever won. I really shouldn’t be so proud of that…), they easily agreed and I strung them onto some twine that  I made into a skirt. I drank a few too many Diet Cokes, washed the cans and tied them on too (I’m all about embellishment).Throw in some Walker’s crisp packets to preserve my modesty and boom – a skirt.

Then it was accessory time. I simply slid a chip packet onto a headband (and you can’t tell in the pictures, but I also stuck some diamantes from Claire’s Accessories onto the top) and voila – tiara. I stuck the “Warning: Hot Pizza” flaps from my pizza boxes onto my shoes with sellotape and I bought some popping corn, popped it and strung it to make some necklaces and a bracelet (it’s the butter and salt etc. that makes it greasy, without that it was fine.) I also happened to have burger earrings and a ring (don’t ask) so I was ready! I even did a red and yellow striped mani, but as this was in the pre-blog/pre-iphone years for me, I don’t have any decent pics 😦 (Imagine! The horror!)


My burger earrings. The chip earrings were a more recent gift from my bf, otherwise I would definitely have included them too!


The best pictures I could gather of my McManicure…


ImageI would totally wear these!

ImageNaturally, I want the whole collection….


So, I’m not saying that Jeremy Scott and Moschino were necessarily inspired by my fancy dress costume from 5 years ago…..but can you prove that they weren’t?!?!




The Styletterie


So, I realise that my trip to New York was actually ages ago now, but I keep being distracted from blogging about it by a.) blogging about other things and b.) reading everyone else’s blogs which then inspires me which results in me wanting to blog which results in me noticing other people’s exciting looking blogs and you see where this is going.

So anyway, better late than never, right? (Or so I keep trying to convince my mother for whom my tardiness is nothing short of the Devil deliberately trying to upset her.)

Anyhoo, Day 3 dawned bright and crisp and off we headed through the Upper East Side… Read the rest of this entry »


I’ve been doing a lot of virtual window-shopping/procrastinating at work/drooling on my keyboard lately, and thought I’d share with you a few of the things in my ASOS basket, that I just can’t justify!

I love this leather dress, but can’t think of where it will ever be appropriate. It’s a bit sexy for a wedding and most of the formal events I frequent tend to be with my family. Also, the boob bits look so perfectly spherical, it might be just a bit too Xena, Warrior Princess for me. But still, so cool.

I totally would get this plaid dress (I am definitely not over plaid yet, I don’t care what anyone says) but it is way too expensive for me and I guess I don’t technically need it. Ugh, I would never have said that 5 years ago. I hate being old. ;-p

The fur trim one is quite cool, and I spotted it on Chloe Howl at the BRITS-


-but it’s super expenisve, and where would I wear it?

I really like the weird armpit-less one but the shape, or lack thereof, looks hella unflattering. (Or would be on me, at any rate!)

And the long dress with the lace cut-outs is stunning but who the hell voluntarily buys clothes that have see-through bits on the tummy?! Has any woman ever in life said “what a gorgeous dress, I just wish it could somehow draw more attention to my stomach so that I can be really self-conscious all evening”?! It really is nice though, and comes in other colours and lengths, so for any weird tummy-showing-lovers out there, go forth!

Aaaand, a couple of things I did buy 😉 :




(The chartreuse one seems to be sold out now -although that’s what they said about the floral one, and I just kept checking until it reappeared- but they have this, which is pretty similar!)

In conclusion therefore:

Internet shopping is simultaneously the best and worst invention of all time.



The Styletterie


ImageLoving these dresses from the BRITS:

Kimberley Walsh looking stunning in Blumarine

Ella Eyre doing Scary Spice better than Scary ever did in Dolce & Gabbana

Rosie Huntington-Whitely roars in Yves Saint Laurent

Zoe Hardman makes high street look designer in Dorothy Perkins (!)

Pixie Lott channels 90s simplicity in DKNY


Beyonce looked alright as well, wearing Vrettos Vrettakos. Here she is on her private jet. Just chillin’. As you do.



The Styletterie

ImageUm, how cute is the card my sister got me?!!


The Styletterie


Pug dress: Therapy

Boots: Marks & Spencer

ImageCat ears ring: This was a birthday present, I think it was from Louche at Joy. They do lots of cute cat ear stuff on ASOS too.

Love bracelet: Marks & Spencer

Heart earrings: Everyone always compliments me on these which makes me laugh because not only are they super simple but I got them in a Christmas cracker!

Necklace: Pianegonda. I wore this today as a.) it was a birthday present from my boyfriend a few years ago and b.) it is a heart but not obviously so (my Dad is convinced it’s a dagger) so it helps me avoid total hearty overkill. (The nails and the earrings are probably enough… And the nails clash so badly with this dress! ;-0)

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Lots of Love,

The Styletterie xox


ImageI stole the mani idea from …love Maegan. I did it last year in pinks like she did but this year I thought I’d try it with slightly more grown-up colours to avoid feeling like a 12 year old. Then I saw the hearty nail varnish in Camden and somewhat ruined my newfound manicure maturity!

ImageI used:

O.P.I. “Tickle my France-y” for the base colour

Nails Inc. “Shoreditch” for the hearts

The hearty nail varnish is Gabrini, and I bought it at a stall in Camden Market while the seller tried to chat me up…before moving on to my shopping companion, who also happened to be my boyfriend’s little sister! The varnish was quite hard to use, I basically had to scrape the hearts out and plop them on my nail individually. Consequently it’s a bit clumpy, but busy enough that is doesn’t show too much. My sister put one or two hearts just on each thumb and that looks really cute too.

The love bracelet was from M&S a while back, and the heart necklace is stolen from my sister!


The Styletterie


Hearty tee: Zara

Adore necklace: Anthropologie

I so love a theme! And hearts, flowers and general cutesiness are a surprisingly easy one – I had no idea how much of my stuff already incorporates all the traditional V-Day ingredients! 😀

Hope you’re all excited, whether you are spending it canoodling with your main squeeze in a rose scented haze, sitting at home with a pizza, your single friends and Dirty Dancing on repeat or maybe attending an anti-Valentine’s event (I have a friend going to this which looks pretty cool)!


The Styletterie


It’s Friday! And not a moment too soon.


I wear this when I’m feeling like I want a bit of edge but I still have to be appropriate for work. This outfit always prompts my bf to rage about how unfair it is that women can basically wear anything to work while men have to be boring. I’ve just realised that this makes it sound like he wants to wear tassels to work. I really hope this is not the case…



-Tassel shirt: Warehouse. I love this shirt but I don’t recommend wearing it if you have a busy day ahead of you, as you will spend at least half the day detaching yourself from items that the tassels have tangled themselves up in. Phones, doors, bracelets, your pants, other people, other people’s pants… Seriously, this shirt has boundary issues.

-Treggings: M&S -I know, I basically wear these every day (except for when I wash them. Which does happen, I promise!)

-Studded mary-janes: Office

-Pearl and safety pin necklace: originally just a plain pearl necklace that my mother didn’t wear anymore. I stole the safety pin idea from here.

-Pink lips: Wet ‘n’ Wild, I am obsessed with this brand, when I was in NY  I bought so many of these lipsticks because they have better staying power than any other brand I’ve found and they are 99cents each!!!



-TGIF bracelet: BCBGeneration

-Asymmetric bow earrings that cause everyone to exclaim “oh no, your earrings have broken!” or make girl with a pearl earring references when they see me: vintage. I think they might actually have been 2 pairs of earrings at one point, but I think they go together quite nicely.

-Fake (I assume, think it was a gift) Chanel bracelet

-Star and horseshoe bracelet: Nomination

-Spiky bracelet: Forever 21

ImageFriday feeling: model’s own

Have a great weekend!


The Styletterie

…but I’m feeling twenty twooo-oooooo!


On Sunday night, I went to see Taylor Swift at the O2 arena with one of my best friends. I kind of had an inkling that I wasn’t the target demographic (I’m 27) on account of a.) it’s Taylor Swift and 90% of her songs contain the word “cheerleader” and b.) the O2 had sent me an email a couple of days before informing me that while flags with flagpoles are not permitted, banners with fairy lights are.

*Styletterie falls to knees in relief*

After we finished laughing over the ridiculous notion that anyone, let alone a bunch of 13 year olds, would put enough effort into a banner as to actually festoon it with lights, my friend and I decided to go all out and reclaim our youth by dressing up as everyone’s favourite country cutie and singing our hearts out without shame. Alcopops may also have been invloved.

This is what I wore:


-Frilly floral dress, Monsoon

-Floral denim shirt, Zara

-Cowboy boots, my sister’s from New Mexico, although she reliably informs me that R.Soles is a good (but expensive!) place to buy cowboy boots in London

-Extremely uncomfortable, barely visible gold fishnet tights, Accessorize

-Hearty earrings, one of my favourite pairs, Rachel Roy at Macy’s from when I went to NYC in 2011.

-BCBGeneration bracelet (again!), I can’t tell you how much losery fun I have deciding what to write on it everyday!


I really need a hobby.

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