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Grown up 1

(…and new shoes!)

Something about this outfit is making me feel really grown up. I feel like it’s the sort of thing I’d wear to go to my kids’ Parents’ Evening after work or something. If I had kids. Which I don’t. So, I’m just wearing it to work and trying to use longer words than usual instead.

After all, I am indubitably a big fan of circumlocution.

Top: Oasis

Dark navy treggings: Marks & Spencer

New booties: Zara (Today is their first outing, they are surprisingly comfy thus far!)


photo 3

The pattern is making me feel really spring-y! (Even though I only just noticed the bugs right this moment, looking at this photo. I thought it only had flowers on it until now!)

I actually just looked on the Oasis website and they have loads of really pretty tops that would be useful for work/post-work drinking in the sun (please let this happen soon! I am so ready!)


In keeping with my grown up vibe, I kept my jewellery simple (and matching! This never happens, I’ll try not to break my arm patting myself on the back) and wore this necklace and earring set that my Mum gave me. I think they were a freebie in a supermarket in Athens (a “spend this much on feta and pick a gift” sort of jobbie) and she gave them to me because she’s the best 🙂 (and also only really wears gold and doesn’t have pierced ears!).

photo 2

photo 6

In other news, I am getting up at the crack o’ dawn tomorrow for a 5 day holiday in Istanbul! I am super excited and already looking forward to blogging about it when I get back! 😀

Have a great week!


The Styletterie



…that these are pyjamas?

My sister bought me these gorgeous PJ bottoms (Rosie Huntington-Whitely for Marks & Spencer) as I have them in pink and they are the comfiest things I have ever owned, but I thought these were way too pretty to wear to sleep! So I have tried to glam them up, in the hope that I can wear them out without anyone realising that they’re PJs. What do you think? Can I get away with it?


Top: Zara

Necklace: Marks & Spencer

Shoes: Marks & Spencer



Pjs necklace


It would feel like the best life hack ever if I could go out in pyjamas without anyone knowing! 😀

Have a great week!


The Styletterie


Hearty tee: Zara

Adore necklace: Anthropologie

I so love a theme! And hearts, flowers and general cutesiness are a surprisingly easy one – I had no idea how much of my stuff already incorporates all the traditional V-Day ingredients! 😀

Hope you’re all excited, whether you are spending it canoodling with your main squeeze in a rose scented haze, sitting at home with a pizza, your single friends and Dirty Dancing on repeat or maybe attending an anti-Valentine’s event (I have a friend going to this which looks pretty cool)!


The Styletterie



When I was a teenager and got annoyed with my parents (a pretty regular occurrence), I used to storm upstairs, put my Eminem albums on full blast, change into all black (and usually slutty) clothes and put on really heavy make-up, before sweeping back downstairs to allow my angst to make its point. At the time I thought this was an excellent expression of my dramatic rage, not realising of course that my whole family were chuckling indulgently at my adorably clichéd teenage drama queen behaviour.

Last weekend, I learned that nothing has changed.

Ok it wasn’t my parents’ fault this time but nevertheless I found myself in a bad mood on Sunday and immediately realised that I couldn’t wear the pretty skater dress I had on and changed instead to this:


I’m even posing grumpily…Only happy people stand up straight

(and yes, I do realise that wearing a slogan tee and then taking pictures in a mirror is dumb!)

-My nouveau Nouveau Grunge tee from Zara (£3.99, thank you sales)

 -Patterned Monsoon jeans (last worn in NYC)

 -New Primark leopard print slipper-style shoes (£5 and very comfy)

 -George at Asda cardi

 -Cat’s eye sunnies (River Island). There wasn’t any actual sun in London (shockingly) but I love a good cat’s eye when I’m grumpy. They make me feel aloof and bitchy.

 -Birkin. Yes, really. This was a Christmas present from my Mum. I’m actually not usually a big designer handbag type person and neither is my Mum (the Birkin was a gift from a friend for her 60th that my mother has never touched, hence why I now have it.) But I might just be persuaded to make an exception for this bag……! It makes everything look more structured, more sophisticated and better put-together, I even like the colour (and as a general rule, I hate brown), plus it’s super roomy. (Check out the bag of potatoes I somehow ended up carting around all day for my sister!)


 And all my black jewellery from my teenage goth-lite phase:


-I actually really love that leather cuff (I’m not sure where it’s from, probably Claire’s Accessories or Camden)

-My fake tattoo bracelet, also Claire’s

-Black and gold rings – H&M

-Long silver ring – vintage

-Asymmetric earrings, used to be part of a necklace but I never wore it so I made them earrings

-Starry bracelet from Tiffany, with 2014 charm which was a gift

And it took all my willpower (literally, ALL my willpower) not to smear on the kohl eyeliner and dark lipstick as well.

My clothes have to match my mood. I feel so discombobulated if they don’t. If my mood changes while I’m out, the first thing that happens is that I feel uncomfortable in my outfit. I can’t look colourful and fun and cute if I’m pissed off. When I’m mad, I hate looking as though I’ve made an effort. And if I get dressed in something understated to match an angry or bored mood and then have a really hilarious evening, I curse the decisions that lead me into something so dull.

 *sigh* Life is hard.

 Especially when you’re a 27 year old who apparently has the mental age of herself, aged 14.

Let’s see if I ever make it into my pretty dress…


 The Styletterie


So, it happened again. What my dad affectionately refers to as my “accidental shopping” problem. It starts innocently enough. I go out, usually with the intention of simply getting from A to B, sometimes to buy a birthday present for someone or to help a friend find the perfect seduction underwear to take on a scientific research trip to Peru (don’t ask). I won’t shop, I think. You could call me naïve but the truth is that I’m clearly lying to myself and we all know it. And that is how I end up tonight, on my bed, grinning avariciously at my purchases, like a kid in a candy shop, a magpie in Swarovski, Cruella in Doggy Day Care.

Clearly I have a problem. And so I thought, what would be better? Should I a.) Become less obsessed with fashion? Or b.) Start a blog where I can ramble endlessly about clothes, jewels, bags, footstools (yes, I love them!), shoes and just about anything else that takes my fancy, thus further feeding my rampant lust for style and general fabulousness?

You’ll never guess what I went for… Read the rest of this entry »