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Primark Tees2

How adorable is this Friends T-shirt from Primark?! I actually didn’t buy it as I was shopping with a friend and she bought it, and we have a problem whereby 90% of our wardrobes are the same at any given time, and 90% of our socialising is done together, so dressing becomes even more complicated than it already is!

So cute though.

I also loved the below T-shirts, which I very restrainedly (is that a word?) did not get either. I am capable of spending my life savings in Primark, a habit I am trying to break by exercising occasional self control!

Primark Tees3

Primark Tees4

I would totally have got the Beauty and the Beast one if they’d had it in my size though!

Primark Tees5

I did get the ones below:

Primark Tees

Primark Tees7

Primark Tees6

I wore this out to dinner. My sister (who has never been remotely interested in hairstyles before, but now has 2 daughters and strict instructions to learn how to do all sort of braids etc.) did my hair so I could match my niece. I totally loved it! I also really loved how my hair looked when I took the braids out. I may have to start going over to hers every morning…

Primark Tees8

Morning face

Yes, I have filtered the crap out of this picture. Hair = good. Morning face = “Quick Bob, get the children in the minivan”

Hope everyone is having a good week, I am moving house this weekend and am very nervous/excited!


The Styletterie



I love a good theme, and planning my outfit around the day is one of my life’s greatest joys. On Valentine’s Day however, I think I had actually managed to overdose on hearts and red and pink, and so I kept my outfit simple and unthemed… classic, if you will, to match my classic evening itself- dinner and a movie.

(Ok I did wear my hearty sunnies all morning, but we’re talking about the evening here!)

The mullet top is from Primark and is one of my favourite things! It’s loose and comfy and I love the bejewelled pattern and the unexpected back.


Incidentally, my favourite shopping buddy and I both bought this top while we were out together, and her boyfriend hates it. He hates it so much that he actually hid it from her. Hid it from her. Fortunately she finds this amusing but just the thought of it makes me come over all hulksmash. I would go insane if anyone did this to me. (Thankfully, my friends and family know better than to attempt such a thing.) I actually try and wear this top in front of her boyfriend as much as possible just to hurt his eyes. :-p

So maybe this style is more of a girl trend than a boy trend but, as the saying goes “WHO THE HELL CARES?!” (Ok, maybe that’s not an actual saying.) If you like something and feel good in it and it makes you happy, wear it and enjoy it! (With the possible exception of t-shirts with, like, swastikas on them or something… There are exceptions to every rule.) Never mind if your boyfriend hates it or your Mum thinks it’s unflattering, you’re not making them wear it. Fashion is meant to be fun, so ignore anyone who tries to take that from you!

I’m not sure how I went from Valentine’s Day to talking about swastikas.

Moving on… 🙂

The trousers, shoes and Love bracelet are from M&S and the earrings are from Karen Millen.

photo 5

photo 1

The coat is French Connection, and the bag is vintage.

photo 2 (2)

I did paint my nails red too, which is pretty Valentine’s-y, and I thought it really tied the look together and made the colours pop 🙂

photo 3 (1)

photo 4

*sigh* I’m already mourning the loss of my amazing hair day, courtesy of having had my hair cut that morning (at ‘Enry ‘Iggins in Camden, who I really like, because they actually listen to what you want. And then do that, instead of something else entirely. And they play good music.)

Happy Thursday everyone!


The Styletterie

photo 2 (54)

I tried and failed to resist these hearty sunnies from Asos-  I will be wearing them all day regardless of the fact that London (and I) haven’t seen sun in what feels like months!

Hearty glassesGlasses: Asos, Balloons: Tesco, Self-indulgent posing: model’s own.

The only problem is that with these darn reflective lenses, you can see your arm and camera in them, so everyone knows that you had hours of fun taking selfies in your room like a loser! ;-p

In other news, I got my hurr did (I don’t know why I have to say it like that but I can’t seem to stop…).

photo 3 (52)

I got more layers added in which I’m hoping will sort out the triangle hair problem I’ve been having while my bob has been growing out. 🙂

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, whatever you’re doing!


The Styletterie

photo 1 (52)

(and almost as much as Kanye loves Kanye!)

Vday Overkill

Too much? What’s too much?

Some Valentine’s Day outfit ideas…

Left: River Island Lips tee, M&S heart skirt, Peacocks Love necklace

Right: M&S heart shirt & M&S lips skirt, with River Island Love necklace & M&S Love bracelet.

I wear too much M&S.

photo 3 (68)

photo 3 (70)

I have been incorporating these pieces into my wardrobe this week in honour of good ol’ St Valentine, but not all at once! Maybe on the day itself?


photo 4 (56)

photo 3 (69)

photo (25)

Note to self: leaning forward to try and get a full outfit shot from the top results in the creation of terrifying tooth-boob-headed monster thing. Romantic effect may be ruined.

photo 2 (72)



photo 5 (18)

photo 4 (54)


The Styletterie

Happy Blogiversary

It has been one whole year since my first Styletterie blog post! 🙂 This is definitely the longest I have ever stuck to something that I didn’t legally have to do! And it’s probably because I….

photo 1 (4)

photo 3 (1)

photo 2 (6)

…writing this blog, and I absolutely and completely…

photo 1 (5)

…all the great people with their amazing blogs who have taken the time out of their lives to read, like, comment, follow or even just glance-briefly-whilst-on-the-loo at this blog! Thanks guys, you’re the best! 😀

photo 2 (7),

The Styletterie


Blogiversary letters: From my BCBGeneration Make Your Own bracelet

1st Love necklace: River Island

Love bangle: Marks & Spencer

2nd love necklace: Peacocks

Adore necklace: Anthropologie

Love pants 😉 : Accessorize

photo 1

Hearty shirt: Marks & Spencer

Love necklace: Peacocks

There’s something about the cartoonish-ness of these hearts that just puts me in a good mood! 🙂 It may have been overkill with the love necklace but hey, you can never have too much love in your life!

Or in your wardrobe. 😉

Happy Friday!


The Styletterie

WEDDINGS!!! Who doesn’t love weddings?! (Ok, I know a lot of people don’t but still…) Food, love, cheesy music, flowers, embarrassing speeches, dancing, cake, the opportunity to dress up… Weddings are my favourite thing ever! (Next to Made in Chelsea, obvs.) A very good friend of mine got married a couple of weeks ago 😀 and this is what I wore:


Floral dress: Asos (as seen in my wishlist post a while back).

Leopard print shoes: New Look

Hearty necklace and earrings: Swarovski

Tennis bracelet: Swarovski (I love this but I find that Swarovski bracelet clasps are useless! This is a replacement as my previous one just fell off my wrist and this one does the same quite often. Same goes for a different Swarovski bracelet I have. Grr)

Diamanté bracelet: cheap, old, maybe H&M?

Love bracelet: Marks & Spencer

Teardrop ring: Mikey

“Ruby” ring: random cheap shop in Bath, I bought this at least 10 years ago and the “silver” is totally discoloured but I love it! I always think it looks like a wine gum 🙂


I love the look of off the shoulder dresses and had always wanted to wear one. They aren’t the most practical style in the world (I couldn’t raise my arms, and leaning down to strap up my shoes etc. really hurt) but it’s a nice way to show some shoulder without having to hoik it up all the time, like you do with a strapless dress. Although it did occasionally look as though it was falling down, it never did!




Oh and just in case anyone else is on the lookout for a good strapless bra, the best one I’ve found is Wonderbra’s Ultimate Strapless Bra! (You can buy it in Debenhams.)



I was worried that my Motel leopard coat might be overkill with the shoes but I think it was ok. And anyway, I changed into my glittery Office flats before leaving so simultaneous coat and shoe time was minimal. (Also, don’t worry, I took some of these pics while I was just trying out my outfit, I didn’t actually go to a wedding with such messy hair!)


ImageI also removed one layer of netting from the petticoat of the skirt because, while I love the slimming effects of pouffy skirts on one’s legs, I always feel a bit like an overgrown baby in them!




My bag used to belong to my Godmother so I love carrying it, even though it fits hardly anything and is falling apart a bit!



Happy wedding season!


The Styletterie

ImageUm, how cute is the card my sister got me?!!


The Styletterie


Pug dress: Therapy

Boots: Marks & Spencer

ImageCat ears ring: This was a birthday present, I think it was from Louche at Joy. They do lots of cute cat ear stuff on ASOS too.

Love bracelet: Marks & Spencer

Heart earrings: Everyone always compliments me on these which makes me laugh because not only are they super simple but I got them in a Christmas cracker!

Necklace: Pianegonda. I wore this today as a.) it was a birthday present from my boyfriend a few years ago and b.) it is a heart but not obviously so (my Dad is convinced it’s a dagger) so it helps me avoid total hearty overkill. (The nails and the earrings are probably enough… And the nails clash so badly with this dress! ;-0)

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Lots of Love,

The Styletterie xox


ImageI stole the mani idea from …love Maegan. I did it last year in pinks like she did but this year I thought I’d try it with slightly more grown-up colours to avoid feeling like a 12 year old. Then I saw the hearty nail varnish in Camden and somewhat ruined my newfound manicure maturity!

ImageI used:

O.P.I. “Tickle my France-y” for the base colour

Nails Inc. “Shoreditch” for the hearts

The hearty nail varnish is Gabrini, and I bought it at a stall in Camden Market while the seller tried to chat me up…before moving on to my shopping companion, who also happened to be my boyfriend’s little sister! The varnish was quite hard to use, I basically had to scrape the hearts out and plop them on my nail individually. Consequently it’s a bit clumpy, but busy enough that is doesn’t show too much. My sister put one or two hearts just on each thumb and that looks really cute too.

The love bracelet was from M&S a while back, and the heart necklace is stolen from my sister!


The Styletterie