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I could not resist posting this!

I actually squealed when I saw this week’s Grazia (and sent these pictures to everyone I know). Yes, I realise that a facial feature can’t really be a “trend”, and that my self worth in no way relies upon Grazia telling me that my face is acceptable (or even fashionable). I also realise that most of the women pictured have what I consider to be reasonably dainty noses, and I take issue with the final paragraph that states that not everyone will fancy you if you have a big nose (WHY NOT?? I’M ADORABLE!) but still! Vindication at last! My time has come! All those years of wondering why no one famous (ie. “attractive” to my teenaged mind) ever has a big nose erased in one fell swoop!


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Whevs, I’m excited!

:—–)    < an artist’s impression of me

Happy Friday and have a great weekend everybody!


The Styletterie


photo (23)

I wore this top to go to the park with my boyfriend last Saturday. It never hurts to remind him that I have options… 😉

Have a great weekend everyone!


The Styletterie

(T-shirt and necklace both from Primark.)


So I ordered Kim Kardashian’s selfie book…

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Thank you Amazon 🙂

As soon as I heard of this book’s existence, I knew I wanted it. The first (of many, probably) actual selfie book.

While I wouldn’t describe myself as the world’s biggest Kim K-W fan, I do like her (sue me) and I find her kind of fascinating. (Much like Paris Hilton before her, who I was really into when I was a teenager.) There’s just something about the ability to make so much out of essentially a pretty face, a great body and a willingness to share that’s interesting, and admirable. After all, plenty of people have all those things and other gifts besides. But the rise of the Kardashians tells us so much about society and celebrity and social media and media in general, that it’s hard to not be intrigued by them. Especially because Kim herself is not actually that interesting. She’s not a wild-child. On the show, her dramas are pretty pedestrian, just better dressed versions of what we all go through (with the notable exception of her infamous 2nd marriage.) Even her relationship and marriage to Kanye West is only interesting through the pretty pictures and the fact that he, for all his faults, is an undeniably original and unusual bloke (to put it mildly).There was no drama to it at all, and all we ever hear are soundbites of their wedded bliss. By all accounts, she’s unfailingly polite, and hardly ever shares any opinions that could even come close to controversy. So, what’s the fascination?

For me, I think it stems from the sheer shamelessness of her vanity. (And I don’t mean that as a criticism.) Even the name of the book is unabashedly, unashamedly, gloriously vain.

Maybe it’s to do with having been brought up in Britain (and by old fashioned parents too),but the idea of declaring myself to be good at something, or attractive, or sexy is impossible to understand. Not that I lack self-worth or confidence, just that fishing for compliments, or ‘boasting’, is just Not Done.

Selfies and social media didn’t exist when I was a teenager (thank goodness!) but I certainly take lots now. We all want to chronicle our looks and feel attractive.  And I’ve always been concerned with my appearance, and wanted to look as nice as I could. But even now, any pictures of me on Facebook have to look attractive of course (I’m a champion de-tagger), but not like I think I’m attractive. Does that make sense? I seldom put up selfies as I (a clearly very old person! :-p) would be mortified if anyone I knew thought (ok, knew) that I had spent time taking photos of myself, with the intention of looking hot. (Also, selfies aren’t really my best angle… my face benefits from a bit more distance than my arms can manage!)The idea that I was taught was that you had to be unconsciously attractive/clever/kind etc. If you knew you were any of the good things you wanted to be, it detracted from them. Modesty was key. And so, the more modern/American view of not feeling the need for false humility and not being ashamed to be openly proud of yourself and your appearance is something I am completely mesmerised by (and a little bit jealous of)!

I really didn’t know I had this much to say on the subject…

(This is certainly more writing than can be found in the book!)


The book itself is as you’d expect. It does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a hefty tome, stuffed with pictures of Kim pouting, Kim looking serene, Kim with other people and Kim looking sexy. There is actually a “sexy” bit in the middle, where the pages are black instead of white and she is either naked or underwear-clad.



A lot of the photographs are ones we’ve already seen, but some are new. There are a few captions here and there, but nothing beyond the usual Instagram captions that accompany her pictures. It’s not trying to be Alexa’s “It”- it’s simply an anthology of her face and body.



photo (18)


– This book is not going to change your life.

– It’s attractively packaged, and will look nice on a coffee table. (Although it’s smaller and thicker than most coffee table books)

– Is it vacuous? Yes, of course it is. We all knew it would be.

But so did Kim, and that’s the point…


And then, because it just seemed rude not to, I put on a tiara and took selfies:



Have a great weekend!


The Styletterie

Ps. Read this for a much more detailed and entertaining review of the book!

Pinky and Perky

A couple of weeks ago, inspired by the onset of spring (ha!) and by this feature in Grazia-

Grazia nails

– I painted my nails bubblegum pink, making use of yet another of my Ciaté nail varnishes from my Christmas Mini Mani Manor.  I liked it but it felt a little too cutesy/young for me and I didn’t keep it that long.

photo 2 (65)

With my pink Rosie Huntington-Whitely for M&S silky pyjamas…

photo 2 (66)

photo 3 (38)

I ended up wearing a lot of black to counterbalance the pinkness. Above: with my black top from Ruly’s that I bought in Lisbon with a view to wearing to work(!). It’s actually completely see-through at the front and I thought that with a strap top underneath it would be decent. Apparently not… It turned out a bit more boobastic than I anticipated, especially in photos!

photo (24)

Ciaté nail varnish in Strawberry Milkshake and Kelly Brook for New Look nail varnish (no name).

Weirdly, I didn’t have the same overly-cute issue with this pink sparkly glitter nail varnish… I really liked it!

photo 3 (64)

photo 1 (71)

I should really have painted my nails nude or pale pink beforehand as it annoyed me that I could see the white part of my nails. Also, it did take several coats to look good and it peeled off quite easily. Then again, I didn’t bother with a top coat either (I’m very lazy) so that might have helped!

photo 2 (69)

This picture represents my life yo.

photo 4 (53)

Stroking the sheep. I’m obsessed with the sheep.

The pink glitter also matched my mood perfectly as I read this little book of Dolly Parton wisdom…

photo 2 (67)

I bought mine in Joy, but you can buy it on Amazon too. I’ve been pretty obsessed with Ms. Parton ever since seeing her live last year, so I had to have this cute little book. It’s nothing we haven’t heard before and it’s only small but still, it contains such pearls of genius and humour as:







I hope you’re having a good week!


The Styletterie


-Emma Watson in Vera Wang. What is this? After her incredible game-changing outfit at the Globes, I expected so much more. A lot of people seemed to like this look but I was distinctly underwhelmed by the whole sporty neckline/messy ponytail effect. (I also felt that Anna Kendrick’s J.Mendel dress was let down by the casual neckline.) Sports luxe may be a trend but the Oscars transcend trends and certainly such casualising (totes a word) ones. Love her nails and rings though.

ImageAnna Kendrick


-Julie Delpy in Jenny Packham. This isn’t a bad dress. It’s actually rather lovely and she is French enough to pull it off. But what is with that posture? She is standing like that in every picture! Someone’s been watching too much America’s Next Top Model. Stand up straight woman!

ImageOlivia Wilde in Valentino. I hate to bash on a pregnant lady and I loved this from the back but the front was badly fitted around her bust. Not only were the seams Anne Hathawaying in a major way, but the dress pushed her chest down, creating an unflattering boob effect. Other than that though, she looked exquisite.


Ok so Whoopi Goldberg has never held herself up as a fashion icon (she doesn’t need to, she’s way too cool as it is) and I love her tribute-to-The-Wizard-of-Oz shoes, but why on earth did she leave her pyjama top on underneath her Oscar’s dress? (And that pearl necklace is a death trap. Keep it away from J.Law!)

And finally:


Helen Lasichanh looks nice (albeit a little cazh for the Oscars) but Pharrell…

Oh Pharrell…

There is no excuse for this. You are wearing shorts with a tuxedo. Shorts. With a tuxedo. At the Oscars. You are a grown man. Wearing shorts with a tuxedo at the Oscars. I bet this is why you didn’t win.


Also, lose the hat.

And that rounds us off for another year! Oscars, you are the best Sunday night ever and you never fail to entertain – I salute you!

Thank you!


The Styletterie


-Cate Blanchett in Armani. This was a beautiful dress, and I appreciate that a nude dress and pale skin can look gorgeous and ethereal (and no one does ethereal quite like Cate) but this really needed some colour! Red lips or even just some brighter earrings would have made this amazing. As it is, she just looked washed out.

– Julia Roberts in Givenchy. This was ok, but nothing to write home about. However she gets a free pass as she’s just had a traumatic family event and so she was probably looking understated on purpose.

– Angelina Jolie in Elie Saab. Angelina’s not one for big sartorial statements. She looked good obviously (she is Angelina) but, you know, yawn. At least it wasn’t black.



-Penelope Cruz in Giambattista Valli. Again, whevs.

– Jennifer Lawrence in, you guessed it, Dior. Now I realise this a controversial choice for the meh column, because she looks stunning. And looking at the pictures, you can’t find fault with it. Her hair was fabulous and I love that she revived her backwards necklace trend from last year. My issue with the dress is simply that it isn’t really anything new from her. The shape suits her beautifully but we knew that. As for colour, when watching the show on TV it came across as red. Jennifer Lawrence has already done red at the Oscars, and better. However, on closer inspection of the photos, it does appear to be a more unusual orange colour so I will simply say that while it wasn’t thrilling, it was beautiful. And just to jump on the J.Law (I always think that should be Jude Law!) is awesome bandwagon, everytime that woman falls over or scoffs pizza or throws herself into selfies, I just love her more. (And she was fantastic in American Hustle!)

-Camila Alves in Gabriela Cadena. I was really on the fence with this dress. It’s pretty and regal but it just falls a bit flat. I think I would love it on someone a bit older. Jane Fonda could rock this dress.

Anne Hathaway looked non-nominee appropriate in Gucci. Not heart stopping, but nice all the same. Although something about the transformation of last year’s pretty in pink number to this edgier black dress just made me think of this:

ImageIf Penelope and Camila wear black next year, we’ll have a fully fledged trend!


The Styletterie

ImageThe Oscars are my favourite night of the year! I love the build-up, the glamour, the selfies, the cringey co-presenting, the pizza, the fawning, the speeches, the tears, I love all of it! But most of all – I love the FASHION. Here are my favourite looks of Sunday’s 86th Annual Academy Awards…

-Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace. Stunning. Normally quite a boyish shape, this dress gave her incredible curves. She looked like a Hollywood goddess. I also loved how proud her parents looked when she walked on stage to present. Goldie Hawn looked gorgeous too!


-Jared Leto. I’m not normally inspired by menswear at all to be honest but I thought Jared Leto looked great! I love the white jacket, the unexpected pop of red, I even love his beachy (but thankfully brushed) hair. He never lets you forget he’s a rock star but on Sunday, he walked the line between his personal rock style and Oscar-appropriate formalwear perfectly. (And Ellen was right, he was the prettiest one there!)

-Kerry Washington was perfection in Jason Wu. I wasn’t a huge fan of the crop top/skirt combo she wore at the SAGs (although I appreciate that she took a risk) but here she was flawless. The shape, the unusual colour, the lips, the hair, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. She looked utterly beautiful.


-Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen. What a gorgeous shape on her! This is the kind of simple but stunning dress that says “I’m nominated so I’m kind of a big deal but I already have one at home so whevs.” It was exactly right for the occasion and her hair, make-up and jewellery (love the ear cuff) were perfect.

-Lupita Nyong’o in custom Prada. She said she chose this colour because it reminded her of Nairobi and what a choice because Nairobi looks damn good on her! This colour was luminous against her flawless skin, and I loved seeing her in something so fluid. I wasn’t certain about the hairband at first, but this whole look was so Cinderella that I just couldn’t begrudge her that finishing touch. Stunning, fresh and timeless.

-Amy Adams in Gucci. To be honest this dress is a little boring but she said it felt like “her” and I can’t blame her- it fits her like a glove! Not a stretch, wrinkle or crease in sight. It could not have skimmed her more beautifully, showing off her body whilst keeping it completely classy. If any dress ever fit me so perfectly, I would wear it too, dull or not.


-Jennifer Garner in Oscar de la Renta. I really liked this (although it could maybe have been a bit more tailored to her waist). I thought it was pretty and fun and made her look tall, relaxed and beautiful. I much preferred it to last year’s weird fish dress!

-Meryl Streep (in Lanvin) always looks great. She plays it safe, opting for variations on the same theme every year. She likes to show off her shoulders which suits her and adds a nice dash of insouciance to her ensemble. She always looks glamourous and Oscar-worthy but not too OTT because a.) her performances and her grace stand alone and b.) she always has to act moderately embarrassed at the Oscars and her subdued but appropriate dresses strike just the right note of humility and poise.

-Gabourey Sidibe in Theia. I loved this- I loved the hot pink on her, I thought the shape was excellent, the neckline was just right and the embellishment at the waist was perfect. Top marks!

Image-Bette Midler! Who knew?! She looked amazing. The patterned Reem Acra gown was colourful, vibrant and totally suited her body and personality. And then she came out on stage to perform “Wind Beneath My Wings” (beautifully) in this subtly striped Alaia number and oh my goodness, she has the body of a 20 year old!


-Pink in Elie Saab, Kelly Osbourne in Badgley Mischka (who had to change back into a different dress later as she couldn’t climb stairs in this one apparently!), June Squibb in Tadashi Shoji and Catherine Martin (I’m not sure who the gown is by) also all looked fabulous!


And finally the lovely Ellen, the host, here with her wife Portia de Rossi. I liked all of Ellen’s suits but the final one, worn with a polo style shirt, was my favourite because it’s a look that she has completely made her own. I normally advocate trying new things when it comes to style but Ellen so clearly knows what she’s comfortable in, and I love that she sticks to her guns.

So, those were my best looks of the night! Stay tuned for the worst….


The Styletterie

ImageLoving these dresses from the BRITS:

Kimberley Walsh looking stunning in Blumarine

Ella Eyre doing Scary Spice better than Scary ever did in Dolce & Gabbana

Rosie Huntington-Whitely roars in Yves Saint Laurent

Zoe Hardman makes high street look designer in Dorothy Perkins (!)

Pixie Lott channels 90s simplicity in DKNY


Beyonce looked alright as well, wearing Vrettos Vrettakos. Here she is on her private jet. Just chillin’. As you do.



The Styletterie


I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow. I already kind of have a bob but, while I long to look 90s, messy and grungy, I instead resemble a cross between Jackie O and my mother. Both beautiful women, but not what I’m going for right now. So here is my hair moodboard (and boy do I feel pretentious writing “moodboard”) of some of my favourite bobs. Some that could potentially be achievable with my hair and several that aren’t!

Wish me luck!


The Styletterie


Wow…..just wow.

Total game changer.

There is nothing I don’t love about this. I somehow missed this whilst deciding on my favourite Golden Globes dress but I’m afraid Emma Watson has not only outDior-ed the fabulous Jennifer Lawrence but totally usurped the lovely Miss Bullock. (Although in fairness, the dress Sandra Bullock wore was perfect on her, whereas this is perfect on Emma Watson. The dress has to complement the woman.)

I even love that she only wore one (Dior) earring:


She looks young, sophisticated, sexy and completely memorable. And she wasn’t even up for an award!

I am totally over all my boring just-dresses dresses now, so thanks a lot Emma Watson.


The (drooling) Styletterie