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OOTD T-shirts

Just two recent outfits…

I wore my new pink M&S top with M&S treggings and sparkly Converse to see Dave Chappelle at the Hammersmith Apollo last week. We were way further forward than I thought we’d be and I have never been so grateful for a lack of audience participation in my life! I think I am going to make an effort to sit near the back at comedy shows in the future… It didn’t help that my sister was wearing an even brighter top (it was neon and actually glowed under the lights) – we have never felt so vulnerable! Having said that, our cheeks hurt for hours afterwards so definitely a good show!

photo 3 (34)

The top is super flowy and comfortable and has a funky pleated back, which adds interest and makes it just smart enough for work:

photo 5 (21)


I’m not sure how flattering it actually is- I’m worried that it creates a slight hump-back/maternity effect- but I think that’s mostly just in photos, it’s fine in motion. And I couldn’t resist the colour!

photo 4 (29)

Necklace: Sublime; ring from Monastiraki last year; bracelets are various ones ones I have accumulated over the years, I think the grey circle one is by Elle Amber.

photo 3 (35)

photo 1 (41)

photo 5 (20)

The top kind of speaks for itself… how could I not buy it?! Anything that combines Disney with Beyoncé is alright by me! I am obsessed with Primark t-shirts actually, they are pretty much all I buy these days- I love the captions, the material and the shape. Although I can’t wait for them to get over their “half rolled up sleeves” phase.

I wore this outfit to go for dinner yesterday. The skirt is Primark, and the trainers are New Balance (410 Sonic) from Asos.

If you had told me even a year ago that I would be wearing trainers to dinner, I would have laughed in your face. (Admittedly, we only went to the local kebab place, I wouldn’t have worn them had we been going anywhere nicer.) But as I get older, I am rapidly losing tolerance for anything less than super-comfiness (another thing I never believed I’d say until recently) and so I bought these with a view to mostly just wearing them to and from work. However, what with seeing so many people (primarily bloggers) making trainers into a ‘look’, I have been venturing out in them more and more. It took me ages to find ones that I liked, as I wanted really clean, uncluttered ones that didn’t make my feet look enormous (I have realised that whenever I think a woman looks nice in trainers, it is almost always because her feet are tiny and dainty- aka my life dream) but I am really happy with these ones.

photo 4 (28)

Asos New Balance

Still not as cool as my sparkly Converse though!


photo 2 (41)

Hope everyone is having a great week!


The Styletterie



I was invited to an A Midsummer Night’s Dream themed birthday party last weekend by my friend (who honestly, if I had to describe in 10 words I would go with “most likely to have a Midsummer Night’s Dream themed party”). I had loads of ideas about what I was going to wear and of course tried everything on the night before, hated it all, and went with this instead.


My room- perfectly illustrating why I shouldn’t be allowed to attend fancy dress parties.


This being:

– Monsoon sequinned dress (last worn in Vegas a few years ago, with flats, bare legs and a belt.)

– Whistles sequinned capelet. I love this capelet, not only does it instantly make every outfit look amazing but it also marks the first time I ever went shopping with my mother without it ending up in a massive “That’s too slutty! No it isn’t! Yes it is!” argument. (My teens were a tiring time for my mother…)

– Pink butterfly veil from Asos, last worn (after a panic) at Ascot.

– Hugely heavy Accessorize earrings (last worn here)

– M&S tights and slightly pointy shoeboot heels (plus various anklets, bought in Monastiraki over the years. I adore these anklets, and bring them out every summer. They have little bells on them that jingle as I walk, which makes me so happy! :-D)



– Feathered bag from Asos and tiny butterfly bag I found in my cupboard, I think it was a gift from years ago. It fit my iphone perfectly, which was fantastic as it meant I could have it on me all evening while still having my hands free for Prosecco and snacks! 🙂



This is the dress without the capelet. I decided it had kind of a warrior fairy look to it, so it worked for the theme. I had actually bought kiddie fairy wings that I had hoped to customise/make less tacky but I ran out of time and decided that the capelet had a wing-like quality anyway so left it. It was actually a really good theme as it allows you to a.) look nice (fairy queens, woodland nymphs etc.) and b.) use mostly stuff that you already have. Most of the women were either Titania-ing it up with lots of face sequins, smeared on with Vaseline, and ethereal dresses (one woman wore fairy lights, and won the prize for best costume), while the rest simply wore floral outfits with flower hairbands and the like. The guys made even less effort (shocker! Although I was surprised nobody brought a donkey head…) and mostly wore a couple of flower hairclips or furry hats. My bf sprayed his hair green and wore a flower crown (both the dye and crown were from Claire’s Accessories.) He looked really cool actually, although I haven’t forgiven him yet for resisting my request that he wear eyeliner which I think would look amazing on him!


Warning: the green spray went everywhere! Wrap yourself in a towel you don’t especially like and try and be as far from everything as possible. I sprayed it on him and we went through about 8 face wipes between us just trying to get it off our chests/arms/faces etc. It didn’t really show on skin but the wipes all came out neon yellow so it was definitely there! Also, my bathroom is now a weird colour.


Make up wise, I put loads of gold glitter eyeshadow under my eyes and around my temples but unfortunately, it didn’t show as much as I’d hoped. I think I needed to get proper body glitter for that to work. I stuck on a couple of diamanté stickers I had, above my eyebrows, to try and look a bit more exciting, and then just did eyeliner and mascara as usual.


I love the effect of the veil but my tips if you are ever planning on wearing one are:

– Don’t leave the house without straws. Straws are your best friend.

– Be prepared to be mocked for having a champagne glass with a straw in it.

– Don’t overdo the mascara or it will drag against the veil and you will end up twitching at people.

– Tuck it up and under when the food comes! Don’t even try and eat around it!


I bought some metallic transfer tattoos from Asos and put a few along the inside of my arm.

MND tattoos


It was an amazing party- bunting and fairy lights everywhere (my friend basically bought out Tiger), fresh flowers all over, a cushion floor for lounging (my day began with instructions to come by in the afternoon with as many cushions as I could fit in my car – and 2 shoulders of lamb), the food was good and the drinks were flowing… We even had a competition where people acted out parts of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (making it officially the ponciest, yet most hilarious, party I have ever attended.) The sun even made an appearance as we arrived, meaning that it really did live up to its theme! 🙂


Happy Hump Day everyone! (Man, I love bank holiday weeks, they feel so delightfully short!)


The Styletterie

photo (14)

I went to a charity ball just before Christmas and, while I would usually wear something long, decided that the festive season called for something with a bit of spangle. Cue the gold sequinned minidress. I last wore this Oasis dress with denim and boots when I went to see Dolly Parton at the 02, so I was looking forward to going all out with the glitz this time!


They had these pretty, colour-changing lights instead of flowers as the table centrepieces…

photo 1 (44)

I cut two hairties and used them to alter the neckline of my dress, added a thick Next belt, black tights and my stripperific shoes from Office that I can’t walk in (last worn when dressed as Rihanna for Hallowe’en). My feathered clutch is from Asos and the pearl bracelets are cheapie ones from all over (the one with the four leaved clover was from a tourist shop in Dublin). I wore my Chanel-wannabe pearl necklace from Zara and then spent ages choosing earrings as all my earrings looked weirdly over-symmetrical with the necklace! (Most necklaces taper I guess, and it just didn’t look right to me! And yes, I realise that earrings are, almost by their very definition, symmetrical. On account of most people having 2 ears. Myself included.) Anyhow, I eventually settled on my sister’s Swarovski hearts, which can be moved to be slightly asymmetrical. (It’s really not noticeable but it made me feel better!)

photo 5 (36)

photo 2 (49)

Gold dress ball

 When sequins meet lights 🙂

Luminous shots

Glow in the dark shot glasses = cool

Actually drinking mastiha = ewsies

Gold: Part II

For New Year’s Eve, a friend and I went and stayed at an old country inn…

NYE avenue

I wore the same dress… this time with its original neckline and a more smart-casual vibe.

NYE dress, chair2

Something about sitting on this furry chair with my sequins on made me feel very regal…

NYE chair me

I wore it with a skinny M&S belt, slightly more sensible M&S heels, and an old Asda black cardi. I also wore my 2015 bracelet in honour of the occasion.

photo 1 (37)

NYE dress

I added a thick Dorothy Perkins cardi for the short walk to the restaurant. I really enjoyed the contrast between the sequins and all the warm, soft materials of casual winter wear.

NYE champagne

We decided that rather than forcing fun and partying, we should just sneak some champagne back to the room and watch the (now expensive!) fireworks on TV.

So we did 🙂

NYE Oakroom

I don’t know what an Oakroom actually is (maybe just a room with a lot of oak in it?) but I am definitely having one when I grow up!

NYE cute hedgehogs

There is a serious lack of decorative hedgehogs in my life, that I had never even realised until that exact moment… :-p

NYE slippers

Sequins, champagne and fluffy Accessorize slippers = Best night out (in) ever! 

Hope everyone’s having a good week! 😀


The Styletterie

photo 5 (26)


I’ve spent almost all of my 27 Christmases in London and I have to say, it never gets old. The decorations, the atmosphere, the lights, the bustle… it never ceases to put a spring in my step and a smile on my face!

Cov grdn reindeer

Cov grdn

Covent Garden

I had my annual Christmas dinner with my friends from school recently. It was at my house this year and, as we had recently had a big turkey dinner for Thanksgiving (apparently we do that now), we decided to keep it casual and just all bring whatever food we fancied and have nibblies and drinks instead of dinner. This is how we ended up with 3 cheeseboards 😀

I wore:

Christmas OOTD1


Shoes tree

Zara nouveau grunge t-shirt, River Island sequinned jacket, M&S treggings, my new favourite necklace that my Dad gave me, and my new sparkly Converse trainers. I also wore my Revlon Black Cherry lipstick, which my friends all complimented me on, but said that I should be aloof and bitchy whilst wearing it, and giggling was strictly forbidden. (You can guess how well that worked out – especially once the alcohol started flowing and we decided to write our own Cards Against Humanity questions….)

Before and after

Before and after….

photo 5 (25)

Jacket sparkle

Christmas is the best time to wear sparkly clothes!

photo (8)

Selfridges again…


In John Lewis

photo 5 (23)

Secret Santa present…

photo 1 (33)

Bus pictures are the best…

(Oxford Street)

More to come!


The Styletterie



These were my OOTDs of last Saturday…

For lunch: Asos maxi dress, Asos backpack, Office plimsolls, rose earrings from Tiara in Athens

For a friend’s birthday night out: M&S treggings, Urban Outfitters strap top, River Island sequinned jacket, Primark shoes, very (veeery) old Claire’s Accessories maroon leopard print mini-backpack (so glad I never threw this out! I am loving it recently!), equally old fake tattoo necklace, also from Claire’s, also something I’m ridiculously pleased to be wearing again! The yellow earrings were a gift but I realised when I got home that I’d lost one! 😦

Disclaimer: my hair actually looked quite nice on Saturday, dammit! The club we went to (Drink Shop Do, amazing music, super fun night, no ventilation) was so hot that my hair just went haywire. All my friends and I were in the bathrooms trying to figure out how much clothing we could remove without getting arrested, everyone was just so hot and, ahem, “glowy”! Note to self: take pictures before leaving the house…



On Sunday, I had decided to take inspiration from this outfit that I’d seen in Grazia, as I had similar items in my own wardrobe. Unfortunately I learned (what I already knew, grr!) that sleeping in until just before I have to leave the house is a terrible idea for me, as I didn’t like the outfit on me at all but had no time to change!





Top: Primark, Skirt: vintage (aka my Mum’s!), necklace: Peacocks, sunglasses: River Island

I think the top was definitely too long, and the overall effect was quite shapeless. And, as ever, I was surprised to discover that going out when I’m not happy with my outfit makes me a moody cow! Is that just me?? Are there other weird people out there? (Please say yes!)



The Styletterie



These are my Outfits Of The Last Bank Holiday Weekend:


Top: All the jewels! Most of them are things I’ve had for a while, and are from Accessorize or are vintage/gifts. The sunnies are from River Island


Saturday BBQ: Sequin top from Next (old, although they always have a nice line in sequinned tees I find). New Asos “Ridley” jeans. I have trouble buying jeans (who doesn’t?) but these have a lot of stretch which I find more flattering on me and they come up nice and high (I hate surprise crack attacks. Again, who doesn’t?!) so are definitely my current favourites. (Although I ordered them in black too (same size) and they were tiny!) Booties from Office.

Sunday lunch with the fam: H&M cardi, pinky/maroon M&S trousers (These confuse me so much as I bought them in blue at the same time and the blue ones are super-comfy while these ones are trying to kill me! Why does this keep happening to me?!), Primark leopard print shoes.

Sunday night pub quiz: New white tee from Forever 21, Asos “Ridley” jeans again, neon green Converse (I used to wear Converse trainers all the time, I miss them!)

Cinco de Mayo margarita night with friends: Old GAP black shirt, Asos denim shorts, M&S tights, Office “Cecilia” flats

Bottom: Bags and shoes! The raffia bowling bag was a gift that my 3 year old niece picked out for me in the Philippines! (She has excellent taste! Must get it from her aunt…. 😛 ) And the blue bag was bought at a market stall in Florence.


Pink earrings: H&M

Pink & green earrings: Asos, Daisy necklace: Brooklyn Flea Market

Huuugely heavy diamanté and perspex earrings: Accessorize

Gold, colourful earrings: Accessorize I think, necklaces and rings are all vintage/gifts. The gold and coral necklace is one of my favourites. My Dad gave it to me as a gift for passing my GSCEs (a million years ago!) and I think it looks like something a mermaid would wear 🙂

So, on the 3 day long bank holiday weekend I wore:

7 bracelets

5 rings

4 pairs of shoes

4 pairs of earrings

3 necklaces

2 bags

& 1 pair of sunnies


My partridge was in the shop.


Have a good week everyone!


The Styletterie




Shirt: Forever 21

Treggings: French Connection

Shoes: Marks & Spencer

(Once I actually arrived at dinner, I had to switch to my foot duvets as my friend has a no-shoe policy in her house. This may have somewhat killed the effect…)


Foot duvets that make my feet look like jacket potatoes: John Lewis

Last night was my annual Secret Santa dinner with my group of closest girlfriends. (This year we allowed boys too, dun dun duuun…) We all like to dress up and be festive at this-

Here is a sample of the Christmas jumpers featured:


– and so I figured that bespangling my butt was the way forward. 😀

A word on these trousers though. I love them. Truly. They are everything one could hope for in a pair of trousers. They are COVERED IN SEQUINS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! They are even comfy. Clearly, they are perfect.


Except. I want to know who modelled these trousers while they were being made/designed. Because they were obviously designed for women whose legs do not touch each other. (Or “aliens” as I like to call them.) Seriously, walking in these trousers is a nightmare. Every 3 steps I take, the sequins between my thighs get all tangled up with each other and tie my legs together. Needless to say this is not a good look. Neither is the fact that I consequently spend half the evening rummaging around between my legs trying to disentagle myself. (NB. This is difficult to do elegantly.) So I have only worn these trousers once before, which is a damn shame because if I had my way I would wear them everywhere! I dared to wear them last night only because I knew that I was getting a lift, that I was going to be sitting most of the evening and that I was amongst very close friends (karate chopping my thighs apart is now a popular new party game. Awesome.)

I think I’ll have to get patches (maybe leather?) added to the legs but I can’t think of a way of doing it that won’t spoil the effect. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!! 🙂

On the plus side, they do go multicoloured next to the Christmas tree:

Image(I’m easily entertained)

Anyway, we had an really really fun evening, and I am most definitely feeling festive!!!


Hope you’re all enjoying advent!



The Styletterie