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Primark Tees2

How adorable is this Friends T-shirt from Primark?! I actually didn’t buy it as I was shopping with a friend and she bought it, and we have a problem whereby 90% of our wardrobes are the same at any given time, and 90% of our socialising is done together, so dressing becomes even more complicated than it already is!

So cute though.

I also loved the below T-shirts, which I very restrainedly (is that a word?) did not get either. I am capable of spending my life savings in Primark, a habit I am trying to break by exercising occasional self control!

Primark Tees3

Primark Tees4

I would totally have got the Beauty and the Beast one if they’d had it in my size though!

Primark Tees5

I did get the ones below:

Primark Tees

Primark Tees7

Primark Tees6

I wore this out to dinner. My sister (who has never been remotely interested in hairstyles before, but now has 2 daughters and strict instructions to learn how to do all sort of braids etc.) did my hair so I could match my niece. I totally loved it! I also really loved how my hair looked when I took the braids out. I may have to start going over to hers every morning…

Primark Tees8

Morning face

Yes, I have filtered the crap out of this picture. Hair = good. Morning face = “Quick Bob, get the children in the minivan”

Hope everyone is having a good week, I am moving house this weekend and am very nervous/excited!


The Styletterie


photo 3

Sorry for the selfie overload – I hardly ever wear lipstick or blowdry my hair so I got overexcited!

It was my friend’s birthday a couple of weeks ago and we all went out to celebrate. Dinner at Vapiano (literally the stupidest system I have ever encountered, we basically queued separately, ate separately and then left) followed by clubbing at G.A.Y. which was awesome! We showed our age by dancing manically to 5ive and S Club, before traipsing all the way to Heaven, where we showed our age further by dancing manically to 5ive and S Club (unlike us, that never gets old)! Hailee Steinfeld performed her debut show in the UK and was fantastic.

I wore:

photo 2 (9)

Black mesh top, by The Ragged Priest. I got it in Ad Hoc, this really cool shop that I passed on my Made in Chelsea walking tour (yes, I am THAT cool. Also it was a gift from a friend) last month.

photo 5 (2)

I wanted so. much. stuff.

Ad Hoc

The sunglasses were £15 each and I wanted them ALL:

Ad Hoc Sunglasses

I really nearly bought the cat’s eye ones (from the black and white picture) but I always buy novelty sunnies and then don’t wear them because they actually never look as good as normal ones. I did manage to find a replacement pair for the (more subtle) cat eye sunnies that I broke on holiday though so that was good. And I got a discount on the top as one of the patches was coming off a bit. 🙂

I wore it with black treggings and booties (both from M&S) and my super old leather jacket (Warehouse) because you can’t really go wrong with a classic.

photo 4 (6)

A few coats of Revlon Black Cherry lipstick and I was ready to go!

photo 4 (4)

photo 3 (4)

photo 2 (10)

photo 5 (6)

I was running late so ended up taking a black cab there, and couldn’t resist trying to take a taxi selfie. I would have taken one on the night bus home as a compare and contrast exercise but it was crowded and I was embarrassed!

Random funky sweet shop we walked past:

photo 1 (8)

Hailee Steinfeld at Heaven:

photo (23)

Wasn’t convinced by her outfit to be honest….

But, like I said, she was brilliant!

photo 3 (5)


photo 4 (5)

These were released at the end, causing my friend to flail so hard that my phone (I was trying to film) was thrown out of my hands into the crowd, so I ended my night scrambling around on the floor trying to find it before someone crushed it!

Which I did! 😀

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!


The Styletterie

photo 3 (1)

photo 2 (4)

photo 1 (2)

I could not resist posting this!

I actually squealed when I saw this week’s Grazia (and sent these pictures to everyone I know). Yes, I realise that a facial feature can’t really be a “trend”, and that my self worth in no way relies upon Grazia telling me that my face is acceptable (or even fashionable). I also realise that most of the women pictured have what I consider to be reasonably dainty noses, and I take issue with the final paragraph that states that not everyone will fancy you if you have a big nose (WHY NOT?? I’M ADORABLE!) but still! Vindication at last! My time has come! All those years of wondering why no one famous (ie. “attractive” to my teenaged mind) ever has a big nose erased in one fell swoop!


photo 4 (1)

Whevs, I’m excited!

:—–)    < an artist’s impression of me

Happy Friday and have a great weekend everybody!


The Styletterie


I was invited to an A Midsummer Night’s Dream themed birthday party last weekend by my friend (who honestly, if I had to describe in 10 words I would go with “most likely to have a Midsummer Night’s Dream themed party”). I had loads of ideas about what I was going to wear and of course tried everything on the night before, hated it all, and went with this instead.


My room- perfectly illustrating why I shouldn’t be allowed to attend fancy dress parties.


This being:

– Monsoon sequinned dress (last worn in Vegas a few years ago, with flats, bare legs and a belt.)

– Whistles sequinned capelet. I love this capelet, not only does it instantly make every outfit look amazing but it also marks the first time I ever went shopping with my mother without it ending up in a massive “That’s too slutty! No it isn’t! Yes it is!” argument. (My teens were a tiring time for my mother…)

– Pink butterfly veil from Asos, last worn (after a panic) at Ascot.

– Hugely heavy Accessorize earrings (last worn here)

– M&S tights and slightly pointy shoeboot heels (plus various anklets, bought in Monastiraki over the years. I adore these anklets, and bring them out every summer. They have little bells on them that jingle as I walk, which makes me so happy! :-D)



– Feathered bag from Asos and tiny butterfly bag I found in my cupboard, I think it was a gift from years ago. It fit my iphone perfectly, which was fantastic as it meant I could have it on me all evening while still having my hands free for Prosecco and snacks! 🙂



This is the dress without the capelet. I decided it had kind of a warrior fairy look to it, so it worked for the theme. I had actually bought kiddie fairy wings that I had hoped to customise/make less tacky but I ran out of time and decided that the capelet had a wing-like quality anyway so left it. It was actually a really good theme as it allows you to a.) look nice (fairy queens, woodland nymphs etc.) and b.) use mostly stuff that you already have. Most of the women were either Titania-ing it up with lots of face sequins, smeared on with Vaseline, and ethereal dresses (one woman wore fairy lights, and won the prize for best costume), while the rest simply wore floral outfits with flower hairbands and the like. The guys made even less effort (shocker! Although I was surprised nobody brought a donkey head…) and mostly wore a couple of flower hairclips or furry hats. My bf sprayed his hair green and wore a flower crown (both the dye and crown were from Claire’s Accessories.) He looked really cool actually, although I haven’t forgiven him yet for resisting my request that he wear eyeliner which I think would look amazing on him!


Warning: the green spray went everywhere! Wrap yourself in a towel you don’t especially like and try and be as far from everything as possible. I sprayed it on him and we went through about 8 face wipes between us just trying to get it off our chests/arms/faces etc. It didn’t really show on skin but the wipes all came out neon yellow so it was definitely there! Also, my bathroom is now a weird colour.


Make up wise, I put loads of gold glitter eyeshadow under my eyes and around my temples but unfortunately, it didn’t show as much as I’d hoped. I think I needed to get proper body glitter for that to work. I stuck on a couple of diamanté stickers I had, above my eyebrows, to try and look a bit more exciting, and then just did eyeliner and mascara as usual.


I love the effect of the veil but my tips if you are ever planning on wearing one are:

– Don’t leave the house without straws. Straws are your best friend.

– Be prepared to be mocked for having a champagne glass with a straw in it.

– Don’t overdo the mascara or it will drag against the veil and you will end up twitching at people.

– Tuck it up and under when the food comes! Don’t even try and eat around it!


I bought some metallic transfer tattoos from Asos and put a few along the inside of my arm.

MND tattoos


It was an amazing party- bunting and fairy lights everywhere (my friend basically bought out Tiger), fresh flowers all over, a cushion floor for lounging (my day began with instructions to come by in the afternoon with as many cushions as I could fit in my car – and 2 shoulders of lamb), the food was good and the drinks were flowing… We even had a competition where people acted out parts of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (making it officially the ponciest, yet most hilarious, party I have ever attended.) The sun even made an appearance as we arrived, meaning that it really did live up to its theme! 🙂


Happy Hump Day everyone! (Man, I love bank holiday weeks, they feel so delightfully short!)


The Styletterie


The downside of having a large family…


Happy Monday everyone! (If ever such a thing was possible, it would be the Monday before Christmas! Or, if Christmas isn’t your bag, then the Monday that precedes a 4 day weekend!)


The Styletterie

Update: WordPress just informed me that this is my 100th post! (Yay me!) And how fitting that it should be an ode to joy and rampant consumerism… :-p


Dolly football

Last Saturday I went and saw Dolly Parton at The O2 with my sister and I officially have a new icon/muse/role model/ lady crush (girl crush doesn’t seem quite right!)/mentor! She was phenomenal, just 100% herself – cheesy, corny, tacky, preachy, chirpy, over-the-top and super-sweet. Her voice blew me away, it is so true and effortless it just pours out of her (I don’t believe the Glasto miming rumours at all). She played about 12 instruments, including the harmonica, fiddle, saxophone (after which she told us that she usually enjoys a cigarette after sax – haw haw), organ, guitar and several others I didn’t recognise at all. I have honestly never seen anyone so not concerned with being cool. She never tries to stay relevant, she never changes to fit the current fashion, she can laugh at herself, she is so completely fake yet totally honest and genuine about it. In short, I love her!

I obviously couldn’t resist the urge to theme my outfit around her awesomeness, so I foofed up my hair and wore:

Sequin dress: Oasis

Denim jacket: Gap, from when I was about 10!

Cowboy boots: My sister’s, from New Mexico

Earrings: Peacocks

Turquoise bracelet: Suite Blanco in Lisbon

D necklace: gift from my Dad, years ago

Dog2 Dress


photo 3 (22)



photo 3 (23)sis

 My sis, rocking the double denim!



 We are not worthy…


Dolly tees


So Saturday night was awesome and I was fully prepared for Sunday night to follow suit. I wore my Greece shirt, bought in 2004 (when we, ahem, WON the European championships!), and never seen since. Amazingly I actually found this is the first box I looked in, which NEVER happens and was pretty much the most exciting thing ever. Despite thinking that people who wear football shirts out in public at non-football related events should be locked up, I wore this out to brunch in the morning too, in case it brought us luck. I paired it with my Mum’s vintage skirt, my Primark leopard print shoes, my Aldo orange bag and pink lipstick to ensure that I still looked mildly feminine.


photo 3 (24)



photo 2 (22)

Unfortunately, despite ALL THIS EFFORT, we lost on penalties. What little interest I had in the World Cup has now left the building.


Have a great evening!


The Styletterie

photo 1 (17)



I have been obsessed with the craze for pastel hair for a while now and, having read a couple of how-tos, I decided to buy some Bumble and Bumble Spray Chalk, which seemed to be mentioned a lot in said tutorials. I settled for Blush, with a view to getting the Lavender if I liked it. This is what I thought:

– Holy Overpricing! It cost £15 in Boots for this piddly 40g can.

– It stung my scalp where I got some on accidentally.

– You have to spray tons on to make any impact (this could be because I have dark hair though. Blondes might find it easier).

– It made my hair look and feel brittle and tangly.

– I have to say, this did not seem any different to any other crappy, cheapo colour spray that you might buy for Hallowe’en. Maybe powder chalk is better, but as they had advertised this as being this great new addition to the hair chalk world, I assumed that the spray would be easier to use.

– My boyfriend said “Argh, why is your hair grey??!!” when he saw me.





– It actually came out slightly better in the pictures than it looked in real life! Typical, lol. Either way, I was disappointed and do not recommend. 😦


Next up is this Croc Effect nail varnish that my friend Lucia got me for my birthday. Thoughts:

– Clear instructions on it, thankfully. It tells you to paint your nails whatever colour you fancy (although presumbaly dark colours won’t show very well) and wait a couple of minutes for it to be almost but not fully dry. Then you paint over your nails with this stuff. At first it just comes out black, and completely obscures your original colour but gradually the cracks start to take effect.

-This is the only time my bf has ever taken an interest in me painting my nails. Seriously, he was fascinated. Man Utd were on and he literally watched paint dry instead!!

– I liked it a lot.  It’s not immediately noticeable from a distance, but up close, it’s a cool effect! A couple of people said it looked like veins, which could also work. Next time I might try a different, brighter colour, and I’ll also spread the Barry M a little thinner in case that makes bigger, more noticeable cracks.

– I looked up the price (felt very rude doing that to a present!) and apparently it’s £3.99 and also comes in burgundy (which I may have to get). This seems like a completely reasonable price to me. Our survey says: recommended. 🙂







The Styletterie

ImageThe Oscars are my favourite night of the year! I love the build-up, the glamour, the selfies, the cringey co-presenting, the pizza, the fawning, the speeches, the tears, I love all of it! But most of all – I love the FASHION. Here are my favourite looks of Sunday’s 86th Annual Academy Awards…

-Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace. Stunning. Normally quite a boyish shape, this dress gave her incredible curves. She looked like a Hollywood goddess. I also loved how proud her parents looked when she walked on stage to present. Goldie Hawn looked gorgeous too!


-Jared Leto. I’m not normally inspired by menswear at all to be honest but I thought Jared Leto looked great! I love the white jacket, the unexpected pop of red, I even love his beachy (but thankfully brushed) hair. He never lets you forget he’s a rock star but on Sunday, he walked the line between his personal rock style and Oscar-appropriate formalwear perfectly. (And Ellen was right, he was the prettiest one there!)

-Kerry Washington was perfection in Jason Wu. I wasn’t a huge fan of the crop top/skirt combo she wore at the SAGs (although I appreciate that she took a risk) but here she was flawless. The shape, the unusual colour, the lips, the hair, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. She looked utterly beautiful.


-Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen. What a gorgeous shape on her! This is the kind of simple but stunning dress that says “I’m nominated so I’m kind of a big deal but I already have one at home so whevs.” It was exactly right for the occasion and her hair, make-up and jewellery (love the ear cuff) were perfect.

-Lupita Nyong’o in custom Prada. She said she chose this colour because it reminded her of Nairobi and what a choice because Nairobi looks damn good on her! This colour was luminous against her flawless skin, and I loved seeing her in something so fluid. I wasn’t certain about the hairband at first, but this whole look was so Cinderella that I just couldn’t begrudge her that finishing touch. Stunning, fresh and timeless.

-Amy Adams in Gucci. To be honest this dress is a little boring but she said it felt like “her” and I can’t blame her- it fits her like a glove! Not a stretch, wrinkle or crease in sight. It could not have skimmed her more beautifully, showing off her body whilst keeping it completely classy. If any dress ever fit me so perfectly, I would wear it too, dull or not.


-Jennifer Garner in Oscar de la Renta. I really liked this (although it could maybe have been a bit more tailored to her waist). I thought it was pretty and fun and made her look tall, relaxed and beautiful. I much preferred it to last year’s weird fish dress!

-Meryl Streep (in Lanvin) always looks great. She plays it safe, opting for variations on the same theme every year. She likes to show off her shoulders which suits her and adds a nice dash of insouciance to her ensemble. She always looks glamourous and Oscar-worthy but not too OTT because a.) her performances and her grace stand alone and b.) she always has to act moderately embarrassed at the Oscars and her subdued but appropriate dresses strike just the right note of humility and poise.

-Gabourey Sidibe in Theia. I loved this- I loved the hot pink on her, I thought the shape was excellent, the neckline was just right and the embellishment at the waist was perfect. Top marks!

Image-Bette Midler! Who knew?! She looked amazing. The patterned Reem Acra gown was colourful, vibrant and totally suited her body and personality. And then she came out on stage to perform “Wind Beneath My Wings” (beautifully) in this subtly striped Alaia number and oh my goodness, she has the body of a 20 year old!


-Pink in Elie Saab, Kelly Osbourne in Badgley Mischka (who had to change back into a different dress later as she couldn’t climb stairs in this one apparently!), June Squibb in Tadashi Shoji and Catherine Martin (I’m not sure who the gown is by) also all looked fabulous!


And finally the lovely Ellen, the host, here with her wife Portia de Rossi. I liked all of Ellen’s suits but the final one, worn with a polo style shirt, was my favourite because it’s a look that she has completely made her own. I normally advocate trying new things when it comes to style but Ellen so clearly knows what she’s comfortable in, and I love that she sticks to her guns.

So, those were my best looks of the night! Stay tuned for the worst….


The Styletterie


ImageI stole the mani idea from …love Maegan. I did it last year in pinks like she did but this year I thought I’d try it with slightly more grown-up colours to avoid feeling like a 12 year old. Then I saw the hearty nail varnish in Camden and somewhat ruined my newfound manicure maturity!

ImageI used:

O.P.I. “Tickle my France-y” for the base colour

Nails Inc. “Shoreditch” for the hearts

The hearty nail varnish is Gabrini, and I bought it at a stall in Camden Market while the seller tried to chat me up…before moving on to my shopping companion, who also happened to be my boyfriend’s little sister! The varnish was quite hard to use, I basically had to scrape the hearts out and plop them on my nail individually. Consequently it’s a bit clumpy, but busy enough that is doesn’t show too much. My sister put one or two hearts just on each thumb and that looks really cute too.

The love bracelet was from M&S a while back, and the heart necklace is stolen from my sister!


The Styletterie

…but I’m feeling twenty twooo-oooooo!


On Sunday night, I went to see Taylor Swift at the O2 arena with one of my best friends. I kind of had an inkling that I wasn’t the target demographic (I’m 27) on account of a.) it’s Taylor Swift and 90% of her songs contain the word “cheerleader” and b.) the O2 had sent me an email a couple of days before informing me that while flags with flagpoles are not permitted, banners with fairy lights are.

*Styletterie falls to knees in relief*

After we finished laughing over the ridiculous notion that anyone, let alone a bunch of 13 year olds, would put enough effort into a banner as to actually festoon it with lights, my friend and I decided to go all out and reclaim our youth by dressing up as everyone’s favourite country cutie and singing our hearts out without shame. Alcopops may also have been invloved.

This is what I wore:


-Frilly floral dress, Monsoon

-Floral denim shirt, Zara

-Cowboy boots, my sister’s from New Mexico, although she reliably informs me that R.Soles is a good (but expensive!) place to buy cowboy boots in London

-Extremely uncomfortable, barely visible gold fishnet tights, Accessorize

-Hearty earrings, one of my favourite pairs, Rachel Roy at Macy’s from when I went to NYC in 2011.

-BCBGeneration bracelet (again!), I can’t tell you how much losery fun I have deciding what to write on it everyday!


I really need a hobby.

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