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So, it’s only mid-morning and I have already been breathlessly informed by my sister and boyfriend that my life is finally complete- British company Metail has launched an actual version of Cher’s virtual closet! We can officially all feel like the coolest Betty of the 90s! That is so dope!

I’m like, totally stoked – can you tell?!!

I’m audi,

The Styletterie


Basil alone

– Little basil pot decoration, they were hanging all over town! So sweet 😀

On display in my room:






Floral skirt (left):  Tally Weijl

Polka dot black tee (right): Ruly’s

Scarves: Suite Blanco


Turns out Lisbon has some really cute shops! I especially enjoyed Suite Blanco and Ruly’s. Tally Weijl was fun too, in a way-too-young-for-me-but-I-so-don’t-care kind of way ;-p


I tried on this poncho from Ruly’s as a joke and it turned out to be my favourite thing! I’m really looking forward to wearing it.

Floral Bershka jacket

Floral jacket: Bershka


Turquoise jewellery etc


Gold necklace: Bershka

Turquoise necklace & bracelet: Suite Blanco

Pom pom earrings & keyring: Suite Blanco. I also bought a doughnut necklace and some sweetie hair ties for my nieces there 🙂

They also had some adorable wicker bags, but I restrained myself! (They wouldn’t fit in my suitcase… 😦  )

The gold word stud earrings are from Tally Weijl, there are 9 which I thought was a weird number for a pack of earrings. Also the words are things like  “yeah”, “oh”, “ok”, “good” etc. and one of them is “hoot”, which also struck me as an odd choice!

The “mermaid tears” necklace is also from Tally Weijl and just made me laugh so much I had to buy it. Everything was super cheap too!

Cardi, necklace, glasses


I bought this teal cardi from Massimo Dutti. I know it exists in England, but for some reason I always thought it was mega-expensive so I’ve never been in. It’s not cheap but it’s Zara style prices, so I was pleasantly surprised.

Speaking of Zara, the faux Chanel headphones necklace is from there.


The sunglasses (which make me look like a big bug!) are from Tally Weijl.

Me sunnies

My Suite Blanco scarves, which I’m obsessed with:

Ice cream scarf


Ice creeeeeeaaaam!

Pineapple scarf

  How cute are the pineapples?

All that (and a lot of jam/cherry liqueur/fridge magnets!) and I somehow managed not to burst my sister’s suitcase (which was already full when I set off for Lisbon!) – go me!!!

Have a great weekend everyone! 😀


The Styletterie



I’ve been doing a lot of virtual window-shopping/procrastinating at work/drooling on my keyboard lately, and thought I’d share with you a few of the things in my ASOS basket, that I just can’t justify!

I love this leather dress, but can’t think of where it will ever be appropriate. It’s a bit sexy for a wedding and most of the formal events I frequent tend to be with my family. Also, the boob bits look so perfectly spherical, it might be just a bit too Xena, Warrior Princess for me. But still, so cool.

I totally would get this plaid dress (I am definitely not over plaid yet, I don’t care what anyone says) but it is way too expensive for me and I guess I don’t technically need it. Ugh, I would never have said that 5 years ago. I hate being old. ;-p

The fur trim one is quite cool, and I spotted it on Chloe Howl at the BRITS-


-but it’s super expenisve, and where would I wear it?

I really like the weird armpit-less one but the shape, or lack thereof, looks hella unflattering. (Or would be on me, at any rate!)

And the long dress with the lace cut-outs is stunning but who the hell voluntarily buys clothes that have see-through bits on the tummy?! Has any woman ever in life said “what a gorgeous dress, I just wish it could somehow draw more attention to my stomach so that I can be really self-conscious all evening”?! It really is nice though, and comes in other colours and lengths, so for any weird tummy-showing-lovers out there, go forth!

Aaaand, a couple of things I did buy 😉 :




(The chartreuse one seems to be sold out now -although that’s what they said about the floral one, and I just kept checking until it reappeared- but they have this, which is pretty similar!)

In conclusion therefore:

Internet shopping is simultaneously the best and worst invention of all time.



The Styletterie



……….you see bindis for sale in Urban Outfitters and combination skirt/trousers in River Island and you wore them the first time they were fashionable when you were 13 years old and you thought that bindis went about 2 inches higher than they’re actually meant to go and that powder blue and stretchy were good things for trousers to be:


“Do you prefer fashion victim or ensembly challenged?”

Oh, the memories……


The Styletterie


So yesterday I wore this ¾ sleeve jacket (scored from a clothes swap with friends on the weekend), figuring that it would be my last chance to wear it before it became officially too cold.

I was wrong.

It is already officially too cold. I had errands to run but ended up having to go home and get into my slanket instead.

It’s a hard life.