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It’s Friday!!! 😀

I wore this fluffy lilac jumper for birthday drinks with my friends last week. It’s very warm (almost too warm) and I was a very popular hug candidate in it, which is always nice! As it’s a bit more cosy and shapeless than what I usually wear, I paired it with as much bling as possible to glam it up.


Jumper: H&M

Treggings: M&S

Booties: Zara

Bracelets and rings are all old.




My friend bought me the starry dangly earrings about 12 years ago and I still love them and wear them all the time. And the hearty Vivienne Westwood earrings were my birthday present this year from my bf.


The necklace (aka my new favourite thing) is from Claire’s Accessories and was a gift from my nieces, as I mentioned last post!



FullSizeRender (9)

Facebook has started doing these little slideshows of the photos on my phone at the top of my feed, which really annoys me (I’m constantly terrified I’ll accidentally upload the most recent batch of “do I have back rollies in this?” mirror selfies that I’ve just taken at any given time) but I thought the fading effect of these pictures was cool!

My nails are painted in gel varnish from Avon, and it’s really good! It goes on very smoothly and lasts a long time before chipping. 🙂


My friends totally spoiled me! I had a homemade cake, a store bought cake and an inflatable crown! (As well as presents!) It was a great night. 😀

(Although I have made it clear that I do not want the same style of cake next year- I’m keeping that number on the DL!)


This was the cake after the meringue numbers collapsed and it was given to me backwards, so instead of ’29’, I am now officially ‘P smooerrsh’.


My rubbish attempt at taking a car selfie in my inflatable crown. Bow down b*tches!

FullSizeRender (8)


Hope you have a great weekend!


The Styletterie


I was invited to an A Midsummer Night’s Dream themed birthday party last weekend by my friend (who honestly, if I had to describe in 10 words I would go with “most likely to have a Midsummer Night’s Dream themed party”). I had loads of ideas about what I was going to wear and of course tried everything on the night before, hated it all, and went with this instead.


My room- perfectly illustrating why I shouldn’t be allowed to attend fancy dress parties.


This being:

– Monsoon sequinned dress (last worn in Vegas a few years ago, with flats, bare legs and a belt.)

– Whistles sequinned capelet. I love this capelet, not only does it instantly make every outfit look amazing but it also marks the first time I ever went shopping with my mother without it ending up in a massive “That’s too slutty! No it isn’t! Yes it is!” argument. (My teens were a tiring time for my mother…)

– Pink butterfly veil from Asos, last worn (after a panic) at Ascot.

– Hugely heavy Accessorize earrings (last worn here)

– M&S tights and slightly pointy shoeboot heels (plus various anklets, bought in Monastiraki over the years. I adore these anklets, and bring them out every summer. They have little bells on them that jingle as I walk, which makes me so happy! :-D)



– Feathered bag from Asos and tiny butterfly bag I found in my cupboard, I think it was a gift from years ago. It fit my iphone perfectly, which was fantastic as it meant I could have it on me all evening while still having my hands free for Prosecco and snacks! 🙂



This is the dress without the capelet. I decided it had kind of a warrior fairy look to it, so it worked for the theme. I had actually bought kiddie fairy wings that I had hoped to customise/make less tacky but I ran out of time and decided that the capelet had a wing-like quality anyway so left it. It was actually a really good theme as it allows you to a.) look nice (fairy queens, woodland nymphs etc.) and b.) use mostly stuff that you already have. Most of the women were either Titania-ing it up with lots of face sequins, smeared on with Vaseline, and ethereal dresses (one woman wore fairy lights, and won the prize for best costume), while the rest simply wore floral outfits with flower hairbands and the like. The guys made even less effort (shocker! Although I was surprised nobody brought a donkey head…) and mostly wore a couple of flower hairclips or furry hats. My bf sprayed his hair green and wore a flower crown (both the dye and crown were from Claire’s Accessories.) He looked really cool actually, although I haven’t forgiven him yet for resisting my request that he wear eyeliner which I think would look amazing on him!


Warning: the green spray went everywhere! Wrap yourself in a towel you don’t especially like and try and be as far from everything as possible. I sprayed it on him and we went through about 8 face wipes between us just trying to get it off our chests/arms/faces etc. It didn’t really show on skin but the wipes all came out neon yellow so it was definitely there! Also, my bathroom is now a weird colour.


Make up wise, I put loads of gold glitter eyeshadow under my eyes and around my temples but unfortunately, it didn’t show as much as I’d hoped. I think I needed to get proper body glitter for that to work. I stuck on a couple of diamanté stickers I had, above my eyebrows, to try and look a bit more exciting, and then just did eyeliner and mascara as usual.


I love the effect of the veil but my tips if you are ever planning on wearing one are:

– Don’t leave the house without straws. Straws are your best friend.

– Be prepared to be mocked for having a champagne glass with a straw in it.

– Don’t overdo the mascara or it will drag against the veil and you will end up twitching at people.

– Tuck it up and under when the food comes! Don’t even try and eat around it!


I bought some metallic transfer tattoos from Asos and put a few along the inside of my arm.

MND tattoos


It was an amazing party- bunting and fairy lights everywhere (my friend basically bought out Tiger), fresh flowers all over, a cushion floor for lounging (my day began with instructions to come by in the afternoon with as many cushions as I could fit in my car – and 2 shoulders of lamb), the food was good and the drinks were flowing… We even had a competition where people acted out parts of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (making it officially the ponciest, yet most hilarious, party I have ever attended.) The sun even made an appearance as we arrived, meaning that it really did live up to its theme! 🙂


Happy Hump Day everyone! (Man, I love bank holiday weeks, they feel so delightfully short!)


The Styletterie

Bday OOTDs

Because I think I’m the Queen, I decided that one birthday party this year simply wasn’t enough for me. So I had dinner and drinks with my friends a couple of weeks after my birthday, and then dragged them all to Ultimate Power night at The Electric Ballroom a couple of weeks after that. (Oh and I was also treated to a lovely meal by my family on the actual day :-p)


My friend gave me this super-cool ice cream sundae/milkshake clutch from New Look and I wanted to wear it to our dinner, especially as we were having burgers so it fit the junk food theme. I basically planned the whole outfit around the clutch as I felt it needed clean lines and block colours to reach it’s full pop-art style potential. The blue playsuit is Rachel Roy for Macy’s, bought a few years ago in New York. I wore it with black tights and booties (both M&S), my trusty Asda cardi and some bright bangles a friend had given me ages ago.

photo 1 (62)

photo 4 (46)

photo 3 (60)

The hearty necklace is from Accessorize (my 4 year old niece has a matching one, which she demanded upon seeing mine, as it’s “little, just the right size” for her apparently! 🙂 )

The hearty earrings were a birthday present from over 10 years ago (it sometimes worries me how little my style changes!). The loom band bracelet was also thanks to my niece- it’s not enough to make one for her, I have to make them for everyone she knows, myself included! I was allowed to pick my own colours though (this was a big step!), and I actually wear it a lot.The gold hearty ring is Folli Follie (bought in Bicester a while back) and the other ring is vintage.

Sidebar: I just looked at the Folli Follie website and I am now in love with all their rings, especially the ‘Love and Fortune’ ones!

photo 1 (63)

photo 2 (61)

Nooooo…….! :-O

photo 1 (60)

My second (ok, third) party was a club night in Camden featuring all of the power ballads, all of the time! I wanted to channel an 80s rock chick vibe, as I knew most of the music would be from the era that gave us the best power ballads (and an alarming amount of saxophone). I plaited my hair during the day and back-combed and hair-sprayed it just before going out to try and make it bouffant and curly, and wore my new Fashion Union at Asos metallic dress (which was on sale 🙂 ) with a black belt, black tights and my Office ballet flats. (Comfort wins out over style if there’s going to be dancing – life’s too short!). I like mixing silver and gold so I added this Aldo necklace that was a birthday gift. There was some divided opinion about whether or not the necklace marred the neckline of the dress but I felt it added to the drama of the look so I went with it. I also wore my Marc by Marc Jacobs zip earrings that were my Christmas present from my bf and various black and gold bracelets.

photo 1 (61)

photo 4 (44)

I loved this dress instantly because it kind of reminds me of Michelle Pfeiffer’s dress in the final luau scene in Grease 2:


(If only I looked like Michelle Pfeiffer in it! And had my very own cool rider…)

photo 3 (58)


In keeping with the 80s theme, my eldest sister wore her Madonna-style cross earrings (for the first time since about 15 years ago, when I stole them from her :-p) and my middle sister somehow procured an inflatable boombox…

photo 3 (61)

photo 2 (62)


If you’re in London and you enjoy sticky floors, fists of pure emotion, air guitar and singing so loudly you lose your voice, then I would heartily recommend this night – it was awesome! 😀

And after 3 birthday parties, my friends gently reminded me that I am not in fact the Queen, and so my birthday season (all of January) is over for another year.

Happy Thursday!


The Styletterie

photo (14)

I went to a charity ball just before Christmas and, while I would usually wear something long, decided that the festive season called for something with a bit of spangle. Cue the gold sequinned minidress. I last wore this Oasis dress with denim and boots when I went to see Dolly Parton at the 02, so I was looking forward to going all out with the glitz this time!


They had these pretty, colour-changing lights instead of flowers as the table centrepieces…

photo 1 (44)

I cut two hairties and used them to alter the neckline of my dress, added a thick Next belt, black tights and my stripperific shoes from Office that I can’t walk in (last worn when dressed as Rihanna for Hallowe’en). My feathered clutch is from Asos and the pearl bracelets are cheapie ones from all over (the one with the four leaved clover was from a tourist shop in Dublin). I wore my Chanel-wannabe pearl necklace from Zara and then spent ages choosing earrings as all my earrings looked weirdly over-symmetrical with the necklace! (Most necklaces taper I guess, and it just didn’t look right to me! And yes, I realise that earrings are, almost by their very definition, symmetrical. On account of most people having 2 ears. Myself included.) Anyhow, I eventually settled on my sister’s Swarovski hearts, which can be moved to be slightly asymmetrical. (It’s really not noticeable but it made me feel better!)

photo 5 (36)

photo 2 (49)

Gold dress ball

 When sequins meet lights 🙂

Luminous shots

Glow in the dark shot glasses = cool

Actually drinking mastiha = ewsies

Gold: Part II

For New Year’s Eve, a friend and I went and stayed at an old country inn…

NYE avenue

I wore the same dress… this time with its original neckline and a more smart-casual vibe.

NYE dress, chair2

Something about sitting on this furry chair with my sequins on made me feel very regal…

NYE chair me

I wore it with a skinny M&S belt, slightly more sensible M&S heels, and an old Asda black cardi. I also wore my 2015 bracelet in honour of the occasion.

photo 1 (37)

NYE dress

I added a thick Dorothy Perkins cardi for the short walk to the restaurant. I really enjoyed the contrast between the sequins and all the warm, soft materials of casual winter wear.

NYE champagne

We decided that rather than forcing fun and partying, we should just sneak some champagne back to the room and watch the (now expensive!) fireworks on TV.

So we did 🙂

NYE Oakroom

I don’t know what an Oakroom actually is (maybe just a room with a lot of oak in it?) but I am definitely having one when I grow up!

NYE cute hedgehogs

There is a serious lack of decorative hedgehogs in my life, that I had never even realised until that exact moment… :-p

NYE slippers

Sequins, champagne and fluffy Accessorize slippers = Best night out (in) ever! 

Hope everyone’s having a good week! 😀


The Styletterie

photo 5 (26)


I’ve spent almost all of my 27 Christmases in London and I have to say, it never gets old. The decorations, the atmosphere, the lights, the bustle… it never ceases to put a spring in my step and a smile on my face!

Cov grdn reindeer

Cov grdn

Covent Garden

I had my annual Christmas dinner with my friends from school recently. It was at my house this year and, as we had recently had a big turkey dinner for Thanksgiving (apparently we do that now), we decided to keep it casual and just all bring whatever food we fancied and have nibblies and drinks instead of dinner. This is how we ended up with 3 cheeseboards 😀

I wore:

Christmas OOTD1


Shoes tree

Zara nouveau grunge t-shirt, River Island sequinned jacket, M&S treggings, my new favourite necklace that my Dad gave me, and my new sparkly Converse trainers. I also wore my Revlon Black Cherry lipstick, which my friends all complimented me on, but said that I should be aloof and bitchy whilst wearing it, and giggling was strictly forbidden. (You can guess how well that worked out – especially once the alcohol started flowing and we decided to write our own Cards Against Humanity questions….)

Before and after

Before and after….

photo 5 (25)

Jacket sparkle

Christmas is the best time to wear sparkly clothes!

photo (8)

Selfridges again…


In John Lewis

photo 5 (23)

Secret Santa present…

photo 1 (33)

Bus pictures are the best…

(Oxford Street)

More to come!


The Styletterie


It was my sister’s birthday last weekend and she had 2 parties (because if you can’t channel the Queen on your birthday, when can you?) Her first party was at home and I wore:

– My Dolly Parton slogan tee that I bought when I saw her live last month, tied up at the back with a hairtie to make it the right length.

– My Mum’s cobalt blue skirt from the 70s. (Worn previously in a winter OOTD.)

– Accessorize pink and black mini-wedges

– Chandelier earrings that were a gift several years ago

– Accessorize necklace, I got it last week in the sale 🙂

– My Viva Forever bracelet, bought when I went to see the musical of the same name.


cheap, jewels

On Sunday night we went to a pub quiz, and I wore my new Asos off-the-shoulder dress, which is now my favourite thing. It’s super comfy, airy and perfect for summer. (Argh – when searching for the link to the dress, I came across about 30 other off-the-shoulder numbers that I now want! This is not good…)


I wore it with my white Office plimsolls and white Asos backpack. I also wore my gorgeous new Oliver Bonas amethyst necklace that my sister gave me (on her birthday- I don’t think she understands birthdays very well! Not that I’m complaining….!)


 Isn’t it lovely?!!


 I’m incapable of not twirling when I put on a floaty dress!

(Secretly, I’m 8).


My bf thought it actually looked cooler with the leather straps of my backpack showing.


This is to demonstrate that my tan lines from where I burnt recently are so strong that it actually looks as if I have my backpack on all the time!



Have a great weekend everybody!



The Styletterie



Here is a Fact Of Life: Once you start blogging, everything becomes fodder.

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to be invited with a friend’s family for a long weekend in Lisbon. The weather was hot and sunny (we’re talking 36 degrees, and just as lovely at night), the sights were beautiful and the food was amazing (cheeseboards can change your life. Fact.)  I took pictures of everything, starting with what I wore to travel (flying themed earrings, just in case) through 4 outfits and 2 days of sight-seeing, shopping and exploring. Through some gorgeous bars and hilarious English football fans and right up to an impromptu stop at a street party- possibly the first time my life has resembled that of those cool, spontaneous people who accidentally find themselves at awesome local parties surrounded by music and beer and dancing and attractive Portuguese men. Two days and I had probably taken about 400 photos.

And that’s when some bastard stole my phone.

Like the idiot tourist I am, I held my phone high up to take pictures (and even a video) of the decorations, the colours, the lights, the band, the stalls, the hordes of people of all ages dancing together, then put it in my bag. I usually rest my hand on my bag but for one song, I danced with a student from Porto whose friend was busy romancing my travel buddy. At the end of the song (defining lyrics- chichirichichirichi), I looked down to see my bag wide open and my phone gone.




And while I was distraught to have lost all my contacts, all my notes, all my reminders, it was my photos that upset me the most. First of all, all the nice ones of me were on my phone and I confess to being kind of jealous that my friend gets to put up all the funny ones of herself larking around with canons/looking romantic on bridges on Facebook, while I look like the boring friend who was barely there.

But mostly, I was upset about the ones I’d taken for this blog.

I had been writing what I was going to say about each photo in my head since we got there. Everything cool or pretty or funny I saw, I was already figuring out how to phrase it, how to caption it, how to explain it just right to include anyone who may read this in my holiday.

My friend, bless her, let me have free reign with her phone afterwards so I could take pictures and I’ll include some of them, but other than that, I’m afraid I shall just have to try and paint a picture using words (and old photos and the internet!) and see what happens.

Some things I wanted to show you:

–          My travelling outfit. (The same maxi-dress I wore in this post, but with angel wing earrings)

–          The beautiful restaurant (with the life altering cheese) that we went to for lunch, where they presented us with a velvet footstool for our bags. I will never travel without one again.

–          The incredible furniture at The Museu Nacional de Arte Antigua, where we all acted as though we were homeware shopping, not soaking in culture.

–          The floral 50s-esque Joy dress I wore to go out to dinner that night.

–          The funky red sweet wrapper-esque chandeliers in that restaurant, that my travel companions thought were “gaudy”. This was also where I learned that Lisboan men can be a tad sexist, as a man in the unisex bathrooms tried to chat me up by asking me for laundry advice! If only he had known that despite being a girl and everything, what I know about laundry is even less that what I know about cooking (which is nothing).

–          The beautiful square overlooking the river, where they showed every football match to hundreds of avid fans

–          What I wore the next day (my Rachel Roy for Macy’s playsuit from New York, as we were going to be climbing a tower and a skirt seemed ill-advised.) Here I am being a massive poser in it a couple of summers ago.


–          The dramatically beautiful Torre de Belem


–          The Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, with its gorgeous vaulted ceilings and atrium.


–          The “just be cool” t-shirt that I reeaally wanted but restrained myself from getting.

–          The “The light of your beauty burns my eyes” t-shirt that is presumably for women who want potential partners to run away screaming. I couldn’t find it online but I did find a top from the same shop that is also pretty dramatic (and unfortunately incorrect), that reads “When I saw you I feel in love and you smile because YOU KNEW

–          The “born in the nineties” t-shirt that made me want to sit in a corner with my wrinkles and weep.

–          The leopard print maxi dress that turned out to be a jumpsuit and was annoyingly flattering considering how ridiculous I looked in it.

– The stunning tiles on the side of walls everywhere.

–          The polka dot skort that taught me that I’m ok with very short shorts (from the back they looked fine) but not very short skirts (from the front, even though I knew it was really shorts, it seemed obscene!)

–          The pile of stinky ash from where they burned a huge pile of rubbish just to get rid of it.

–          The Asos dress I wore in the evening. Here I am trying it on a couple of weeks ago to see if it still fits.


I wore it last summer minus the black strap top but I’ve gained a little weight since then and my boobs were everywhere! Unfortunately the strap top underneath made it even tighter. Oh vicious cycles, why do you torment me thus?! ;-p

–          The weirdly huge barrels of cheese that we each got as a prelude to a truly awful meal.

–          The gorgeous bar we went to, with the painted walls, hanging lanterns, love seats and stunning view.

–          The street party I mentioned earlier, apparently an annual tradition in honour of Saint Anthony, in all its colourful, shining, tinselly, loud, local glory.




Here are a couple of pictures I took with my friend’s phone, the party had died down a bit by then, it was heaving beforehand!


Apparently Saint Anthony’s feast is actually a sardine festival/tribute to the “matchmaking Saint”. All we knew about it is that the people we bumped into said we couldn’t possibly go to a club as no one would be there, as apparently all of Lisbon would be partying in the streets, and people would open their homes and sell beer and dance. And they were right!



I wanted to take more pictures but by that point we were terrified of having her phone on display!

– The Cathedral of Santa Maria Maior, which was beautiful.

– All the incredible views of Lisbon, including many which showed the mini version of Rio’s Christ the Redeemer, known as Christ the King and erected as a thank you for Portugal being unaffected by World War II.

– The adorable trams. (I love trams!)

– The mini cactus decorations (that I just looked up and were apparently meant to be basil) that were hanging everywhere, they were so cute. (I bought one before I left).

– The tinsel, bunting and garlands that were also strewn everywhere. (See the first photo of this post, that I took on my friend’s phone. Hopefully she will send me all her photos soon and I’ll be able to put some more up.)

– The cherries I accidentally buttered due to delirious tiredness on the plane home! (Yes, cherries, plural. It happened more than once. I was very tired!)

Everything was just so beautiful and interesting and different and colourful and I doubt I’ll get over losing my phone any time soon. But it could have been worse, and at least I have some incredible memories. 😀

And I did a lot of shopping so at least there’s the haul post to do!

Obrigada Lisboa!!!


The Styletterie



These were my OOTDs of last Saturday…

For lunch: Asos maxi dress, Asos backpack, Office plimsolls, rose earrings from Tiara in Athens

For a friend’s birthday night out: M&S treggings, Urban Outfitters strap top, River Island sequinned jacket, Primark shoes, very (veeery) old Claire’s Accessories maroon leopard print mini-backpack (so glad I never threw this out! I am loving it recently!), equally old fake tattoo necklace, also from Claire’s, also something I’m ridiculously pleased to be wearing again! The yellow earrings were a gift but I realised when I got home that I’d lost one! 😦

Disclaimer: my hair actually looked quite nice on Saturday, dammit! The club we went to (Drink Shop Do, amazing music, super fun night, no ventilation) was so hot that my hair just went haywire. All my friends and I were in the bathrooms trying to figure out how much clothing we could remove without getting arrested, everyone was just so hot and, ahem, “glowy”! Note to self: take pictures before leaving the house…



On Sunday, I had decided to take inspiration from this outfit that I’d seen in Grazia, as I had similar items in my own wardrobe. Unfortunately I learned (what I already knew, grr!) that sleeping in until just before I have to leave the house is a terrible idea for me, as I didn’t like the outfit on me at all but had no time to change!





Top: Primark, Skirt: vintage (aka my Mum’s!), necklace: Peacocks, sunglasses: River Island

I think the top was definitely too long, and the overall effect was quite shapeless. And, as ever, I was surprised to discover that going out when I’m not happy with my outfit makes me a moody cow! Is that just me?? Are there other weird people out there? (Please say yes!)



The Styletterie




A bunch of us went to my friend’s house in the country last weekend for some nature (bleurgh) and some partying (yay). The main event was twenties themed (because apparently people aren’t bored of that yet). I have mixed feelings about the twenties as a fashion era (pearls and bling = good; drop waisted = WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO HURT ME?) but I fortunately have one twenties-esque dress (ie. it has tassels) that I wear every time this theme pops up. I also do OTT bling rather well, though I say so myself.

This is what I wore:

Dress: French Connection, about 4 years ago. There were no full length mirrors in the house so I was unable to get any decent pictures of it. But to sum up, it’s short, black and fun to swish in!

Deco tiara: Asos

Pearls: Various, some were from Christmas crackers, some were my Grandmother’s, some were from Oasis

Deco watch: Marks and Spencer

Bracelet: Swarovski, a present from my parents for my 21st. This also suffers from leaping off my wrist syndrome, like my other Swarovski bracelet.

Tassel earrings: Karen Millen

Pearl and bling cluster ring: Marks and Spencer

Bling rings: The teardrop one is Mikey and the round one was a gift from my Dad (I think he bought it from one of those aeroplane brochures)

Overuse of the word “bling”: model’s own

ImageI didn’t have time to do anything to my hair so I just threw in some kirby grips and topped it off with the tiara.


ImageI also wore some crystal studded tights (Marks & Spencer)

The shoes are from Aldo, and apparently I used to be able to walk in them! Sadly, this is no longer the case.


ImageRed fur stole: Monsoon


ImageRed lipstick: Wet ‘n’ wild, from New York, 99 cents and still the best lipstick I’ve found. It does bleed a little as you can see but this photo was at the very end of the night, so I’d say it held up pretty well.

And speaking of the end of the night….


What started as a little lie-down resembles the start of a Poirot episode to a worrying degree….

Disclaimer: nobody died in the making of this blog post.



The Styletterie


Ps. There was a prize for best costume. And I totally won 😀




WEDDINGS!!! Who doesn’t love weddings?! (Ok, I know a lot of people don’t but still…) Food, love, cheesy music, flowers, embarrassing speeches, dancing, cake, the opportunity to dress up… Weddings are my favourite thing ever! (Next to Made in Chelsea, obvs.) A very good friend of mine got married a couple of weeks ago 😀 and this is what I wore:


Floral dress: Asos (as seen in my wishlist post a while back).

Leopard print shoes: New Look

Hearty necklace and earrings: Swarovski

Tennis bracelet: Swarovski (I love this but I find that Swarovski bracelet clasps are useless! This is a replacement as my previous one just fell off my wrist and this one does the same quite often. Same goes for a different Swarovski bracelet I have. Grr)

Diamanté bracelet: cheap, old, maybe H&M?

Love bracelet: Marks & Spencer

Teardrop ring: Mikey

“Ruby” ring: random cheap shop in Bath, I bought this at least 10 years ago and the “silver” is totally discoloured but I love it! I always think it looks like a wine gum 🙂


I love the look of off the shoulder dresses and had always wanted to wear one. They aren’t the most practical style in the world (I couldn’t raise my arms, and leaning down to strap up my shoes etc. really hurt) but it’s a nice way to show some shoulder without having to hoik it up all the time, like you do with a strapless dress. Although it did occasionally look as though it was falling down, it never did!




Oh and just in case anyone else is on the lookout for a good strapless bra, the best one I’ve found is Wonderbra’s Ultimate Strapless Bra! (You can buy it in Debenhams.)



I was worried that my Motel leopard coat might be overkill with the shoes but I think it was ok. And anyway, I changed into my glittery Office flats before leaving so simultaneous coat and shoe time was minimal. (Also, don’t worry, I took some of these pics while I was just trying out my outfit, I didn’t actually go to a wedding with such messy hair!)


ImageI also removed one layer of netting from the petticoat of the skirt because, while I love the slimming effects of pouffy skirts on one’s legs, I always feel a bit like an overgrown baby in them!




My bag used to belong to my Godmother so I love carrying it, even though it fits hardly anything and is falling apart a bit!



Happy wedding season!


The Styletterie