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…I saw a girl (with a cool 90s bob and all black outfit) carrying this one last night and had to ask where she got it from. (Don’t worry – backpack rehab starts on Monday).

It’s from Topshop and I love it – but it’s £100 which, try as I might, I just can’t justify spending on a hairy, tasselly backpack that I don’t *technically* need!


When are the sales again?


The Styletterie



I’ve been doing a lot of virtual window-shopping/procrastinating at work/drooling on my keyboard lately, and thought I’d share with you a few of the things in my ASOS basket, that I just can’t justify!

I love this leather dress, but can’t think of where it will ever be appropriate. It’s a bit sexy for a wedding and most of the formal events I frequent tend to be with my family. Also, the boob bits look so perfectly spherical, it might be just a bit too Xena, Warrior Princess for me. But still, so cool.

I totally would get this plaid dress (I am definitely not over plaid yet, I don’t care what anyone says) but it is way too expensive for me and I guess I don’t technically need it. Ugh, I would never have said that 5 years ago. I hate being old. ;-p

The fur trim one is quite cool, and I spotted it on Chloe Howl at the BRITS-


-but it’s super expenisve, and where would I wear it?

I really like the weird armpit-less one but the shape, or lack thereof, looks hella unflattering. (Or would be on me, at any rate!)

And the long dress with the lace cut-outs is stunning but who the hell voluntarily buys clothes that have see-through bits on the tummy?! Has any woman ever in life said “what a gorgeous dress, I just wish it could somehow draw more attention to my stomach so that I can be really self-conscious all evening”?! It really is nice though, and comes in other colours and lengths, so for any weird tummy-showing-lovers out there, go forth!

Aaaand, a couple of things I did buy 😉 :




(The chartreuse one seems to be sold out now -although that’s what they said about the floral one, and I just kept checking until it reappeared- but they have this, which is pretty similar!)

In conclusion therefore:

Internet shopping is simultaneously the best and worst invention of all time.



The Styletterie