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I take pictures of so much stuff that I like/buy/am inspired by with the intention of blogging about it here, but invariably end up getting distracted/procrastinating/finding something else I want to blog about first. So I thought I’d just bite the bullet and share them already in one long, rambly post. Before earrings become obsolete and no one cares anymore. (Perish the thought!)…

I bought the sheep earrings from Joy as a Christmas present to myself, and am obsessed with how cute they are!

photo 2 (50)

photo 1 (56)

This jumper is from – I ordered loads of things from there and definitely want to do a whole post for them!

photo 2 (54)

I went and saw Bryan Adams at The 02 in November. My sister was a massive fan of his growing up so I became one out of necessity! He was amazing, kept it all really simple- just him, his band and some black and white images on a screen behind him. We screamed like teenagers!

I wore: Asos Curve off the shoulder jumper, black M&S treggings, Asda watermelon handbag (that was a gift from my nieces :-D), Office booties and Topshop earrings. The necklace is just some chains that I bought at a craft shop in Monastiraki, held together with a safety pin.

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photo BA

I tried to fwoof my hair up and get an 80s rock chick vibe going… Unfortunately my hair always falls flat after about 10 minutes!

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photo 3 (56)

photo 4 (43)

Concert tees are my favourite…

photo 5 (7)

This little tag was on my birthday card from my brother… I think he was trying to tell me something!

And speaking of my birthday…

My friend got me these monstrosities-


Period panties. FFS. How is this a thing?! My favourite thing about these was that I opened them in front of my father, and his face as he tried to work them out was hilaaarious!

photo 2 (57)

Adorable Oliver Bonas bag, for when you’re feeling a bit Pharrell…

photo 4 (40)

I finally got around to watching the Asprey’s documentary (“Inside Asprey: Luxury by Royal Appointment”, which aired last summer) and thought these torso glasses were really cool. Sorry for the rubbish quality of the photo- it is just a picture of my TV on pause.

photo 2 (51)

Flamingo fever!

There’s a lot of Marks and Spencer in this outfit- the flamingo top and pearls were gifts from my sister for Christmas and my birthday. The Love bracelet was also a gift from M&S a couple of years ago.

The peacock earrings are not from M&S, they were a gift from a friend in Birmingham. I actually just put them on as I liked the green and pink together – the bird theme was inadvertent!

photo 4

Monsoon jumper- this actually has a detachable feather collar that I removed so as to limit the birdiness!

photo 1 (53)

I love that this top is long enough that the pattern still shows under the jumper. (Although, 2 elderly people in my vicinity commented on the fact that the “youth” never tuck their shirts in!)

photo 5 (1)

photo 1 (57)

Winter decorations in H&M.

photo 2 (52)

You can get away with a boring black outfit with enough bling!

Necklace and big ring: Peacocks

Earrings: Mikey

Small wedding-y type ring and bracelets: gifts from various shops in Athens, I think.

photo 3 (52)

I have made the executive decision that I am not, as yet, too old for pig tails!

(This may be misguided but I don’t care. :-p)

photo 3 (50)

This made me chuckle, I don’t really know why, I just liked it! (Probably the same reason I like the current trend for those really rude and sweary cross-stich embroideries – I like the contrast of something cute, i.e. a teacup with something offensive!) From Sublime.

photo 4 (38)

I love chandeliers, and this one in One Moorgate Place was a nice one.

photo 5 (2)

photo 1 (59)

I’ve been experiencing non-buyer’s remorse ever since seeing this M&S cushion and deciding against it a couple of months ago. I finally bought it! It just makes me smile 🙂

(I swear I’m not a sheep fetishist! :-/ I don’t think…)

Happy Friday everyone, and have a great weekend!


The Styletterie

photo (14)

I went to a charity ball just before Christmas and, while I would usually wear something long, decided that the festive season called for something with a bit of spangle. Cue the gold sequinned minidress. I last wore this Oasis dress with denim and boots when I went to see Dolly Parton at the 02, so I was looking forward to going all out with the glitz this time!


They had these pretty, colour-changing lights instead of flowers as the table centrepieces…

photo 1 (44)

I cut two hairties and used them to alter the neckline of my dress, added a thick Next belt, black tights and my stripperific shoes from Office that I can’t walk in (last worn when dressed as Rihanna for Hallowe’en). My feathered clutch is from Asos and the pearl bracelets are cheapie ones from all over (the one with the four leaved clover was from a tourist shop in Dublin). I wore my Chanel-wannabe pearl necklace from Zara and then spent ages choosing earrings as all my earrings looked weirdly over-symmetrical with the necklace! (Most necklaces taper I guess, and it just didn’t look right to me! And yes, I realise that earrings are, almost by their very definition, symmetrical. On account of most people having 2 ears. Myself included.) Anyhow, I eventually settled on my sister’s Swarovski hearts, which can be moved to be slightly asymmetrical. (It’s really not noticeable but it made me feel better!)

photo 5 (36)

photo 2 (49)

Gold dress ball

 When sequins meet lights 🙂

Luminous shots

Glow in the dark shot glasses = cool

Actually drinking mastiha = ewsies

Gold: Part II

For New Year’s Eve, a friend and I went and stayed at an old country inn…

NYE avenue

I wore the same dress… this time with its original neckline and a more smart-casual vibe.

NYE dress, chair2

Something about sitting on this furry chair with my sequins on made me feel very regal…

NYE chair me

I wore it with a skinny M&S belt, slightly more sensible M&S heels, and an old Asda black cardi. I also wore my 2015 bracelet in honour of the occasion.

photo 1 (37)

NYE dress

I added a thick Dorothy Perkins cardi for the short walk to the restaurant. I really enjoyed the contrast between the sequins and all the warm, soft materials of casual winter wear.

NYE champagne

We decided that rather than forcing fun and partying, we should just sneak some champagne back to the room and watch the (now expensive!) fireworks on TV.

So we did 🙂

NYE Oakroom

I don’t know what an Oakroom actually is (maybe just a room with a lot of oak in it?) but I am definitely having one when I grow up!

NYE cute hedgehogs

There is a serious lack of decorative hedgehogs in my life, that I had never even realised until that exact moment… :-p

NYE slippers

Sequins, champagne and fluffy Accessorize slippers = Best night out (in) ever! 

Hope everyone’s having a good week! 😀


The Styletterie

2015 charms

Every year, my parents bring my sisters and I good luck charms for the new year. This year we all got the above bracelets and the little gold pendants with the tassel, both of which I love! In Greece, the New Year’s Day tradition is that each family buys a cake (a Vassilopitta), in which there is hidden a coin or a charm (or sometimes both!) and whoever gets the charm in their slice will have good luck all year. This year my eldest sister won (she always wins…) the pendant on the right.

In other news…..

It’s my birthday today! 😀

I’m at work so am wearing a black top and black treggings (my base for about 90% of my outfits), with my M&S leopard print soft jacket with power shoulders.

Birthday leopard(Ok, they’re not mega power shoulders but it’s my only item of clothing with shoulderpads so I feel very 80s in it!)


I was wearing emerald green earrings when I left the house this morning…

photo 1 earrings

…but then I met one of my best friends for lunch and now I’m wearing these gorgeous earrings (that happened to match all the other jewellery I’m wearing today perfectly!) instead….

photo 2 (41)

(Both pairs of earrings are from Sublime.)

photo 2 (40)

I have a really good feeling about this year actually (ok, I say that most years but I really mean it this time!), I think 2015 is going to be a good one! 😀

Happy New Year everyone!

photo 3 (37)


The Styletterie