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Hallowe'en nails 3

I have no original thought when it comes to manicures so I copied this idea from t’internet. I’m not into anything super-scary so I thought this was Hallowe’en appropriate, but also cute.

(And easy!)

Hallowe'en nails

I used Revlon No. 999 in Blackest Black, and Barry M nail art pens in black and white. I roped my boyfriend in to do the eyes. We were going to do a pair of eyes on each hand but the pressure was too much for him so we stopped after one…! :-p

Hallowe'en nails 2

Happy Hallowe’en and have a great weekend!


The Styletterie

Summer 2014 459

Some pictures from my August trip to visit my parents in Athens…


The obligatory packing crisis…

Summer 2014 143

My nephew’s cool new hat! (That his mother hates, which of course only makes him love it more… It’s funny how a word means such different things to different generations. To my parents, in their 60s and 70s, a dope is someone a bit stupid. To my brother and sister-in-law, in their 40s, it means drugs. To my 10 year old nephew it just means cool.)

Summer 2014 328

Just chilling with my nephews on the beach…

Summer 2014 394

Wear sunscreen!!

(I actually did wear sunscreen, so this should read “wear sunscreen and re-apply every hour, and try and get even coverage! Gah!”)




Left: Dress: Marks & Spencer, Flip Flops: Accessorize; Right: Dress: Asos, Shoes: Primark, Turquoise jewellery: Suite Blanco in Lisbon

OOTD and peach

Dress scored from a clothes swap with friends. And giganto-peach!

Summer 2014 2703

Summer 2014 758

Trying stuff on in BSB. I quite liked this jumpsuit but my mother was very unimpressed! Plus, I couldn’t bend my legs, so it stayed behind 😦 Also, loads of the changing rooms in Athens don’t have mirrors in them which drove me crazy! I do not enjoy having to do all my embarrassing what-does-it-look-like-from-different-angles? posing (squatting to see what I’d look like sitting down etc.) in a room full of shoppers!

And the shop assistants hover. Which I hate.


Swimsuit: River Island. I love this swimsuit, it’s a great colour and the ruching makes it uber-flattering but it had no support at all (why do shops do that?!) so I bought a cheap strapless bikini top bra from Asos and sewed it in. Not ideal but better than nothing! Shorts: Dorothy Perkins.

Summer 2014 832

Summer 2014 2226

Summer 2014 2374

Necklace: Bought from a stall in Monastiraki

Summer 2014 826

The Runner, my all-time favourite statue. Isn’t it cool?!

Thanks for reading, more pictures to come (I take too many photos!).


The Styletterie

Happy Blogiversary

It has been one whole year since my first Styletterie blog post! 🙂 This is definitely the longest I have ever stuck to something that I didn’t legally have to do! And it’s probably because I….

photo 1 (4)

photo 3 (1)

photo 2 (6)

…writing this blog, and I absolutely and completely…

photo 1 (5)

…all the great people with their amazing blogs who have taken the time out of their lives to read, like, comment, follow or even just glance-briefly-whilst-on-the-loo at this blog! Thanks guys, you’re the best! 😀

photo 2 (7),

The Styletterie


Blogiversary letters: From my BCBGeneration Make Your Own bracelet

1st Love necklace: River Island

Love bangle: Marks & Spencer

2nd love necklace: Peacocks

Adore necklace: Anthropologie

Love pants 😉 : Accessorize

Travel OOTDs

I hate travelling so, for me, comfort is key when figuring out what to wear. Especially if there’s a plane involved.

Top right: I tend to wear trousers (stretchy, of course), as I like to be able to get myself into whatever position is comfy (not easy on a plane), which often seems to involve having my legs akimbo… (Leggings are always good too, I often wear them under short dresses and even maxi-dresses to ensure that all angles are covered!)

Loose black top: Urban Outfitters, who I have to say, I am seriously considering boycotting, considering how much dumb, offensive stuff they peddle. Which is a shame, as they often have really cool stuff too; Treggings: M&S; Hot pink jumper: Peacocks. I love this jumper as it’s super cosy and fun enough to make my outfit look like style went into the thought process as well as comfort. (Also, it makes me look tanned. I usually wear it on my way back from somewhere hot!); Plimsolls: Next.

Top left: Treggings: M&S again; Plain black top: H&M; Angel wing earrings: H&M; Floaty tie-up top: Primark. This is probably my all-time favourite travel outfit. It’s light and comfy, but also forgiving and a bit glamourous. I’ll never be one of those women who can wear heels and a tight little number to travel, but I do believe that it’s possible to look vaguely stylish and be comfortable at the same time. There’s no reason to raid the Cotton Traders catalogue every time you leave town!


L: Me in Cannes a couple of years ago, having just arrived, wearing the same top with a black stretchy jumpsuit. R: Me looking vaguely Biblical whilst punting (Ok fine, attempting to punt. It’s way harder than it looks!) in Oxford. I really do over-use this top, it’s a work staple too!

Crete 14 Tomatoes Noooo 010pp

WTF tee: Express, in NY.

Crete 14 Tomatoes Noooo 1338pp

White tee: (Another attempt at looking tanned.) Forever 21; Necklace: Anthropologie.


Treggings: You guessed it, M&S; Sequin sleeve tee: Next; Plimsolls: Office; Necklace: Primark. I’m a big believer that you can get away with wearing almost anything as long as your accessories are good enough. It’s all in the details. (NB. the only downside to this is that you will have to spend a long time de-jewel-ing at Security but it’s a small price to pay!) Gold angel wing earrings: Rachel Roy for Macy’s. Easy-to-spot-at-Baggage-Reclaim suitcase: Maisie Moo at Debenhams.


Long sleeved white tee: Peacocks; 90s-esque dress: New Look; Gold angel wing earings: Rachel Roy again; Heart necklace: Accessorize; Gold ring with fly on it: vintage. I’m normally opposed to bug jewellery (except butterflies), but have made an exception for this ring as it’s kind of cute and also used to belong to my Grandmother. Plus, it fits in with my rule of wearing flying themed jewellery when getting on a plane, for luck.


Another example of flying jewellery! Butterfly earrings: Mikey.

– I also always take socks in my bag in case a.) it’s cold on the plane or b.) they make you take your shoes off to go through Security… :-/

– I always have a scarf, which can double up as a pillow or blanket, as needed.

– A lot of people suggest wearing red lipstick to help look more glamourous when travelling, which is an idea that I love. Unfortunately I tend to eat a lot when I travel (for some reason I can’t fly without at least 2 bags of crisps and a tube of Fruit Pastilles) so I’m not sure it would really work for me! You can’t go wrong with big celeb sunnies though…

Thanks for reading! Have a good week!


The Styletterie

photo 1

Hearty shirt: Marks & Spencer

Love necklace: Peacocks

There’s something about the cartoonish-ness of these hearts that just puts me in a good mood! 🙂 It may have been overkill with the love necklace but hey, you can never have too much love in your life!

Or in your wardrobe. 😉

Happy Friday!


The Styletterie


Following on from my previous Monastiraki post, here are some more pictures of my day at the Athenian flea market…

photo 1 (9)

photo 4 (37)

photo 3 (42)

USA, UK, France…Where were the Greek flag phone cases?! 

photo 3 (43)

There are some “real shops” too, although I mostly stuck to the stalls.

photo 3 (47)

photo 2 (39)

Note to self: Do not carry a black plastic bag whilst walking around in 35 degree weather!

photo 4 (2)


photo 5 (1)

This was in a really cool, enormous bead shop. Not quite sure why the dinosaur and British phone box were relevant…

photo 5 (43)

photo 1 (8)

photo 2 (7)

photo 2 (8)

Love these weird jellyfish things!

photo 1 (39)


photo 4 (3)

photo 3 (8)

National motto…

photo (24)

My new rings. Everyone agrees that the temple one is super tacky but also strangely nice. I love it and have worn it loads!

photo 2 (43)

photo 3 (44)

Haul 😀

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!



The Styletterie


…I saw a girl (with a cool 90s bob and all black outfit) carrying this one last night and had to ask where she got it from. (Don’t worry – backpack rehab starts on Monday).

It’s from Topshop and I love it – but it’s £100 which, try as I might, I just can’t justify spending on a hairy, tasselly backpack that I don’t *technically* need!


When are the sales again?


The Styletterie

photo (27)

Backpack: Primark

I went out last week looking for work tops and somehow came back with this bag instead. It’s jangly as hell, clashes with everything I own, and my boyfriend said I looked like a mad fortune teller but whevs -I love it! 🙂

Happy Hump Day everybody!


The Styletterie