Pug dress: Therapy

Boots: Marks & Spencer

ImageCat ears ring: This was a birthday present, I think it was from Louche at Joy. They do lots of cute cat ear stuff on ASOS too.

Love bracelet: Marks & Spencer

Heart earrings: Everyone always compliments me on these which makes me laugh because not only are they super simple but I got them in a Christmas cracker!

Necklace: Pianegonda. I wore this today as a.) it was a birthday present from my boyfriend a few years ago and b.) it is a heart but not obviously so (my Dad is convinced it’s a dagger) so it helps me avoid total hearty overkill. (The nails and the earrings are probably enough… And the nails clash so badly with this dress! ;-0)

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Lots of Love,

The Styletterie xox