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Summer 2014 2719


Dress: Joy; Sandals: Accessorize


I decided to try this evil eye mani after seeing it in a Maison Bentley Style post. I loved it but it took about 2 and a half hours. The white varnish alone required about 4 coats. Also, my niece thought the eyes were snails! Stayed pretty well though.

Summer 2014 2033

Taking pictures out of a moving vehicle = abstract art.

Summer 2014 2072

This dress is about 20 years old I think, I stole it off my sister in law. The label says it’s lingerie though, so maybe I wasn’t supposed to wear it out! This dress is also my main excuse for never throwing anything away, as I kept it in my cupboard for years, trying it on occasionally, and it never suited me. One day I put it on, and loved it. I now wear it all the time in summer, or in winter with leggings and boots. Hoarding for President!

Summer 2014 2251

The Athinaion cinema, the last remaining cinema in Athens to display hand painted movie posters, still painted by the same man who has done them for over 60 years. He’s in his eighties now and this prompted a really fascinating conversation with the taxi driver, who was driving us when I took this photo, about dying arts. The driver had trained as a goldsmith, an art that had been passed down to him through several generations. He told us how sad it made him that he had no one to pass it on to, and that while everything can be done with computers and machines now, it didn’t change the fact that a craft had died. Would a machine know the exact length an earring stem needs to be to hold a specific weight earring whilst not hurting the woman, he asked? It was a really interesting conversation, and reminded me that people are never just what they seem.

Swimsuit: Marks & Spencer. I looove this swimsuit, I love the pattern, plus it has a built-in underwire- score!; Shorts: Warehouse; Bag: Accessorize;

Summer 2014 2432

My sister in her gorgeous Monsoon dress, on her way to a wedding.


Summer 2014 2820

Summer 2014 2716

I don’t know what this weird octopus plant is called but it made me smile.


The Styletterie


It’s Friday! And not a moment too soon.


I wear this when I’m feeling like I want a bit of edge but I still have to be appropriate for work. This outfit always prompts my bf to rage about how unfair it is that women can basically wear anything to work while men have to be boring. I’ve just realised that this makes it sound like he wants to wear tassels to work. I really hope this is not the case…



-Tassel shirt: Warehouse. I love this shirt but I don’t recommend wearing it if you have a busy day ahead of you, as you will spend at least half the day detaching yourself from items that the tassels have tangled themselves up in. Phones, doors, bracelets, your pants, other people, other people’s pants… Seriously, this shirt has boundary issues.

-Treggings: M&S -I know, I basically wear these every day (except for when I wash them. Which does happen, I promise!)

-Studded mary-janes: Office

-Pearl and safety pin necklace: originally just a plain pearl necklace that my mother didn’t wear anymore. I stole the safety pin idea from here.

-Pink lips: Wet ‘n’ Wild, I am obsessed with this brand, when I was in NY  I bought so many of these lipsticks because they have better staying power than any other brand I’ve found and they are 99cents each!!!



-TGIF bracelet: BCBGeneration

-Asymmetric bow earrings that cause everyone to exclaim “oh no, your earrings have broken!” or make girl with a pearl earring references when they see me: vintage. I think they might actually have been 2 pairs of earrings at one point, but I think they go together quite nicely.

-Fake (I assume, think it was a gift) Chanel bracelet

-Star and horseshoe bracelet: Nomination

-Spiky bracelet: Forever 21

ImageFriday feeling: model’s own

Have a great weekend!


The Styletterie


When I first read about Charlotte Olympia’s new collection inspired by Archie comics on Talk To My Shoes I actually squealed out loud at work and had to feign a sprained foot. My excitement is out of all proportion seeing as I won’t be able to afford any of it but the marriage of two of my all-time favourite things was just too exciting for me! Archie comics are a glorious, wholesome, cool, joyous reminder of my youth (an American friend of a friend of my Nannie used to import them for me, and I used to get them as treats when I was good. Ok, “good” may be an overstatement. When I wasn’t that bad.) And Charlotte Olympia, well, has she ever done anything that didn’t make me feel at least four of the seven deadly sins? (The fun ones, obvs ;-p). Seriously, I want ALL THE THINGS! So, I spent quite some time looking through the pictures of the collection and sighing wistfully until I realised that I could totally DIY something similar, with ease. Ok, not exactly the same, but I could definitely channel the same vibe and get my happy Archie fashion fix!


So, inspired by these shoes, I set about creating little hearty brooches that I could put on all my shoes. I was going to do it all ruched and pretty, but lost patience as I wanted to wear them NOW. (I miiight be more Veronica than Betty.)

First, I cut up some old Archie comics and also printed out various pictures I liked. Then I laminated them at work. (Naughty Styletterie). Then I simply used various bits of old fabric, some brooch backs, some pearls  and some plain multi-purpose glue and fashioned the above hearty shoe brooches. Then I decided it would be really fun to make some Betty and Veronica cameos, so I went online and found them some frames (pink and vintage-y for Betty and diamonds for Veronica, naturally). I loved those so decided that Jughead definitely needed to get involved since as far as I am concerned his laid back attitude, never-ending appetite for junk food and penchant for crowns make him the coolest member of the gang. (Ok fine, I fancy Jughead, so sue me! Juggie, if you’re reading this- call me.) Poor lovelorn Ethel was his counterpart, and I might make them into earrings.



I then got a little trigger-happy and started attaching them to everything I could find. I might try and papier mache a bangle at some point too. Basically, if you see a lunatic dressed head to toe in little pictures of comic strip characters skipping through the streets of London, saying “Omigod!” and “Sheesh kebob!” every 2 minutes, don’t be alarmed….

Thank you!


The Styletterie