…but I’m feeling twenty twooo-oooooo!


On Sunday night, I went to see Taylor Swift at the O2 arena with one of my best friends. I kind of had an inkling that I wasn’t the target demographic (I’m 27) on account of a.) it’s Taylor Swift and 90% of her songs contain the word “cheerleader” and b.) the O2 had sent me an email a couple of days before informing me that while flags with flagpoles are not permitted, banners with fairy lights are.

*Styletterie falls to knees in relief*

After we finished laughing over the ridiculous notion that anyone, let alone a bunch of 13 year olds, would put enough effort into a banner as to actually festoon it with lights, my friend and I decided to go all out and reclaim our youth by dressing up as everyone’s favourite country cutie and singing our hearts out without shame. Alcopops may also have been invloved.

This is what I wore:


-Frilly floral dress, Monsoon

-Floral denim shirt, Zara

-Cowboy boots, my sister’s from New Mexico, although she reliably informs me that R.Soles is a good (but expensive!) place to buy cowboy boots in London

-Extremely uncomfortable, barely visible gold fishnet tights, Accessorize

-Hearty earrings, one of my favourite pairs, Rachel Roy at Macy’s from when I went to NYC in 2011.

-BCBGeneration bracelet (again!), I can’t tell you how much losery fun I have deciding what to write on it everyday!


I really need a hobby.

I put my hair in rollers which I was very apprehensive about, having only ever done rollers to add bounce to long hair before, but I actually thought it came out quite nicely, and I felt rather Marilyn, though I say so myself! My haircut is definitely growing on me (literally, fnar fnar).

ImageRed lips, obvs, as they are Ms. Swift’s trademark and it is the “Red” Tour.


Anyway, although we did feel ridiculously old, we had a really good time and left the O2 arena with youthful optimism in our hearts, matching T-shirts in our bags, a pitiful attempt at an alcohol buzz, a slightly embarrassing girl crush and a pressing need for red glittery brogues.

Oh, and we were actually the only people there WITHOUT a fairy lights banner.

So uncool 😦

The Styletterie