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Primark Tees2

How adorable is this Friends T-shirt from Primark?! I actually didn’t buy it as I was shopping with a friend and she bought it, and we have a problem whereby 90% of our wardrobes are the same at any given time, and 90% of our socialising is done together, so dressing becomes even more complicated than it already is!

So cute though.

I also loved the below T-shirts, which I very restrainedly (is that a word?) did not get either. I am capable of spending my life savings in Primark, a habit I am trying to break by exercising occasional self control!

Primark Tees3

Primark Tees4

I would totally have got the Beauty and the Beast one if they’d had it in my size though!

Primark Tees5

I did get the ones below:

Primark Tees

Primark Tees7

Primark Tees6

I wore this out to dinner. My sister (who has never been remotely interested in hairstyles before, but now has 2 daughters and strict instructions to learn how to do all sort of braids etc.) did my hair so I could match my niece. I totally loved it! I also really loved how my hair looked when I took the braids out. I may have to start going over to hers every morning…

Primark Tees8

Morning face

Yes, I have filtered the crap out of this picture. Hair = good. Morning face = “Quick Bob, get the children in the minivan”

Hope everyone is having a good week, I am moving house this weekend and am very nervous/excited!


The Styletterie



I love a good theme, and planning my outfit around the day is one of my life’s greatest joys. On Valentine’s Day however, I think I had actually managed to overdose on hearts and red and pink, and so I kept my outfit simple and unthemed… classic, if you will, to match my classic evening itself- dinner and a movie.

(Ok I did wear my hearty sunnies all morning, but we’re talking about the evening here!)

The mullet top is from Primark and is one of my favourite things! It’s loose and comfy and I love the bejewelled pattern and the unexpected back.


Incidentally, my favourite shopping buddy and I both bought this top while we were out together, and her boyfriend hates it. He hates it so much that he actually hid it from her. Hid it from her. Fortunately she finds this amusing but just the thought of it makes me come over all hulksmash. I would go insane if anyone did this to me. (Thankfully, my friends and family know better than to attempt such a thing.) I actually try and wear this top in front of her boyfriend as much as possible just to hurt his eyes. :-p

So maybe this style is more of a girl trend than a boy trend but, as the saying goes “WHO THE HELL CARES?!” (Ok, maybe that’s not an actual saying.) If you like something and feel good in it and it makes you happy, wear it and enjoy it! (With the possible exception of t-shirts with, like, swastikas on them or something… There are exceptions to every rule.) Never mind if your boyfriend hates it or your Mum thinks it’s unflattering, you’re not making them wear it. Fashion is meant to be fun, so ignore anyone who tries to take that from you!

I’m not sure how I went from Valentine’s Day to talking about swastikas.

Moving on… 🙂

The trousers, shoes and Love bracelet are from M&S and the earrings are from Karen Millen.

photo 5

photo 1

The coat is French Connection, and the bag is vintage.

photo 2 (2)

I did paint my nails red too, which is pretty Valentine’s-y, and I thought it really tied the look together and made the colours pop 🙂

photo 3 (1)

photo 4

*sigh* I’m already mourning the loss of my amazing hair day, courtesy of having had my hair cut that morning (at ‘Enry ‘Iggins in Camden, who I really like, because they actually listen to what you want. And then do that, instead of something else entirely. And they play good music.)

Happy Thursday everyone!


The Styletterie

photo 2 (54)

I tried and failed to resist these hearty sunnies from Asos-  I will be wearing them all day regardless of the fact that London (and I) haven’t seen sun in what feels like months!

Hearty glassesGlasses: Asos, Balloons: Tesco, Self-indulgent posing: model’s own.

The only problem is that with these darn reflective lenses, you can see your arm and camera in them, so everyone knows that you had hours of fun taking selfies in your room like a loser! ;-p

In other news, I got my hurr did (I don’t know why I have to say it like that but I can’t seem to stop…).

photo 3 (52)

I got more layers added in which I’m hoping will sort out the triangle hair problem I’ve been having while my bob has been growing out. 🙂

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, whatever you’re doing!


The Styletterie

photo 1 (52)

(and almost as much as Kanye loves Kanye!)


I have been obsessed with the craze for pastel hair for a while now and, having read a couple of how-tos, I decided to buy some Bumble and Bumble Spray Chalk, which seemed to be mentioned a lot in said tutorials. I settled for Blush, with a view to getting the Lavender if I liked it. This is what I thought:

– Holy Overpricing! It cost £15 in Boots for this piddly 40g can.

– It stung my scalp where I got some on accidentally.

– You have to spray tons on to make any impact (this could be because I have dark hair though. Blondes might find it easier).

– It made my hair look and feel brittle and tangly.

– I have to say, this did not seem any different to any other crappy, cheapo colour spray that you might buy for Hallowe’en. Maybe powder chalk is better, but as they had advertised this as being this great new addition to the hair chalk world, I assumed that the spray would be easier to use.

– My boyfriend said “Argh, why is your hair grey??!!” when he saw me.





– It actually came out slightly better in the pictures than it looked in real life! Typical, lol. Either way, I was disappointed and do not recommend. 😦


Next up is this Croc Effect nail varnish that my friend Lucia got me for my birthday. Thoughts:

– Clear instructions on it, thankfully. It tells you to paint your nails whatever colour you fancy (although presumbaly dark colours won’t show very well) and wait a couple of minutes for it to be almost but not fully dry. Then you paint over your nails with this stuff. At first it just comes out black, and completely obscures your original colour but gradually the cracks start to take effect.

-This is the only time my bf has ever taken an interest in me painting my nails. Seriously, he was fascinated. Man Utd were on and he literally watched paint dry instead!!

– I liked it a lot.  It’s not immediately noticeable from a distance, but up close, it’s a cool effect! A couple of people said it looked like veins, which could also work. Next time I might try a different, brighter colour, and I’ll also spread the Barry M a little thinner in case that makes bigger, more noticeable cracks.

– I looked up the price (felt very rude doing that to a present!) and apparently it’s £3.99 and also comes in burgundy (which I may have to get). This seems like a completely reasonable price to me. Our survey says: recommended. 🙂







The Styletterie

…but I’m feeling twenty twooo-oooooo!


On Sunday night, I went to see Taylor Swift at the O2 arena with one of my best friends. I kind of had an inkling that I wasn’t the target demographic (I’m 27) on account of a.) it’s Taylor Swift and 90% of her songs contain the word “cheerleader” and b.) the O2 had sent me an email a couple of days before informing me that while flags with flagpoles are not permitted, banners with fairy lights are.

*Styletterie falls to knees in relief*

After we finished laughing over the ridiculous notion that anyone, let alone a bunch of 13 year olds, would put enough effort into a banner as to actually festoon it with lights, my friend and I decided to go all out and reclaim our youth by dressing up as everyone’s favourite country cutie and singing our hearts out without shame. Alcopops may also have been invloved.

This is what I wore:


-Frilly floral dress, Monsoon

-Floral denim shirt, Zara

-Cowboy boots, my sister’s from New Mexico, although she reliably informs me that R.Soles is a good (but expensive!) place to buy cowboy boots in London

-Extremely uncomfortable, barely visible gold fishnet tights, Accessorize

-Hearty earrings, one of my favourite pairs, Rachel Roy at Macy’s from when I went to NYC in 2011.

-BCBGeneration bracelet (again!), I can’t tell you how much losery fun I have deciding what to write on it everyday!


I really need a hobby.

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So, I cut my hair. And it’s short. Like short short. Like ponytails are a thing of the past short. Like tucking it behind my ears is a distant dream short. Like just when I thought the overzealous hairdresser had finished, I heard a buzzing noise as she started razoring the back of my neck and had a mini nervous breakdown short. So anyway, I am not completely convinced. I fear my face may be just the wrong side of “I really enjoy doughnuts” for hair this short. And I feel my goal to look grungy and badass may have somewhat failed since as soon as I got home my sister (bless her, she was trying to be nice on account of me having texted her a panicked message from the hairdresser’s that may or may not have included the word bald. Not that I am at all melodramatic) exclaimed “Oh my gosh, it’s so cute, you look just like MUM!”

But, on the plus side, I have discovered that I much prefer it wavy and messy to the bouncy, straight ‘do I had upon leaving the salon which is excellent news for my morning lie-in. And I figure that in about 6 weeks, it’ll be just right.

In the meantime I will be busy trying to convince myself that I look like this:


(having a weird belated girl crush on mid-nineties Drew Barrymore atm!)


The Styletterie


I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow. I already kind of have a bob but, while I long to look 90s, messy and grungy, I instead resemble a cross between Jackie O and my mother. Both beautiful women, but not what I’m going for right now. So here is my hair moodboard (and boy do I feel pretentious writing “moodboard”) of some of my favourite bobs. Some that could potentially be achievable with my hair and several that aren’t!

Wish me luck!


The Styletterie