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photo 1 (65)

I like to add a little bling to my Friday work outfit just in case I get invited somewhere fabulous in the evening. (This would be more likely if my friends and I weren’t all in complete agreement that a stuffed crust pizza and a Disney film make up the perfect Friday night! :-D)

photo (15)

Shirt: Marks & Spencer

Necklace: also Marks & Spencer

Ring: vintage (used to be my Grandmother’s)

Earrings: Sublime

Grey coat: French Connection

photo 5 (12)

photo (19)

photo ootd

photo 1 (65)

Something about the fur lapels and the metallic collar made me feel kind of 70s disco-esque. Which can only be a good thing! 🙂

It was around this time that my phone started going crazy and doing this weird thing that it seems to enjoy:

photo 3 (62)

photo 2 (63)

…which usually results in comedy facial expressions…

photo (18)Top half:  Check me out with my insouciant grin, posing all cool.


Bottom half:   Wait, what….?!


Have a great weekend everyone!


The Styletterie



It was my sister’s birthday last weekend and she had 2 parties (because if you can’t channel the Queen on your birthday, when can you?) Her first party was at home and I wore:

– My Dolly Parton slogan tee that I bought when I saw her live last month, tied up at the back with a hairtie to make it the right length.

– My Mum’s cobalt blue skirt from the 70s. (Worn previously in a winter OOTD.)

– Accessorize pink and black mini-wedges

– Chandelier earrings that were a gift several years ago

– Accessorize necklace, I got it last week in the sale 🙂

– My Viva Forever bracelet, bought when I went to see the musical of the same name.


cheap, jewels

On Sunday night we went to a pub quiz, and I wore my new Asos off-the-shoulder dress, which is now my favourite thing. It’s super comfy, airy and perfect for summer. (Argh – when searching for the link to the dress, I came across about 30 other off-the-shoulder numbers that I now want! This is not good…)


I wore it with my white Office plimsolls and white Asos backpack. I also wore my gorgeous new Oliver Bonas amethyst necklace that my sister gave me (on her birthday- I don’t think she understands birthdays very well! Not that I’m complaining….!)


 Isn’t it lovely?!!


 I’m incapable of not twirling when I put on a floaty dress!

(Secretly, I’m 8).


My bf thought it actually looked cooler with the leather straps of my backpack showing.


This is to demonstrate that my tan lines from where I burnt recently are so strong that it actually looks as if I have my backpack on all the time!



Have a great weekend everybody!



The Styletterie


Dress: Asos

Leggings: Asda

Shoes: Primark

I am kind of obsessed with this dress. I have it (with shoulders) in 3 colours already and when I saw this version I had to add it to the collection! It’s super comfy (good for work) and the cut-outs make it just a little bit sexy (good for after work :-p). Plus I’m excited to wear it with a patterned shirt underneath when it gets cold again!

I don’t normally wear leggings with shoes, I prefer them with boots so you can’t tell they’re leggings but it’s too warm for boots and too cold for bare legs so I thought I’d give this a try. I think it looks ok and it’s a lot comfier than tights but I’m still undecided! Any thoughts? Are leggings still an acceptable look?

ImageThe bracelet is vintage and the earrings were a gift!



ImageThe star ring is from Whistles. I think I’ve said this before but I’m always pleasantly surprised by how reasonable Whistles jewellery is compared to its clothes! As you can see, the ring has tarnished a lot (it’s a bit more rose gold than yellow gold now) but I still like it!

Happy Friday everyone and enjoy the long weekend, fellow Englishfolk! Woohooo! 😀


The Styletterie


So, as I mentioned a little while back, a couple of weekends ago I was dragged out of my comfort zone and deposited in the *shock horror* countryside for a friend’s party.

It wasn’t all tassels and tiaras though, we also explored the surrounding towns a bit, namely Painswick and Stroud. My conclusion? Painswick was much prettier but Stroud had better shops…

Examples of said nice shops include Made in Stroud, which sells handmade products by small local businesses. There were lots of things I Iiked, but in the end I managed to restrain myself and come away emptyhanded!





We also popped into a shop called Strangeness & Charm Vintage, where I bought this ring, which I love because it’s a different colour from every angle:

ImageThe proprietress really knew her stuff and was very friendly, I could have spent a lot longer (and a lot more money!) in there!



And here are some pictures I took in Painswick, just ’cause it’s pretty!





ImageWeirdly obsessed with the blue of this door…


Happy sheep!

ImageMe, on some enormous hill overlooking Catbrain (yes really) quarry. Wandering why the hell I’m a.) there and b.) holding a massive stick with my friend’s scarf tied around it. (I have weird friends.) Outfit – Scarf: Zara, Jacket: Primark, Jeans: Monsoon, Booties: Office.

ImageThe Royal Oak, a pub we went to that had the most delicious cheesy chips!

(We were all too chicken to touch Doris!)

So, pretty villages, good shopping and chips? The countryside might not be so bad after all!

And I managed not to offend anyone with my huge overuse of the word “quaint”.



The Styletterie


Sheep escape!


(Don’t worry, my animal-lover friend reunited it with its mum!)


So, as promised, here are some pictures of what I bought at the Brooklyn Flea market! First up, I spent about half an hour trying on every necklace at the first stall I saw, before settling on the 2 (above) I was afraid to put down lest someone else picked them up. I loved them immediately and left feeling very smug when I realised that I had bought 2 gorgeous pieces for less than half what I would have spent on one necklace in J.Crew, current reigning queen of statement necklaces!

I bought these earrings for a friend, who always brings me cool stuff whenever she goes abroad:


I also purchased this ring and this super-cool vintage (late 50s/early 60s) kiddie sewing machine (that still works! Just.) that I regrettably relinquished to a very good friend who I had for Secret Santa. At least I get to visit it… (and the look on her face as she tried to figure out who would get her a big box of old cat food for Christmas was priceless…)


After the flea market, we took the subway to Park Slope, where we (shockingly) did more shopping!

First stop, Guvnor’s:


Guvnor’s is a very cool, big shop with loads of awesome things. I could happily spend the day there frolicking with my girlfriends! I came away empty handed however as it was mostly clothes and I have to be honest- vintage clothes shopping isn’t really my thing. I always see people with amazing clothes scored that way but for me the whole scouring-through-every-item-of-clothing-in-a-shop-on-the-off-chance-that-the-thing-you-like-happens-to-be-in-your-size thing is just too time consuming and depressing!

Then we wandered around, stopping (my boyfriend claims) in every shop. I bought these:


I loved that shop, and could have bought way more stuff but managed to restrain myself. (The fake Burberry giraffe hairclip was possibly unnecessary but hey, it was $6. And adorable.)

I saw lots of floppy brimmed hats and tried on every one but it turns out that Americans have ginormous heads (nothing to do with me being a pinhead, you understand) and so they were all way too big.


I did, however, get this gorgeous purple hat/hairband thing (hatband? I’m going with hatband) from a shop called Teddy which is super-cosy:


Then we headed back to the hotel, changed (into this:)

qualitymeat outfit 2


…and headed to Quality Meats for our token blow-out meal of the holiday. The decor was nice (very “New York”, lots of exposed brick and wires, all very warehouse-esque etc.), the door people were lovely (I got complimented on my new necklace :-D) and the steak was gooood. Our waiter was a bit stern though, and corn creme brulee is exactly as disgusting as it sounds!

And that was Day 2!

Thanks for stopping by!



The Styletterie


Day 2 dawned bright and crisp and off we headed to the Essex Street Market for breakfast at Shopsin’s (I managed about half of my mac ‘n’cheese panko chicken scrambled eggs Cap’n J before admitting defeat)


Then, when we were nice and unable to walk, off we rolled to the Brooklyn Flea Market, at its indoor location in Williamsburg. Cue several hours of me stroking furry coats and trying on every item of jewellery in the WORLD.  😀


This is what I wore (complete with hidden thermal vest under the strap top and hidden cardi under the denim shirt!) 

Shirt – Gap (my sister’s from about 10 years ago)

Floral strap top – M&S

Patterned jeans – Monsoon

Earrings – Karen Millen

Fake Chanel bracelet – I have no idea, I found it in my jewellery box one day! Maybe a gift?


I also wore my grey French Connection coat which actually has a grey fur lapel but I added this detachable pink ASOS collar. (Winter holidays annoy me because you take all your nice clothes and then wear the same coat in every photo! I figured that with this at least I could change up the look a bit from time to time…)

Anyway, back to the market which was massive and fortunately indoors. There were loads of stalls, mostly clothes and jewellery, but lots of great homeware and antiques too. (And food :-D) Here are some pictures:




Me, outside the inconspicuous door that we walked past 3 times before finding some young folk wearing distressed coats, oversized beanies and excessive facial hair (just the guys) and following them straight there.


Not that it was hipster or anything…

NYC 2013 0812

I wanted these glasses so much! Wasn’t convinced about my ability to transport them safely back to London though….


I also wanted this gold necklace. And the blue sequined top. Ok, I basically wanted everything.



Buuut, to avoid mahoosive picture overload, I’ll post what I actually bought next time…

Thank you!


The Styletterie


Today I’m wearing:

Purple and lace top – Warehouse

Blue skirt – Vintage (my Mum’s from the 70s)

Leopard print jacket – M&S

Boots – River Island

I always find it harder to wear colour in winter, all my bright clothes seem really summery so this is an attempt to look professional (I am wearing it to work), colourful (to combat my misery as the weather turns from autumn to winter), warm (see previous point), fun (I am going out later with a friend) and comfy (we are going to eat lots of pizza).


 D Nameday 2013, B2 201

D Nameday 2013, B2 212

Silver and gold heart earrings- my sister’s from the 80s (I hesitate to say “vintage” lest she reads this and kills me)

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