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I have been desperate for some patterned trousers for ages now (we’re talking several years), but alas, while I love my big hips, patterns don’t really tend to! I found these in Primark last week and decided to give them a go since they were cheap. I love the pattern, but I see-sawed all day on whether or not I liked them. I’m a big believer that a huge part of having good style is knowing when a particular trend just doesn’t suit you, and I’m worried that these may have fallen into that category for me.

It didn’t help that as the day progressed, they got looser and looser in weird places (like the thighs and knees). I guess that’s what you get for buying cheapie trousers!:


Start of day…reasonably flattering…


End of day….not ideal.


Perhaps a costume change mid-way through work is the answer?

It seems to work for Beyoncé….


Happy Hump Day everyone!


The Styletterie



-Cate Blanchett in Armani. This was a beautiful dress, and I appreciate that a nude dress and pale skin can look gorgeous and ethereal (and no one does ethereal quite like Cate) but this really needed some colour! Red lips or even just some brighter earrings would have made this amazing. As it is, she just looked washed out.

– Julia Roberts in Givenchy. This was ok, but nothing to write home about. However she gets a free pass as she’s just had a traumatic family event and so she was probably looking understated on purpose.

– Angelina Jolie in Elie Saab. Angelina’s not one for big sartorial statements. She looked good obviously (she is Angelina) but, you know, yawn. At least it wasn’t black.



-Penelope Cruz in Giambattista Valli. Again, whevs.

– Jennifer Lawrence in, you guessed it, Dior. Now I realise this a controversial choice for the meh column, because she looks stunning. And looking at the pictures, you can’t find fault with it. Her hair was fabulous and I love that she revived her backwards necklace trend from last year. My issue with the dress is simply that it isn’t really anything new from her. The shape suits her beautifully but we knew that. As for colour, when watching the show on TV it came across as red. Jennifer Lawrence has already done red at the Oscars, and better. However, on closer inspection of the photos, it does appear to be a more unusual orange colour so I will simply say that while it wasn’t thrilling, it was beautiful. And just to jump on the J.Law (I always think that should be Jude Law!) is awesome bandwagon, everytime that woman falls over or scoffs pizza or throws herself into selfies, I just love her more. (And she was fantastic in American Hustle!)

-Camila Alves in Gabriela Cadena. I was really on the fence with this dress. It’s pretty and regal but it just falls a bit flat. I think I would love it on someone a bit older. Jane Fonda could rock this dress.

Anne Hathaway looked non-nominee appropriate in Gucci. Not heart stopping, but nice all the same. Although something about the transformation of last year’s pretty in pink number to this edgier black dress just made me think of this:

ImageIf Penelope and Camila wear black next year, we’ll have a fully fledged trend!


The Styletterie