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I could not resist posting this!

I actually squealed when I saw this week’s Grazia (and sent these pictures to everyone I know). Yes, I realise that a facial feature can’t really be a “trend”, and that my self worth in no way relies upon Grazia telling me that my face is acceptable (or even fashionable). I also realise that most of the women pictured have what I consider to be reasonably dainty noses, and I take issue with the final paragraph that states that not everyone will fancy you if you have a big nose (WHY NOT?? I’M ADORABLE!) but still! Vindication at last! My time has come! All those years of wondering why no one famous (ie. “attractive” to my teenaged mind) ever has a big nose erased in one fell swoop!


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Whevs, I’m excited!

:—–)    < an artist’s impression of me

Happy Friday and have a great weekend everybody!


The Styletterie

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Felt pretty smug reading this week’s Grazia and seeing this feature on hearty sunglasses, including the Asos pair I bought 4 months ago.

So ahead of the game… :-p

I’ve been wanting a pair ever since seeing Samantha in this awesome outfit in SATC:


Sausage optional

Hope everyone’s having a great day and enjoying the sunshine!


The Styletterie


I’m really feeling this season’s trend for ice-blue pastels at the moment, so I thought I’d dip my toes (or rather, fingers, fnar fnar) in the water with the cheap option- baby blue nail varnish that I got for £2 in Peacocks. I liked it a lot actually, it hit the right balance between being spring-y but still giving a nod to winter (especially with the bling) which feels appropriate for the (confused and confusing!) weather!

Advice to anyone coming to London anytime soon – it’s all about layers!

And sunnies 😀


The Styletterie