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Thanksgiving OOTD

Despite being English and not really knowing what Thanksgiving is about, I have definitely noticed it becoming more of a thing here in the UK over the last few years (especially the whole “Black Friday” thing, which is suddenly a BFD apparently). Anyway, last year my friends decided to have a big Thanksgiving dinner (which, being only a couple of weeks before our annual ‘friends’ Christmas dinner, meant that nobody wanted turkey again so soon – what do Americans do? Do you have the huge meal with all the trimmings both times?). Being the Queen of Procrastination that I am (no need to use the full title, Your Most Serene Highness will suffice), I never got around to sharing what I wore to it last year and so here it is! (Better late than never, right?)

I obviously decided to go for an American theme (again)

I had originally wanted to wear my Primark dungarees:


But then decided that a.) I looked stupid, b.) I’d be cold and c.) I really did look stupid, so instead I went for:


Denim shirt: Primark

Jeans: Asos

Backpack: Asos

Plaid shirt: River Island

Shoes: New Look (with my Charlotte Olympia inspired Archie DIY brooches)

Baseball cap: merchandise from an Eminem gig

Phone case: Skinnydip London

Earrings: Lazy Oaf




My rings and bracelets are mostly cheap and old, from various markets etc. (except for the hearty one, which is Tiffany’s) and I just combined everything I had that was red, white, blue or starry/stripey. Never let it be said that I didn’t commit to a theme!


IMG_7714 (1)

I appreciate that sandals look better without socks but hey, it’s November! 



Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone’s having a good week!


The Styletterie



ImageYes, I am the most embarrassing tourist ever…..

Happy Thanksgiving one and all! Not being American, I don’t actually celebrate Thanksgiving (and truth be told, am pretty sketchy on the historical details surrounding it) but I do love the idea of a holiday that’s a.) a day off, b.) a time to see your family, c.) not religious therefore all inclusive, d.) not about presents and e.) a time to remember and celebrate all the things we’re thankful for. (Because we all know how easy it is to focus mainly on the things that suck!) So in honour of this holiday (and given that I do love a theme!) here are 2 very American outfits that I wore when I was in the USA in the summer of 2011.

The red, white and blue outfit (dress from Zara, bag from Oasis) was worn at a Yankees game in New York (complete with pink Yankee hat that I bought about 12 years ago because, ahem, Victoria Beckham had one.) and yes, I posed like that A LOT.

The American flag tee (Miss Selfridge) was worn in LA that same summer. (My belt, which you can’t really see, has a Harley Davidson American Eagle buckle as well. Sometimes I think I take themes too literally…)


And I did the American flag inspired nails for a birthday party I had at a bowling alley one year, figuring that bowling and Americana go hand in hand!

Also, speaking of posing like a nerd, over-theming my clothes and being inspired by American activities, SPOILER ALERT, I am going to New York on Saturday for a few days!!! I am insanely excited and am going to take pictures of everything with a view to blogging about it.

Let the packing crisis begin!

Happy Thanksgiving (and Happy Hannukah, if you’re celebrating)!


The Styletterie