WEDDINGS!!! Who doesn’t love weddings?! (Ok, I know a lot of people don’t but still…) Food, love, cheesy music, flowers, embarrassing speeches, dancing, cake, the opportunity to dress up… Weddings are my favourite thing ever! (Next to Made in Chelsea, obvs.) A very good friend of mine got married a couple of weeks ago 😀 and this is what I wore:


Floral dress: Asos (as seen in my wishlist post a while back).

Leopard print shoes: New Look

Hearty necklace and earrings: Swarovski

Tennis bracelet: Swarovski (I love this but I find that Swarovski bracelet clasps are useless! This is a replacement as my previous one just fell off my wrist and this one does the same quite often. Same goes for a different Swarovski bracelet I have. Grr)

Diamanté bracelet: cheap, old, maybe H&M?

Love bracelet: Marks & Spencer

Teardrop ring: Mikey

“Ruby” ring: random cheap shop in Bath, I bought this at least 10 years ago and the “silver” is totally discoloured but I love it! I always think it looks like a wine gum 🙂


I love the look of off the shoulder dresses and had always wanted to wear one. They aren’t the most practical style in the world (I couldn’t raise my arms, and leaning down to strap up my shoes etc. really hurt) but it’s a nice way to show some shoulder without having to hoik it up all the time, like you do with a strapless dress. Although it did occasionally look as though it was falling down, it never did!




Oh and just in case anyone else is on the lookout for a good strapless bra, the best one I’ve found is Wonderbra’s Ultimate Strapless Bra! (You can buy it in Debenhams.)



I was worried that my Motel leopard coat might be overkill with the shoes but I think it was ok. And anyway, I changed into my glittery Office flats before leaving so simultaneous coat and shoe time was minimal. (Also, don’t worry, I took some of these pics while I was just trying out my outfit, I didn’t actually go to a wedding with such messy hair!)


ImageI also removed one layer of netting from the petticoat of the skirt because, while I love the slimming effects of pouffy skirts on one’s legs, I always feel a bit like an overgrown baby in them!




My bag used to belong to my Godmother so I love carrying it, even though it fits hardly anything and is falling apart a bit!



Happy wedding season!


The Styletterie