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So I ordered Kim Kardashian’s selfie book…

photo 1 (55)

Thank you Amazon 🙂

As soon as I heard of this book’s existence, I knew I wanted it. The first (of many, probably) actual selfie book.

While I wouldn’t describe myself as the world’s biggest Kim K-W fan, I do like her (sue me) and I find her kind of fascinating. (Much like Paris Hilton before her, who I was really into when I was a teenager.) There’s just something about the ability to make so much out of essentially a pretty face, a great body and a willingness to share that’s interesting, and admirable. After all, plenty of people have all those things and other gifts besides. But the rise of the Kardashians tells us so much about society and celebrity and social media and media in general, that it’s hard to not be intrigued by them. Especially because Kim herself is not actually that interesting. She’s not a wild-child. On the show, her dramas are pretty pedestrian, just better dressed versions of what we all go through (with the notable exception of her infamous 2nd marriage.) Even her relationship and marriage to Kanye West is only interesting through the pretty pictures and the fact that he, for all his faults, is an undeniably original and unusual bloke (to put it mildly).There was no drama to it at all, and all we ever hear are soundbites of their wedded bliss. By all accounts, she’s unfailingly polite, and hardly ever shares any opinions that could even come close to controversy. So, what’s the fascination?

For me, I think it stems from the sheer shamelessness of her vanity. (And I don’t mean that as a criticism.) Even the name of the book is unabashedly, unashamedly, gloriously vain.

Maybe it’s to do with having been brought up in Britain (and by old fashioned parents too),but the idea of declaring myself to be good at something, or attractive, or sexy is impossible to understand. Not that I lack self-worth or confidence, just that fishing for compliments, or ‘boasting’, is just Not Done.

Selfies and social media didn’t exist when I was a teenager (thank goodness!) but I certainly take lots now. We all want to chronicle our looks and feel attractive.  And I’ve always been concerned with my appearance, and wanted to look as nice as I could. But even now, any pictures of me on Facebook have to look attractive of course (I’m a champion de-tagger), but not like I think I’m attractive. Does that make sense? I seldom put up selfies as I (a clearly very old person! :-p) would be mortified if anyone I knew thought (ok, knew) that I had spent time taking photos of myself, with the intention of looking hot. (Also, selfies aren’t really my best angle… my face benefits from a bit more distance than my arms can manage!)The idea that I was taught was that you had to be unconsciously attractive/clever/kind etc. If you knew you were any of the good things you wanted to be, it detracted from them. Modesty was key. And so, the more modern/American view of not feeling the need for false humility and not being ashamed to be openly proud of yourself and your appearance is something I am completely mesmerised by (and a little bit jealous of)!

I really didn’t know I had this much to say on the subject…

(This is certainly more writing than can be found in the book!)


The book itself is as you’d expect. It does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a hefty tome, stuffed with pictures of Kim pouting, Kim looking serene, Kim with other people and Kim looking sexy. There is actually a “sexy” bit in the middle, where the pages are black instead of white and she is either naked or underwear-clad.



A lot of the photographs are ones we’ve already seen, but some are new. There are a few captions here and there, but nothing beyond the usual Instagram captions that accompany her pictures. It’s not trying to be Alexa’s “It”- it’s simply an anthology of her face and body.



photo (18)


– This book is not going to change your life.

– It’s attractively packaged, and will look nice on a coffee table. (Although it’s smaller and thicker than most coffee table books)

– Is it vacuous? Yes, of course it is. We all knew it would be.

But so did Kim, and that’s the point…


And then, because it just seemed rude not to, I put on a tiara and took selfies:



Have a great weekend!


The Styletterie

Ps. Read this for a much more detailed and entertaining review of the book!



I have been obsessed with the craze for pastel hair for a while now and, having read a couple of how-tos, I decided to buy some Bumble and Bumble Spray Chalk, which seemed to be mentioned a lot in said tutorials. I settled for Blush, with a view to getting the Lavender if I liked it. This is what I thought:

– Holy Overpricing! It cost ÂŁ15 in Boots for this piddly 40g can.

– It stung my scalp where I got some on accidentally.

– You have to spray tons on to make any impact (this could be because I have dark hair though. Blondes might find it easier).

– It made my hair look and feel brittle and tangly.

– I have to say, this did not seem any different to any other crappy, cheapo colour spray that you might buy for Hallowe’en. Maybe powder chalk is better, but as they had advertised this as being this great new addition to the hair chalk world, I assumed that the spray would be easier to use.

– My boyfriend said “Argh, why is your hair grey??!!” when he saw me.





– It actually came out slightly better in the pictures than it looked in real life! Typical, lol. Either way, I was disappointed and do not recommend. 😦


Next up is this Croc Effect nail varnish that my friend Lucia got me for my birthday. Thoughts:

– Clear instructions on it, thankfully. It tells you to paint your nails whatever colour you fancy (although presumbaly dark colours won’t show very well) and wait a couple of minutes for it to be almost but not fully dry. Then you paint over your nails with this stuff. At first it just comes out black, and completely obscures your original colour but gradually the cracks start to take effect.

-This is the only time my bf has ever taken an interest in me painting my nails. Seriously, he was fascinated. Man Utd were on and he literally watched paint dry instead!!

– I liked it a lot.  It’s not immediately noticeable from a distance, but up close, it’s a cool effect! A couple of people said it looked like veins, which could also work. Next time I might try a different, brighter colour, and I’ll also spread the Barry M a little thinner in case that makes bigger, more noticeable cracks.

– I looked up the price (felt very rude doing that to a present!) and apparently it’s ÂŁ3.99 and also comes in burgundy (which I may have to get). This seems like a completely reasonable price to me. Our survey says: recommended. 🙂







The Styletterie


-Emma Watson in Vera Wang. What is this? After her incredible game-changing outfit at the Globes, I expected so much more. A lot of people seemed to like this look but I was distinctly underwhelmed by the whole sporty neckline/messy ponytail effect. (I also felt that Anna Kendrick’s J.Mendel dress was let down by the casual neckline.) Sports luxe may be a trend but the Oscars transcend trends and certainly such casualising (totes a word) ones. Love her nails and rings though.

ImageAnna Kendrick


-Julie Delpy in Jenny Packham. This isn’t a bad dress. It’s actually rather lovely and she is French enough to pull it off. But what is with that posture? She is standing like that in every picture! Someone’s been watching too much America’s Next Top Model. Stand up straight woman!

ImageOlivia Wilde in Valentino. I hate to bash on a pregnant lady and I loved this from the back but the front was badly fitted around her bust. Not only were the seams Anne Hathawaying in a major way, but the dress pushed her chest down, creating an unflattering boob effect. Other than that though, she looked exquisite.


Ok so Whoopi Goldberg has never held herself up as a fashion icon (she doesn’t need to, she’s way too cool as it is) and I love her tribute-to-The-Wizard-of-Oz shoes, but why on earth did she leave her pyjama top on underneath her Oscar’s dress? (And that pearl necklace is a death trap. Keep it away from J.Law!)

And finally:


Helen Lasichanh looks nice (albeit a little cazh for the Oscars) but Pharrell…

Oh Pharrell…

There is no excuse for this. You are wearing shorts with a tuxedo. Shorts. With a tuxedo. At the Oscars. You are a grown man. Wearing shorts with a tuxedo at the Oscars. I bet this is why you didn’t win.


Also, lose the hat.

And that rounds us off for another year! Oscars, you are the best Sunday night ever and you never fail to entertain – I salute you!

Thank you!


The Styletterie


Last Sunday, I spent the day at Bicester, a designer outlet village just over an hour’s drive from London. My friends and I try and go once a year to get some Christmas shopping done. Having learned our lesson from going the first weekend of December last year, this year we got in there early. We also went on Sunday figuring it would be less busy than Saturday and woke up at the crack of dawn to get there for opening time. (Trust me, it is not worth getting there any later, you’ll spend more time queuing in the cold than shopping.)

Anyway, it’s a very pretty little place, all quaint sloping roofs and random statues of bears (never having lived in a village, I cannot confirm whether giant stone bears are a fixture of all villages or just this one). It is uncovered so dress warmly. There are a few restaurants but mostly just lots and lots of shops- Prada, Ralph Lauren, Temperley, DVF, Gucci, Burberry, Mulberry, Matthew Williamson, Agent Provocateur, Bose, Kate Spade, Juicy Couture etc. etc. There are also a few slightly more affordable options, such as Cath Kidston, Jack Wills, Hobbs, Coast, Reiss and Ted Baker. There are a couple of kids’ clothes shops and a handful of kitchenware shops (Wedgwood, Le Creuset etc.). The discounts range from pretty good to very good. (And if you are lucky enough to have a friend who is a non UK resident with you, they can go to the Visitor Centre and get a 10% off card. Yay for foreign friends!)


Unfortunately, there used to be several more high street-y shops, including Monsoon (great for pretty dresses), Bodum (super-useful for Christmas presents) and French Connection (which in truth was the main reason I went to Bicester) which have been axed, presumably in a bid to make it more high-end and exclusive. However, I have to confess that for all my love of gorgeous clothes and fashion, I am not a huge designer lover. (Translation: I can’t afford it, and I’m also equally happy with a similar but cheaper version of designer styles.) So, if you are someone who does like to invest in designer pieces, then Bicester is the place for you. However if, like me, you take the view that £1,035 or £695, makes no difference- it’s still totally unattainable, then prepare not to come home laden with bags.


It is still, however, a good day out. Their Christmas decorations are pretty, the atmosphere is good (although closer to Christmas it can get a little manic), they had a 2 minute silence at 11am which I thought was a nice touch, the restaurants are good (Villandry –which I always expect to be a preppy swimming trunks shop but is actually a restaurant-  does a whole roasted Camembert :-D) and the discounts make shopping even more fun than it usually is! Alas, however, I didn’t get manage to get any Christmas shopping done this time.

 Which isn’t to say that I didn’t buy anything……



The Styletterie