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I wore this top to go to the park with my boyfriend last Saturday. It never hurts to remind him that I have options… 😉

Have a great weekend everyone!


The Styletterie

(T-shirt and necklace both from Primark.)


photo 2 (42)

The best thing about Primark is that it’s so cheap you can always justify a wild card (or two :-p)…

Hence this look.

I thought this was a dress at first, but was really pleased when I discovered that it was actually a weird apron top thing, with slits up the side. It actually makes it much easier to wear!

I was concerned that it might be a bit too young for me, but decided that life’s too short to worry about this crap…. and anyway, I could always blame it on the hip hop.

photo 1 (38)

I wore it with M&S treggings, M&S shoes, old hoop earrings that I used to wear every day as a teenager, and a necklace that my Dad gave me. I also carried my new H&M fringed backpack (that’s pretty similar to the Topshop one I was lusting over a while back!) that one of my sisters bought me. (Yes, I have awesome family members) 🙂

photo 5 (28)

My old-enough-to-vote black leather Warehouse jacket made its first appearance of the year, and I was ready for a wild, crazy night out, as befitting a hip-hop fuelled yoof! (AKA I went for fondue with some friends and was in bed by 11.) 😀

photo 4 (31)

Have a great weekend!


The Styletterie


I love a good theme, and planning my outfit around the day is one of my life’s greatest joys. On Valentine’s Day however, I think I had actually managed to overdose on hearts and red and pink, and so I kept my outfit simple and unthemed… classic, if you will, to match my classic evening itself- dinner and a movie.

(Ok I did wear my hearty sunnies all morning, but we’re talking about the evening here!)

The mullet top is from Primark and is one of my favourite things! It’s loose and comfy and I love the bejewelled pattern and the unexpected back.


Incidentally, my favourite shopping buddy and I both bought this top while we were out together, and her boyfriend hates it. He hates it so much that he actually hid it from her. Hid it from her. Fortunately she finds this amusing but just the thought of it makes me come over all hulksmash. I would go insane if anyone did this to me. (Thankfully, my friends and family know better than to attempt such a thing.) I actually try and wear this top in front of her boyfriend as much as possible just to hurt his eyes. :-p

So maybe this style is more of a girl trend than a boy trend but, as the saying goes “WHO THE HELL CARES?!” (Ok, maybe that’s not an actual saying.) If you like something and feel good in it and it makes you happy, wear it and enjoy it! (With the possible exception of t-shirts with, like, swastikas on them or something… There are exceptions to every rule.) Never mind if your boyfriend hates it or your Mum thinks it’s unflattering, you’re not making them wear it. Fashion is meant to be fun, so ignore anyone who tries to take that from you!

I’m not sure how I went from Valentine’s Day to talking about swastikas.

Moving on… 🙂

The trousers, shoes and Love bracelet are from M&S and the earrings are from Karen Millen.

photo 5

photo 1

The coat is French Connection, and the bag is vintage.

photo 2 (2)

I did paint my nails red too, which is pretty Valentine’s-y, and I thought it really tied the look together and made the colours pop 🙂

photo 3 (1)

photo 4

*sigh* I’m already mourning the loss of my amazing hair day, courtesy of having had my hair cut that morning (at ‘Enry ‘Iggins in Camden, who I really like, because they actually listen to what you want. And then do that, instead of something else entirely. And they play good music.)

Happy Thursday everyone!


The Styletterie

Travel OOTDs

I hate travelling so, for me, comfort is key when figuring out what to wear. Especially if there’s a plane involved.

Top right: I tend to wear trousers (stretchy, of course), as I like to be able to get myself into whatever position is comfy (not easy on a plane), which often seems to involve having my legs akimbo… (Leggings are always good too, I often wear them under short dresses and even maxi-dresses to ensure that all angles are covered!)

Loose black top: Urban Outfitters, who I have to say, I am seriously considering boycotting, considering how much dumb, offensive stuff they peddle. Which is a shame, as they often have really cool stuff too; Treggings: M&S; Hot pink jumper: Peacocks. I love this jumper as it’s super cosy and fun enough to make my outfit look like style went into the thought process as well as comfort. (Also, it makes me look tanned. I usually wear it on my way back from somewhere hot!); Plimsolls: Next.

Top left: Treggings: M&S again; Plain black top: H&M; Angel wing earrings: H&M; Floaty tie-up top: Primark. This is probably my all-time favourite travel outfit. It’s light and comfy, but also forgiving and a bit glamourous. I’ll never be one of those women who can wear heels and a tight little number to travel, but I do believe that it’s possible to look vaguely stylish and be comfortable at the same time. There’s no reason to raid the Cotton Traders catalogue every time you leave town!


L: Me in Cannes a couple of years ago, having just arrived, wearing the same top with a black stretchy jumpsuit. R: Me looking vaguely Biblical whilst punting (Ok fine, attempting to punt. It’s way harder than it looks!) in Oxford. I really do over-use this top, it’s a work staple too!

Crete 14 Tomatoes Noooo 010pp

WTF tee: Express, in NY.

Crete 14 Tomatoes Noooo 1338pp

White tee: (Another attempt at looking tanned.) Forever 21; Necklace: Anthropologie.


Treggings: You guessed it, M&S; Sequin sleeve tee: Next; Plimsolls: Office; Necklace: Primark. I’m a big believer that you can get away with wearing almost anything as long as your accessories are good enough. It’s all in the details. (NB. the only downside to this is that you will have to spend a long time de-jewel-ing at Security but it’s a small price to pay!) Gold angel wing earrings: Rachel Roy for Macy’s. Easy-to-spot-at-Baggage-Reclaim suitcase: Maisie Moo at Debenhams.


Long sleeved white tee: Peacocks; 90s-esque dress: New Look; Gold angel wing earings: Rachel Roy again; Heart necklace: Accessorize; Gold ring with fly on it: vintage. I’m normally opposed to bug jewellery (except butterflies), but have made an exception for this ring as it’s kind of cute and also used to belong to my Grandmother. Plus, it fits in with my rule of wearing flying themed jewellery when getting on a plane, for luck.


Another example of flying jewellery! Butterfly earrings: Mikey.

– I also always take socks in my bag in case a.) it’s cold on the plane or b.) they make you take your shoes off to go through Security… :-/

– I always have a scarf, which can double up as a pillow or blanket, as needed.

– A lot of people suggest wearing red lipstick to help look more glamourous when travelling, which is an idea that I love. Unfortunately I tend to eat a lot when I travel (for some reason I can’t fly without at least 2 bags of crisps and a tube of Fruit Pastilles) so I’m not sure it would really work for me! You can’t go wrong with big celeb sunnies though…

Thanks for reading! Have a good week!


The Styletterie

photo (27)

Backpack: Primark

I went out last week looking for work tops and somehow came back with this bag instead. It’s jangly as hell, clashes with everything I own, and my boyfriend said I looked like a mad fortune teller but whevs -I love it! 🙂

Happy Hump Day everybody!


The Styletterie


I have been desperate for some patterned trousers for ages now (we’re talking several years), but alas, while I love my big hips, patterns don’t really tend to! I found these in Primark last week and decided to give them a go since they were cheap. I love the pattern, but I see-sawed all day on whether or not I liked them. I’m a big believer that a huge part of having good style is knowing when a particular trend just doesn’t suit you, and I’m worried that these may have fallen into that category for me.

It didn’t help that as the day progressed, they got looser and looser in weird places (like the thighs and knees). I guess that’s what you get for buying cheapie trousers!:


Start of day…reasonably flattering…


End of day….not ideal.


Perhaps a costume change mid-way through work is the answer?

It seems to work for Beyoncé….


Happy Hump Day everyone!


The Styletterie

Peplum B2

Top: Marks & Spencer

Necklace: Primark

Shoes: Office

I wore this peplum top to work last week, and then out for drinks after. I always pair it with a biggish necklace, as it’s very high-necked for me and the necklace helps break it up.

(Please excuse me with the black and white photos etc, I have only just got a new phone with these functions and I am still in the “ooh everything looks so pretty in black and white or with one of those filters that makes everything a cool colour” phase!)

(Also, yes, I took a torso selfie whilst on the phone at work. I am that person.)

peplum jacket

This was another way I wore the top a while ago, with my Peacocks pink sparkly necklace, my Warehouse leather jacket and detachable Asos fur collar. Bit more girly/flashy.

Have a great week! 🙂


The Styletterie


Dress: Asos

Leggings: Asda

Shoes: Primark

I am kind of obsessed with this dress. I have it (with shoulders) in 3 colours already and when I saw this version I had to add it to the collection! It’s super comfy (good for work) and the cut-outs make it just a little bit sexy (good for after work :-p). Plus I’m excited to wear it with a patterned shirt underneath when it gets cold again!

I don’t normally wear leggings with shoes, I prefer them with boots so you can’t tell they’re leggings but it’s too warm for boots and too cold for bare legs so I thought I’d give this a try. I think it looks ok and it’s a lot comfier than tights but I’m still undecided! Any thoughts? Are leggings still an acceptable look?

ImageThe bracelet is vintage and the earrings were a gift!



ImageThe star ring is from Whistles. I think I’ve said this before but I’m always pleasantly surprised by how reasonable Whistles jewellery is compared to its clothes! As you can see, the ring has tarnished a lot (it’s a bit more rose gold than yellow gold now) but I still like it!

Happy Friday everyone and enjoy the long weekend, fellow Englishfolk! Woohooo! 😀


The Styletterie