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The downside of having a large family…


Happy Monday everyone! (If ever such a thing was possible, it would be the Monday before Christmas! Or, if Christmas isn’t your bag, then the Monday that precedes a 4 day weekend!)


The Styletterie

Update: WordPress just informed me that this is my 100th post! (Yay me!) And how fitting that it should be an ode to joy and rampant consumerism… :-p




IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!! And to stave off the horror of turning the ripe old age of 27 I am wearing:

-A tiara. Obvs. (Although technically I am not wearing it today as I am at work and, allegedly, a grown-up. I did wear it all weekend though :-D)

-My BCBGeneration bracelet (previously seen here)

-A very bright pink shirt (no one’s ignoring me today) from Express in New York, which was an amazing shop with H&M-esque prices (and everything was 40% off the day I went so I bought a million things!)

-My trusty M&S treggings

-My short-sleeved Monsoon jumper which I like to think adds a dash of Clueless to all my shirts

-A gold leafy hairband that I got for my birthday (which arrived with a big sign on top telling me that I’m going to see Beyonce in March! Woo, thanks guys! It later transpired that my genius friend had accidently cut said sign out of what she thought was a scrap envelope but turned out to contain her brother’s university degree! Oops.)

-My new glittery shoes from Office that I bought in the boxing day sales

-Mid-life crisis: model’s own


Hope you all have as great a day as I intend to!



The (Ageing) Styletterie