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Grown up 1

(…and new shoes!)

Something about this outfit is making me feel really grown up. I feel like it’s the sort of thing I’d wear to go to my kids’ Parents’ Evening after work or something. If I had kids. Which I don’t. So, I’m just wearing it to work and trying to use longer words than usual instead.

After all, I am indubitably a big fan of circumlocution.

Top: Oasis

Dark navy treggings: Marks & Spencer

New booties: Zara (Today is their first outing, they are surprisingly comfy thus far!)


photo 3

The pattern is making me feel really spring-y! (Even though I only just noticed the bugs right this moment, looking at this photo. I thought it only had flowers on it until now!)

I actually just looked on the Oasis website and they have loads of really pretty tops that would be useful for work/post-work drinking in the sun (please let this happen soon! I am so ready!)


In keeping with my grown up vibe, I kept my jewellery simple (and matching! This never happens, I’ll try not to break my arm patting myself on the back) and wore this necklace and earring set that my Mum gave me. I think they were a freebie in a supermarket in Athens (a “spend this much on feta and pick a gift” sort of jobbie) and she gave them to me because she’s the best 🙂 (and also only really wears gold and doesn’t have pierced ears!).

photo 2

photo 6

In other news, I am getting up at the crack o’ dawn tomorrow for a 5 day holiday in Istanbul! I am super excited and already looking forward to blogging about it when I get back! 😀

Have a great week!


The Styletterie


photo (14)

I went to a charity ball just before Christmas and, while I would usually wear something long, decided that the festive season called for something with a bit of spangle. Cue the gold sequinned minidress. I last wore this Oasis dress with denim and boots when I went to see Dolly Parton at the 02, so I was looking forward to going all out with the glitz this time!


They had these pretty, colour-changing lights instead of flowers as the table centrepieces…

photo 1 (44)

I cut two hairties and used them to alter the neckline of my dress, added a thick Next belt, black tights and my stripperific shoes from Office that I can’t walk in (last worn when dressed as Rihanna for Hallowe’en). My feathered clutch is from Asos and the pearl bracelets are cheapie ones from all over (the one with the four leaved clover was from a tourist shop in Dublin). I wore my Chanel-wannabe pearl necklace from Zara and then spent ages choosing earrings as all my earrings looked weirdly over-symmetrical with the necklace! (Most necklaces taper I guess, and it just didn’t look right to me! And yes, I realise that earrings are, almost by their very definition, symmetrical. On account of most people having 2 ears. Myself included.) Anyhow, I eventually settled on my sister’s Swarovski hearts, which can be moved to be slightly asymmetrical. (It’s really not noticeable but it made me feel better!)

photo 5 (36)

photo 2 (49)

Gold dress ball

 When sequins meet lights 🙂

Luminous shots

Glow in the dark shot glasses = cool

Actually drinking mastiha = ewsies

Gold: Part II

For New Year’s Eve, a friend and I went and stayed at an old country inn…

NYE avenue

I wore the same dress… this time with its original neckline and a more smart-casual vibe.

NYE dress, chair2

Something about sitting on this furry chair with my sequins on made me feel very regal…

NYE chair me

I wore it with a skinny M&S belt, slightly more sensible M&S heels, and an old Asda black cardi. I also wore my 2015 bracelet in honour of the occasion.

photo 1 (37)

NYE dress

I added a thick Dorothy Perkins cardi for the short walk to the restaurant. I really enjoyed the contrast between the sequins and all the warm, soft materials of casual winter wear.

NYE champagne

We decided that rather than forcing fun and partying, we should just sneak some champagne back to the room and watch the (now expensive!) fireworks on TV.

So we did 🙂

NYE Oakroom

I don’t know what an Oakroom actually is (maybe just a room with a lot of oak in it?) but I am definitely having one when I grow up!

NYE cute hedgehogs

There is a serious lack of decorative hedgehogs in my life, that I had never even realised until that exact moment… :-p

NYE slippers

Sequins, champagne and fluffy Accessorize slippers = Best night out (in) ever! 

Hope everyone’s having a good week! 😀


The Styletterie