On Saturday, I went to a bbq in Brighton. Naturally, having been beautifully hot all week, it was cold and rainy all weekend. I wore:

Floral jacket: Bershka

WTF tee: Express, in NY

Treggings: M&S

Plimsolls that need a wash: Next


 Earrings: Topshop

Greek name necklace: gift from my parents in Athens

Mermaid tears necklace: Tally Weijl in Lisbon

Tennis bracelets: Swarovski

Rings: assorted, mostly vintage

Of course, I had my coat and scarf on all day, so the effect was somewhat ruined.

Oh well, at least there were burgers.

On Sunday, I was back in London for my friend’s British/tennis themed party to celebrate both her recent citizenship and the Wimbledon men’s final. She forced us to play tennis (something I haven’t done since I was at school. You’ll be pleased to know that my fear of flying balls and anything involving hand to eye coordination remains intact).



I wore:

Black and white dress: H&M

Trainers: Nike

Wristband: bought at Wimbledon when I went last week

Clutch: Amazon, stolen from my sister-in-law for the occasion

Unrealistic tennis posing: model’s own



Oh well, at least there was Pimms!



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