I have been obsessed with the craze for pastel hair for a while now and, having read a couple of how-tos, I decided to buy some Bumble and Bumble Spray Chalk, which seemed to be mentioned a lot in said tutorials. I settled for Blush, with a view to getting the Lavender if I liked it. This is what I thought:

– Holy Overpricing! It cost £15 in Boots for this piddly 40g can.

– It stung my scalp where I got some on accidentally.

– You have to spray tons on to make any impact (this could be because I have dark hair though. Blondes might find it easier).

– It made my hair look and feel brittle and tangly.

– I have to say, this did not seem any different to any other crappy, cheapo colour spray that you might buy for Hallowe’en. Maybe powder chalk is better, but as they had advertised this as being this great new addition to the hair chalk world, I assumed that the spray would be easier to use.

– My boyfriend said “Argh, why is your hair grey??!!” when he saw me.





– It actually came out slightly better in the pictures than it looked in real life! Typical, lol. Either way, I was disappointed and do not recommend. 😦


Next up is this Croc Effect nail varnish that my friend Lucia got me for my birthday. Thoughts:

– Clear instructions on it, thankfully. It tells you to paint your nails whatever colour you fancy (although presumbaly dark colours won’t show very well) and wait a couple of minutes for it to be almost but not fully dry. Then you paint over your nails with this stuff. At first it just comes out black, and completely obscures your original colour but gradually the cracks start to take effect.

-This is the only time my bf has ever taken an interest in me painting my nails. Seriously, he was fascinated. Man Utd were on and he literally watched paint dry instead!!

– I liked it a lot.  It’s not immediately noticeable from a distance, but up close, it’s a cool effect! A couple of people said it looked like veins, which could also work. Next time I might try a different, brighter colour, and I’ll also spread the Barry M a little thinner in case that makes bigger, more noticeable cracks.

– I looked up the price (felt very rude doing that to a present!) and apparently it’s £3.99 and also comes in burgundy (which I may have to get). This seems like a completely reasonable price to me. Our survey says: recommended. 🙂







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