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I could not resist posting this!

I actually squealed when I saw this week’s Grazia (and sent these pictures to everyone I know). Yes, I realise that a facial feature can’t really be a “trend”, and that my self worth in no way relies upon Grazia telling me that my face is acceptable (or even fashionable). I also realise that most of the women pictured have what I consider to be reasonably dainty noses, and I take issue with the final paragraph that states that not everyone will fancy you if you have a big nose (WHY NOT?? I’M ADORABLE!) but still! Vindication at last! My time has come! All those years of wondering why no one famous (ie. “attractive” to my teenaged mind) ever has a big nose erased in one fell swoop!


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Whevs, I’m excited!

:—–)    < an artist’s impression of me

Happy Friday and have a great weekend everybody!


The Styletterie



Really? Really? REALLY?? What is this? I was flicking through Glamour the other night when I came across this and just had to share.

How stupid do they think we actually are? Ignoring the look on the left, which is actually ok, they want me to spend £810 so I can look like a homeless extra in a zombie movie? Or £709 so I can channel an Amish grandmother from the 70s? Are they serious?

Quite apart from the hilarious notion that anyone would spend £43 on decaying-flesh coloured socks, does anyone know anyone who would leave the house looking like this? Specifically the middle look. My parents often bemoan the whole “distressed” trend – for them the idea that someone would shell out for jeans that are already ruined is ridiculous – and for once I see their point. This is just a frumpy jumper (a frumper?) that has been dragged through the proverbial hedge backwards, teamed with old trackie bottoms and physics teacher shoes.* And it’s also apparently the “perfect weekend look”.

For £810.

I despair.


The Styletterie

*Don’t even get me started on the whole “ugly shoe” trend thing – Sometimes I feel like the fashion industry is just testing out how dumb we really are, for a laugh. (And a profit, obviously.)

(Ps. I’m sure Natalie Hartley is a nice lady, who usually looks better than this!)