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ASCOT main 4

So, this year, rather than buy tickets with the plebs ( :-p ) for Ascot (as I did last year) I was invited by a friend’s family to go to the Royal Enclosure with them. Obviously I enjoyed the opportunity to posh it up but the thing I didn’t realise is that the Royal Enclosure dress code and hat rules are different from the standard rules. So, I needed to find a dress than covered my shoulders and knees and a hat that covered at least 4 inches of my head…..

Clearly last year’s butterfly veil wasn’t going to cut it.

photo (1)

I did some research, and found this hat designer called Bundle MacLaren, and promptly fell in love with every single hat on her website:

Bundle MacLaren2

Bundle Mclaren

Bundle MacLaren 3

Unfortunately I could not justify spending close to £200 on a hat I’d wear once, although I shall dream of all those hats forevermore.

I then tried on this hat/hairband thing from Topshop, with a view to adding some material somehow to make it hattier, but I looked like a cross between a horse and an ugly stepsister.



I also saw this hat, by Awon Golding Millinery, and thought it was adorable (also too expensive, considering that I wear hats precisely never.)


So, inspired by this hat, I decided to see if I could DIY something similar, without breaking the bank. (Spoiler: did not break bank. Did break 5 nails and my spirit.) I didn’t want to just copy it and write Bonjour so I figured I’d theme it to the event and quote Eliza Doolittle’s famous Ascot faux pas in My Fair Lady.

I bought this fascinator from Accessorize:

Accessorize hat

This was my amazing sketch of what I planned to do with it:

photo (28)

An artistic career beckons, clearly.

Now, fascinators are looked down upon in the Royal Encloshaaah but are permitted (for the first time this year), provided that the base is more than 10cm in diameter. (These rules are so ridiculous.) I was pretty confident that the hat complied with the rules but just to be on the safe side, I started by covering the headband bit with black ribbon to make it less obvious that it was in fact a *shock horror* fascinator.

This also had the added bonus of making it a bit less bridal.


It was easier than I expected actually, I just wound some ribbon round and then haphazardly sewed through it, attaching it to the material of the hairband as much as I could. I also added some leather scraps at the bottom to make it comfier. It was pretty messy but didn’t show, so who cares?!

Next up came the writing. This stressed me out big time. I spent ages trying to figure out how to do it, trying to write on the hat in pencil first (invisible), dithering about stencils and whether I should pin it all down before sewing etc. Eventually I lost patience and just started freehanding it, sewing in my John Lewis ribbon as if I was writing. Which worked fine. It was insanely slow going though!

Not to mention the fact that I am rubbish at thinking ahead and have huge handwriting so ran out of space halfway through! I also realised that in my original “drawing” (if you can call it that) I hadn’t taken the headband into account and so I had to re-figure where I’d put the writing. I also decided to eschew the pearl idea, partly because I liked the simplicity of it as it was but mostly because I ran out of time. I also gave up on my brilliant idea of sticking a toy horse (spray painted gold or black) on the hat, after my family told me I looked like a Lloyd’s TSB advert.

Not before I bought a 10 pack of plastic horses though.

Any-tangent, the writing-

Hat Progress

I picked and unpicked various bits, redoing the D to make it curlier etc. and my thread broke all the time but finally, after several days in which my hat was all I could think or talk about, I was finished!!

photo 5 (17)



I also bought this little hair comb from Asos, primarily because it reminded me of an old hat of my grandmother’s that I love but that is too big for my small head and un-bouffant hair…

photo (27)

My grandmother’s hat:

Yiayia hat

I attached the comb (again very messily) to the band so that even more of my head was covered, and to make it a more exciting look.

(N.B. All the bees at Ascot agreed that this made the look more exciting. :-/ )

Despite all the effort, I was glad to have a hat that I knew no one else would have. Still though, if I ever get invited back, I might just buy a hat and stick an extra flower on it!


The dress I decided on (purely because it was the only dress I had that covered all the necessary areas), was this Asos mullet hem neon yellow number (seen here):

photo 2 (37)

I added an old stretchy belt, to give it more shape, and wore it with old wedge heels from Athens (with removable daisies), my daisy necklace that I bought at the Brooklyn Flea market a while back, and my new Skinny Dip London ice cream bag. (I am seriously obsessed with Skinny Dip at the moment!)


photo (26)

Blurry pictures are my favourite… 🙂

Ah, the picture of elegance. Trying to showcase the hat-

photo 3 (29)

The day itself was a lot of fun! The weather was pretty miserable, which was a shame, not least because it ruined my hair, but I still enjoyed watching the horses, admiring the hats and quaffing champagne. (And not necessarily in that order.)

We picnicked by the car which made me laugh. Only in England could you have this hugely fancy event, (the Queen attends every day, membership is invitation only etc.), and have to bring your own food and eat it in a field behind your car in the rain.

It was fun though!

The Queen arriving:


The Queen- a tangerine dream ❤




I actually won some money too, which was very exciting! 🙂 And I learned a valuable lesson, because I would have won a lot more if I had listened to my first instinct instead of changing my mind!


photo 4 (25)

I kept my Zara scarf on most of the day, as it was quite nippy at times.



All in all a fabulous, super-British, super-pretentious, super-fun day!


Have a great weekend all!


The Styletterie


shoes and fascinators

Having made the executive decision to wear flats to Ascot tomorrow (and having been assured that I will be literally the only one!), I decided to spring for some new ones to make me feel a bit better about it. The idea was to take one pair back once I’d picked a colour (I’m leaning towards the blush), but that might not happen… 😉

How adorable are these colours?!


(The green is much mintier in the flesh.)

Shoes: Office

Veils/fascinators: Asos

I’ve never been to Ascot before so I’m excited! I’ll try and take lots of pictures (curse my current phonelessness!!)


I’ve also never worn a veil-fascinator-headpiece-thing before either. Slightly concerned that:

a.) My make-up will rub off on the veil and smudge all over my face.

b.) I’ll need to wear loads of make-up so my features aren’t completely washed out by the veil and then it will rub off on the veil and smudge all over my face.

c.) How do I wear sunglasses (squinting doesn’t become me)?

d.) What if it’s super sunny and I tan through the veil and end up looking like a maths book?

e.) How do I eat or drink? Do I just lift the veil and leave it sticking out visor-stylee?

f.) What if I forget and smoosh a burger against the veil and then look really weird and dirty all day?

g.) What if it really annoys me??!!


Gah, the tribulations of poncey pretentious horse events! Any advice would be welcome!


Have a great weekend! 😀


The Styletterie


-Emma Watson in Vera Wang. What is this? After her incredible game-changing outfit at the Globes, I expected so much more. A lot of people seemed to like this look but I was distinctly underwhelmed by the whole sporty neckline/messy ponytail effect. (I also felt that Anna Kendrick’s J.Mendel dress was let down by the casual neckline.) Sports luxe may be a trend but the Oscars transcend trends and certainly such casualising (totes a word) ones. Love her nails and rings though.

ImageAnna Kendrick


-Julie Delpy in Jenny Packham. This isn’t a bad dress. It’s actually rather lovely and she is French enough to pull it off. But what is with that posture? She is standing like that in every picture! Someone’s been watching too much America’s Next Top Model. Stand up straight woman!

ImageOlivia Wilde in Valentino. I hate to bash on a pregnant lady and I loved this from the back but the front was badly fitted around her bust. Not only were the seams Anne Hathawaying in a major way, but the dress pushed her chest down, creating an unflattering boob effect. Other than that though, she looked exquisite.


Ok so Whoopi Goldberg has never held herself up as a fashion icon (she doesn’t need to, she’s way too cool as it is) and I love her tribute-to-The-Wizard-of-Oz shoes, but why on earth did she leave her pyjama top on underneath her Oscar’s dress? (And that pearl necklace is a death trap. Keep it away from J.Law!)

And finally:


Helen Lasichanh looks nice (albeit a little cazh for the Oscars) but Pharrell…

Oh Pharrell…

There is no excuse for this. You are wearing shorts with a tuxedo. Shorts. With a tuxedo. At the Oscars. You are a grown man. Wearing shorts with a tuxedo at the Oscars. I bet this is why you didn’t win.


Also, lose the hat.

And that rounds us off for another year! Oscars, you are the best Sunday night ever and you never fail to entertain – I salute you!

Thank you!


The Styletterie


So, as promised, here are some pictures of what I bought at the Brooklyn Flea market! First up, I spent about half an hour trying on every necklace at the first stall I saw, before settling on the 2 (above) I was afraid to put down lest someone else picked them up. I loved them immediately and left feeling very smug when I realised that I had bought 2 gorgeous pieces for less than half what I would have spent on one necklace in J.Crew, current reigning queen of statement necklaces!

I bought these earrings for a friend, who always brings me cool stuff whenever she goes abroad:


I also purchased this ring and this super-cool vintage (late 50s/early 60s) kiddie sewing machine (that still works! Just.) that I regrettably relinquished to a very good friend who I had for Secret Santa. At least I get to visit it… (and the look on her face as she tried to figure out who would get her a big box of old cat food for Christmas was priceless…)


After the flea market, we took the subway to Park Slope, where we (shockingly) did more shopping!

First stop, Guvnor’s:


Guvnor’s is a very cool, big shop with loads of awesome things. I could happily spend the day there frolicking with my girlfriends! I came away empty handed however as it was mostly clothes and I have to be honest- vintage clothes shopping isn’t really my thing. I always see people with amazing clothes scored that way but for me the whole scouring-through-every-item-of-clothing-in-a-shop-on-the-off-chance-that-the-thing-you-like-happens-to-be-in-your-size thing is just too time consuming and depressing!

Then we wandered around, stopping (my boyfriend claims) in every shop. I bought these:


I loved that shop, and could have bought way more stuff but managed to restrain myself. (The fake Burberry giraffe hairclip was possibly unnecessary but hey, it was $6. And adorable.)

I saw lots of floppy brimmed hats and tried on every one but it turns out that Americans have ginormous heads (nothing to do with me being a pinhead, you understand) and so they were all way too big.


I did, however, get this gorgeous purple hat/hairband thing (hatband? I’m going with hatband) from a shop called Teddy which is super-cosy:


Then we headed back to the hotel, changed (into this:)

qualitymeat outfit 2


…and headed to Quality Meats for our token blow-out meal of the holiday. The decor was nice (very “New York”, lots of exposed brick and wires, all very warehouse-esque etc.), the door people were lovely (I got complimented on my new necklace :-D) and the steak was gooood. Our waiter was a bit stern though, and corn creme brulee is exactly as disgusting as it sounds!

And that was Day 2!

Thanks for stopping by!



The Styletterie