Happy Blogiversary

It has been one whole year since my first Styletterie blog post! 🙂 This is definitely the longest I have ever stuck to something that I didn’t legally have to do! And it’s probably because I….

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…writing this blog, and I absolutely and completely…

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…all the great people with their amazing blogs who have taken the time out of their lives to read, like, comment, follow or even just glance-briefly-whilst-on-the-loo at this blog! Thanks guys, you’re the best! 😀

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The Styletterie


Blogiversary letters: From my BCBGeneration Make Your Own bracelet

1st Love necklace: River Island

Love bangle: Marks & Spencer

2nd love necklace: Peacocks

Adore necklace: Anthropologie

Love pants 😉 : Accessorize