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Back to my December trip to NYC. (I took so many photos that I can’t not blog about it, even if it is a tad on the late side. And let’s face it, I live my whole life a tad on the late side so what the hey.) My 3rd evening there, I put on my new black lace top from Express (again! Yes, I bought out the whole shop, what do you want from me, it was 40% off everything!) and we walked (past the Chrysler building -so stunning) to Grand Central Station. I had been to New York before but never seen Grand Central. It is so gorgeous! You would never guess it was a train station.

 ImageTop- Express, Hatband – Teddy. I paired this with tight black trousers and wedge booties (and then a million cardis and coats obviously! Well, it was December.)

ImageThe Chrysler Building

ImageApproaching Grand Central





We went in and made a beeline for (the main reason we went to New York, they have one in London now that’s amazing but not quite the same…) Shake Shack! It was, as ever, delicious!

 ImageKind of wishing I’d bought this tee, actually…

 After dinner, we headed down Vanderbilt Avenue to The Campbell Apartment. I’m going to reveal myself as spectacularly uncool right now (ok, it was hardly a secret) and admit that I really wanted to go because it had been featured in Gossip Girl. It is where we see the flashback of Nate and Serena’s steamy/traitorous/watched-by-Chuck one night stand in Season 1 and where Dan and Serena have a steamy/traitorous/filmed-by-Serena one night stand in Season 6.




I leaned there!!! (I probably shouldn’t be so excited about this…)


The bag is vintage, I think it used to belong to my Grandmother (who incidentally lived in New York for many years)

The bar itself is really cool, actually. It very much lives up to its tagline of “Cocktails from another era”, although I had a glass of champagne instead of a cocktail as it just seemed appropriate, dahhling. It’s very “old New York”, the décor is that of a swanky 1920s living room, all warm colours and comfy armchairs, whilst remaining completely upmarket. They don’t accept underdressed people but I have a feeling that being overdressed would be worse. The hostesses all wear demure, black, knee-length wrap dresses, with low-heeled black pumps and 3 strands of pearls. I loved it!

 ImageI want a sign like this for my house. It will read: “Proper attire required. Absolutely no Crocs, beige, Jesus sandals, see-through bra straps, kitten heels or pointy toe shoes. Fluffy slippers permitted.”


A lot of the bars in New York are very “Brooklyn” these days, all deliberately distressed, warehouse, faux dive bar-y etc. so it was really nice to experience a little quintessential NY glamour. This was definitely one of my highlights and (although I wouldn’t recommend spending a whole evening there- unless you have cash to burn obviously, in which case, have fun and can I come?!) I would absolutely recommend going there for a drink or two, just to soak up the luxurious New York atmosphere and pretend that you live in the 1920s.

Or in Gossip Girl.

You know you love me,


The Styletterie




Truer words have never been spoken…

I was watching Gossip Girl again recently and just remembering why Blair Waldorf is:

a.) The absolute BEST

b.) My ultimate girl crush

c.) The absolute BEST


And, as if she wasn’t perfect enough (and forgive me for being a bit behind the times here), the fact that Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are supposedly ENGAGED is just too much for me! Seriously, having Seth and Blair kiss in a movie is almost more than I can cope with. But having two of my all-time favourite characters from two of my all-time favourite shows actually be in love and then throw in the the possibility of future procreation?


ImageI may need to lie down…


The Styletterie

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