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I know, I know- I’m supposed to be starting to think about autumn and snoods and rusty orange colours and pumpkins etc., but I am going for a long weekend in Crete with some girlfriends next week and am thus still firmly in summer mode!

With that in mind, I am really feeling daisies at the moment. Here is a collection of some daisy themed stuff I had lying around…

Sunglasses: Accessorize (Ok, these aren’t actually mine. My Mum and sister have matching pairs and I nick them occassionally…)


I wasn’t actually going to include this super-cheesy photo, until I realised that I had inadvertently posed in front of a big picture of a daisy that my Grandmother had painted on her window years ago…!

Green strap top: Dorothy Perkins (one of my most used items this summer!)


This was Day 2 of my time in Athens, after I’d burnt my shoulders and thighs horribly on Day 1 and could only wear soft and light clothing!

Daisy necklace: bought at the Brooklyn Flea Market last winter, worn A LOT since.

Daisy flip-flops: Accessorize

On the top left are 2 daisy clips, that came with a pair of wedges that I bought in Greece about 10 years ago. I love that they are detachable as it means that a.) my shoes can be a bit more sophisticated and less cute, as the occasion requires and b.) I can put daisies on all my other stuff too! Win-win. 🙂



Out for burgers the other night: Top: Primark. Jeans: Monsoon. Shoes: Office. Jacket: Warehouse


I also tried on this amazing dress in a shop in Athens called BSB. I loved the pattern so much but ultimately just couldn’t make the shape work for me. From some angles it looked ok, but I have learned the hard way that if you feel uncomfortable in something in the shop, you are definitely never going to wear it in real life!

Drew Barrymore daisies

Can you tell I am still crushing on mid-nineties Drew Barrymore…?! That woman knew how to make daisies a look!

I hope you all have a daisy kind of day!



The Styletterie



I have been desperate for some patterned trousers for ages now (we’re talking several years), but alas, while I love my big hips, patterns don’t really tend to! I found these in Primark last week and decided to give them a go since they were cheap. I love the pattern, but I see-sawed all day on whether or not I liked them. I’m a big believer that a huge part of having good style is knowing when a particular trend just doesn’t suit you, and I’m worried that these may have fallen into that category for me.

It didn’t help that as the day progressed, they got looser and looser in weird places (like the thighs and knees). I guess that’s what you get for buying cheapie trousers!:


Start of day…reasonably flattering…


End of day….not ideal.


Perhaps a costume change mid-way through work is the answer?

It seems to work for Beyoncé….


Happy Hump Day everyone!


The Styletterie


Anyone who knows me knows that I consider Accessorize to be my spiritual home. I was in there the other day, buying a gift for my niece. (She’s 4, adorable, and for her birthday she requested her own versions of all of my necklaces! Having been buying jewellery for almost 20 years, I was unable to fulfil that particular wish, but I figured a couple of “grown-up” necklaces from my favourite shop might do the trick!)

Anyway, while I was there I saw (and heroically put back on the shelf) this super-cute bag:


They have loads of really cool pompom-y boho stuff as well, which I’m really feeling right now but I managed to restrain myself and only bought these flip flops:


I am obsessed with Accessorize’s seagrass flip flops, I buy a couple of pairs every year as they are by far the comfiest flip flops I have ever come across! (The “thong” bit is fabric, which makes it so much nicer than most plastic flip flops). They only last about 2 or 3 summers before falling apart though so spares are a must!

Hope everyone’s enjoying their summer so far! I am just getting ready to book my holiday (visiting my family in Athens) and I’m excited! 😀


The Styletterie


I have lived in London all my life. I tend to walk with my head down, just trying to get where I am going without tripping up or making unnecessary eye contact. But the other day, the sun was out and I finally managed to convince myself to walk home from work. And I became just like every annoying tourist ever, stopping every 5 steps to gawk and take photos of everything. This is how London gets you. For 11 months of the year, we bitch and moan about the weather, the pollution, the tube, the hostility, the muggings, the greyness etc. etc. And then spring happens, a few blossoms appear, the sun peeps out from behind a cloud and everything changes. And that one month (if that) is what keeps us here for the rest of the year. (Ok fine, that and the culture, theatre, restaurants blah blah blah). But seriously, who knew London could be so pretty? I had to stop myself from grabbing people on the street to ask them “did you know? I didn’t know, how about you Sir? Did you?”

So even though this has nothing to do with style (although I would wear anything that had a pattern as pretty as some of the things I saw on my walk), I thought I’d just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of my hometown, and apologise for overlooking it so frequently.

(I don’t speak Twitter but, um, hashtag no filter etc. I didn’t do anything to these pictures except press the little button on my phone to take them.)



ImageI love the contrast of the delicate pretty flowers with the grey wrought iron gates, it’s just so London.




ImageI’m obsessed with these leaves. They look like little paper butterflies!


ImageI took these pics last week, and the weather has already gone grey and gloomy and rainy since then. (Well, there was a bank holiday weekend, what did we expect?) There is a hint of sun today though.

Oh London, you old tease….



The Styletterie

WEDDINGS!!! Who doesn’t love weddings?! (Ok, I know a lot of people don’t but still…) Food, love, cheesy music, flowers, embarrassing speeches, dancing, cake, the opportunity to dress up… Weddings are my favourite thing ever! (Next to Made in Chelsea, obvs.) A very good friend of mine got married a couple of weeks ago 😀 and this is what I wore:


Floral dress: Asos (as seen in my wishlist post a while back).

Leopard print shoes: New Look

Hearty necklace and earrings: Swarovski

Tennis bracelet: Swarovski (I love this but I find that Swarovski bracelet clasps are useless! This is a replacement as my previous one just fell off my wrist and this one does the same quite often. Same goes for a different Swarovski bracelet I have. Grr)

Diamanté bracelet: cheap, old, maybe H&M?

Love bracelet: Marks & Spencer

Teardrop ring: Mikey

“Ruby” ring: random cheap shop in Bath, I bought this at least 10 years ago and the “silver” is totally discoloured but I love it! I always think it looks like a wine gum 🙂


I love the look of off the shoulder dresses and had always wanted to wear one. They aren’t the most practical style in the world (I couldn’t raise my arms, and leaning down to strap up my shoes etc. really hurt) but it’s a nice way to show some shoulder without having to hoik it up all the time, like you do with a strapless dress. Although it did occasionally look as though it was falling down, it never did!




Oh and just in case anyone else is on the lookout for a good strapless bra, the best one I’ve found is Wonderbra’s Ultimate Strapless Bra! (You can buy it in Debenhams.)



I was worried that my Motel leopard coat might be overkill with the shoes but I think it was ok. And anyway, I changed into my glittery Office flats before leaving so simultaneous coat and shoe time was minimal. (Also, don’t worry, I took some of these pics while I was just trying out my outfit, I didn’t actually go to a wedding with such messy hair!)


ImageI also removed one layer of netting from the petticoat of the skirt because, while I love the slimming effects of pouffy skirts on one’s legs, I always feel a bit like an overgrown baby in them!




My bag used to belong to my Godmother so I love carrying it, even though it fits hardly anything and is falling apart a bit!



Happy wedding season!


The Styletterie