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photo 3 (35)

A few more pictures of gorgeous London at Christmas time…

photo 1 (34)

photo 2 (34)

The goodness-gracious-great-balls-of-fire decorations are in Sloane Square.

photo 4 (23)

John Lewis window display.

photo 2 (33)

photo 5 (22)

I thought these Katy Perry for Claire’s Accessories phone cases were cute, especially the popcorn one!

Pic circus, Reg st

Piccadilly Circus and Regent Street. You can’t see it here but the theme of these decorations is Night at the Museum. I know that advertising is important and all but really, Ricky Gervais’ face is not the most Christmassy thing I can think of!

photo 3 (31)

Tights with gold stars running up the back, that I wore for our work Christmas lunch, from Marks & Spencer.

photo 3 (34)

photo 4 (28)

I liked this M&S bag…

photo 1 (29)

Khaadi in Westfield, White City. I love all the furniture!

photo 4 (27)

Oxford Street.

photo 1 (30)

In Accessorize…

photo 4 (24)

Cute Christmas decorations from Habitat.

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photo 5 (27)


I don’t care how cheesy it sounds, Christmas is definitely the most magical time of year! 😀


The Styletterie

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I’ve spent almost all of my 27 Christmases in London and I have to say, it never gets old. The decorations, the atmosphere, the lights, the bustle… it never ceases to put a spring in my step and a smile on my face!

Cov grdn reindeer

Cov grdn

Covent Garden

I had my annual Christmas dinner with my friends from school recently. It was at my house this year and, as we had recently had a big turkey dinner for Thanksgiving (apparently we do that now), we decided to keep it casual and just all bring whatever food we fancied and have nibblies and drinks instead of dinner. This is how we ended up with 3 cheeseboards 😀

I wore:

Christmas OOTD1


Shoes tree

Zara nouveau grunge t-shirt, River Island sequinned jacket, M&S treggings, my new favourite necklace that my Dad gave me, and my new sparkly Converse trainers. I also wore my Revlon Black Cherry lipstick, which my friends all complimented me on, but said that I should be aloof and bitchy whilst wearing it, and giggling was strictly forbidden. (You can guess how well that worked out – especially once the alcohol started flowing and we decided to write our own Cards Against Humanity questions….)

Before and after

Before and after….

photo 5 (25)

Jacket sparkle

Christmas is the best time to wear sparkly clothes!

photo (8)

Selfridges again…


In John Lewis

photo 5 (23)

Secret Santa present…

photo 1 (33)

Bus pictures are the best…

(Oxford Street)

More to come!


The Styletterie


The tree in the Neapolitan Baroque Christmas section of the Met, and the Rockefeller Centre tree, which we watched light up!




Chelsea market, and the jolly jumper is from Kith…


Badass Bulgari…


A gorgeous (but overpriced) decoration from Anthropologie; Macy’s; inside the Campbell Apartments; and world’s coolest dress from Mango…

And last but not least…


Tiffany’s (where, alas, none of my presents are from…)!

Merry Christmas one and all!!!


The Styletterie