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Because you can never have too many!


Scouring ASOS for a birthday present for a friend, I naturally stumbled upon a couple (*ahem*) of things I wanted for myself. It didn’t help that I had a 20% off card from Elle magazine (the September issue, with Kristen Stewart on the cover) so felt like I had to “make the most” of the discount by spending tons more money than I otherwise would have.

But my favourite purchases were these 2 pairs of earrings:


Bought these as an attempt to replace my similar shaped pink and green ones that broke 😦 They were £8.

image1xxl (1)

LOVE these ones, and they show up better against my dark hair too. £20 (£16 with the discount :-D)

I am letting myself off the hook however as I did also buy the aforementioned present (a knitted jumper with a burger on it that I totally want for myself as well!) for my friend’s birthday!

Where’s my halo?


Happy Friday, have a great weekend!



The Styletterie



I’m really feeling this season’s trend for ice-blue pastels at the moment, so I thought I’d dip my toes (or rather, fingers, fnar fnar) in the water with the cheap option- baby blue nail varnish that I got for £2 in Peacocks. I liked it a lot actually, it hit the right balance between being spring-y but still giving a nod to winter (especially with the bling) which feels appropriate for the (confused and confusing!) weather!

Advice to anyone coming to London anytime soon – it’s all about layers!

And sunnies 😀


The Styletterie