shoes and fascinators

Having made the executive decision to wear flats to Ascot tomorrow (and having been assured that I will be literally the only one!), I decided to spring for some new ones to make me feel a bit better about it. The idea was to take one pair back once I’d picked a colour (I’m leaning towards the blush), but that might not happen… 😉

How adorable are these colours?!


(The green is much mintier in the flesh.)

Shoes: Office

Veils/fascinators: Asos

I’ve never been to Ascot before so I’m excited! I’ll try and take lots of pictures (curse my current phonelessness!!)


I’ve also never worn a veil-fascinator-headpiece-thing before either. Slightly concerned that:

a.) My make-up will rub off on the veil and smudge all over my face.

b.) I’ll need to wear loads of make-up so my features aren’t completely washed out by the veil and then it will rub off on the veil and smudge all over my face.

c.) How do I wear sunglasses (squinting doesn’t become me)?

d.) What if it’s super sunny and I tan through the veil and end up looking like a maths book?

e.) How do I eat or drink? Do I just lift the veil and leave it sticking out visor-stylee?

f.) What if I forget and smoosh a burger against the veil and then look really weird and dirty all day?

g.) What if it really annoys me??!!


Gah, the tribulations of poncey pretentious horse events! Any advice would be welcome!


Have a great weekend! 😀


The Styletterie