Here is a Fact Of Life: Once you start blogging, everything becomes fodder.

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to be invited with a friend’s family for a long weekend in Lisbon. The weather was hot and sunny (we’re talking 36 degrees, and just as lovely at night), the sights were beautiful and the food was amazing (cheeseboards can change your life. Fact.)  I took pictures of everything, starting with what I wore to travel (flying themed earrings, just in case) through 4 outfits and 2 days of sight-seeing, shopping and exploring. Through some gorgeous bars and hilarious English football fans and right up to an impromptu stop at a street party- possibly the first time my life has resembled that of those cool, spontaneous people who accidentally find themselves at awesome local parties surrounded by music and beer and dancing and attractive Portuguese men. Two days and I had probably taken about 400 photos.

And that’s when some bastard stole my phone.

Like the idiot tourist I am, I held my phone high up to take pictures (and even a video) of the decorations, the colours, the lights, the band, the stalls, the hordes of people of all ages dancing together, then put it in my bag. I usually rest my hand on my bag but for one song, I danced with a student from Porto whose friend was busy romancing my travel buddy. At the end of the song (defining lyrics- chichirichichirichi), I looked down to see my bag wide open and my phone gone.




And while I was distraught to have lost all my contacts, all my notes, all my reminders, it was my photos that upset me the most. First of all, all the nice ones of me were on my phone and I confess to being kind of jealous that my friend gets to put up all the funny ones of herself larking around with canons/looking romantic on bridges on Facebook, while I look like the boring friend who was barely there.

But mostly, I was upset about the ones I’d taken for this blog.

I had been writing what I was going to say about each photo in my head since we got there. Everything cool or pretty or funny I saw, I was already figuring out how to phrase it, how to caption it, how to explain it just right to include anyone who may read this in my holiday.

My friend, bless her, let me have free reign with her phone afterwards so I could take pictures and I’ll include some of them, but other than that, I’m afraid I shall just have to try and paint a picture using words (and old photos and the internet!) and see what happens.

Some things I wanted to show you:

–          My travelling outfit. (The same maxi-dress I wore in this post, but with angel wing earrings)

–          The beautiful restaurant (with the life altering cheese) that we went to for lunch, where they presented us with a velvet footstool for our bags. I will never travel without one again.

–          The incredible furniture at The Museu Nacional de Arte Antigua, where we all acted as though we were homeware shopping, not soaking in culture.

–          The floral 50s-esque Joy dress I wore to go out to dinner that night.

–          The funky red sweet wrapper-esque chandeliers in that restaurant, that my travel companions thought were “gaudy”. This was also where I learned that Lisboan men can be a tad sexist, as a man in the unisex bathrooms tried to chat me up by asking me for laundry advice! If only he had known that despite being a girl and everything, what I know about laundry is even less that what I know about cooking (which is nothing).

–          The beautiful square overlooking the river, where they showed every football match to hundreds of avid fans

–          What I wore the next day (my Rachel Roy for Macy’s playsuit from New York, as we were going to be climbing a tower and a skirt seemed ill-advised.) Here I am being a massive poser in it a couple of summers ago.


–          The dramatically beautiful Torre de Belem


–          The Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, with its gorgeous vaulted ceilings and atrium.


–          The “just be cool” t-shirt that I reeaally wanted but restrained myself from getting.

–          The “The light of your beauty burns my eyes” t-shirt that is presumably for women who want potential partners to run away screaming. I couldn’t find it online but I did find a top from the same shop that is also pretty dramatic (and unfortunately incorrect), that reads “When I saw you I feel in love and you smile because YOU KNEW

–          The “born in the nineties” t-shirt that made me want to sit in a corner with my wrinkles and weep.

–          The leopard print maxi dress that turned out to be a jumpsuit and was annoyingly flattering considering how ridiculous I looked in it.

– The stunning tiles on the side of walls everywhere.

–          The polka dot skort that taught me that I’m ok with very short shorts (from the back they looked fine) but not very short skirts (from the front, even though I knew it was really shorts, it seemed obscene!)

–          The pile of stinky ash from where they burned a huge pile of rubbish just to get rid of it.

–          The Asos dress I wore in the evening. Here I am trying it on a couple of weeks ago to see if it still fits.


I wore it last summer minus the black strap top but I’ve gained a little weight since then and my boobs were everywhere! Unfortunately the strap top underneath made it even tighter. Oh vicious cycles, why do you torment me thus?! ;-p

–          The weirdly huge barrels of cheese that we each got as a prelude to a truly awful meal.

–          The gorgeous bar we went to, with the painted walls, hanging lanterns, love seats and stunning view.

–          The street party I mentioned earlier, apparently an annual tradition in honour of Saint Anthony, in all its colourful, shining, tinselly, loud, local glory.




Here are a couple of pictures I took with my friend’s phone, the party had died down a bit by then, it was heaving beforehand!


Apparently Saint Anthony’s feast is actually a sardine festival/tribute to the “matchmaking Saint”. All we knew about it is that the people we bumped into said we couldn’t possibly go to a club as no one would be there, as apparently all of Lisbon would be partying in the streets, and people would open their homes and sell beer and dance. And they were right!



I wanted to take more pictures but by that point we were terrified of having her phone on display!

– The Cathedral of Santa Maria Maior, which was beautiful.

– All the incredible views of Lisbon, including many which showed the mini version of Rio’s Christ the Redeemer, known as Christ the King and erected as a thank you for Portugal being unaffected by World War II.

– The adorable trams. (I love trams!)

– The mini cactus decorations (that I just looked up and were apparently meant to be basil) that were hanging everywhere, they were so cute. (I bought one before I left).

– The tinsel, bunting and garlands that were also strewn everywhere. (See the first photo of this post, that I took on my friend’s phone. Hopefully she will send me all her photos soon and I’ll be able to put some more up.)

– The cherries I accidentally buttered due to delirious tiredness on the plane home! (Yes, cherries, plural. It happened more than once. I was very tired!)

Everything was just so beautiful and interesting and different and colourful and I doubt I’ll get over losing my phone any time soon. But it could have been worse, and at least I have some incredible memories. 😀

And I did a lot of shopping so at least there’s the haul post to do!

Obrigada Lisboa!!!


The Styletterie