-Emma Watson in Vera Wang. What is this? After her incredible game-changing outfit at the Globes, I expected so much more. A lot of people seemed to like this look but I was distinctly underwhelmed by the whole sporty neckline/messy ponytail effect. (I also felt that Anna Kendrick’s J.Mendel dress was let down by the casual neckline.) Sports luxe may be a trend but the Oscars transcend trends and certainly such casualising (totes a word) ones. Love her nails and rings though.

ImageAnna Kendrick


-Julie Delpy in Jenny Packham. This isn’t a bad dress. It’s actually rather lovely and she is French enough to pull it off. But what is with that posture? She is standing like that in every picture! Someone’s been watching too much America’s Next Top Model. Stand up straight woman!

ImageOlivia Wilde in Valentino. I hate to bash on a pregnant lady and I loved this from the back but the front was badly fitted around her bust. Not only were the seams Anne Hathawaying in a major way, but the dress pushed her chest down, creating an unflattering boob effect. Other than that though, she looked exquisite.


Ok so Whoopi Goldberg has never held herself up as a fashion icon (she doesn’t need to, she’s way too cool as it is) and I love her tribute-to-The-Wizard-of-Oz shoes, but why on earth did she leave her pyjama top on underneath her Oscar’s dress? (And that pearl necklace is a death trap. Keep it away from J.Law!)

And finally:


Helen Lasichanh looks nice (albeit a little cazh for the Oscars) but Pharrell…

Oh Pharrell…

There is no excuse for this. You are wearing shorts with a tuxedo. Shorts. With a tuxedo. At the Oscars. You are a grown man. Wearing shorts with a tuxedo at the Oscars. I bet this is why you didn’t win.


Also, lose the hat.

And that rounds us off for another year! Oscars, you are the best Sunday night ever and you never fail to entertain – I salute you!

Thank you!


The Styletterie