Shirt: Forever 21

Treggings: French Connection

Shoes: Marks & Spencer

(Once I actually arrived at dinner, I had to switch to my foot duvets as my friend has a no-shoe policy in her house. This may have somewhat killed the effect…)


Foot duvets that make my feet look like jacket potatoes: John Lewis

Last night was my annual Secret Santa dinner with my group of closest girlfriends. (This year we allowed boys too, dun dun duuun…) We all like to dress up and be festive at this-

Here is a sample of the Christmas jumpers featured:


– and so I figured that bespangling my butt was the way forward. 😀

A word on these trousers though. I love them. Truly. They are everything one could hope for in a pair of trousers. They are COVERED IN SEQUINS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! They are even comfy. Clearly, they are perfect.


Except. I want to know who modelled these trousers while they were being made/designed. Because they were obviously designed for women whose legs do not touch each other. (Or “aliens” as I like to call them.) Seriously, walking in these trousers is a nightmare. Every 3 steps I take, the sequins between my thighs get all tangled up with each other and tie my legs together. Needless to say this is not a good look. Neither is the fact that I consequently spend half the evening rummaging around between my legs trying to disentagle myself. (NB. This is difficult to do elegantly.) So I have only worn these trousers once before, which is a damn shame because if I had my way I would wear them everywhere! I dared to wear them last night only because I knew that I was getting a lift, that I was going to be sitting most of the evening and that I was amongst very close friends (karate chopping my thighs apart is now a popular new party game. Awesome.)

I think I’ll have to get patches (maybe leather?) added to the legs but I can’t think of a way of doing it that won’t spoil the effect. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!! 🙂

On the plus side, they do go multicoloured next to the Christmas tree:

Image(I’m easily entertained)

Anyway, we had an really really fun evening, and I am most definitely feeling festive!!!


Hope you’re all enjoying advent!



The Styletterie