When I first read about Charlotte Olympia’s new collection inspired by Archie comics on Talk To My Shoes I actually squealed out loud at work and had to feign a sprained foot. My excitement is out of all proportion seeing as I won’t be able to afford any of it but the marriage of two of my all-time favourite things was just too exciting for me! Archie comics are a glorious, wholesome, cool, joyous reminder of my youth (an American friend of a friend of my Nannie used to import them for me, and I used to get them as treats when I was good. Ok, “good” may be an overstatement. When I wasn’t that bad.) And Charlotte Olympia, well, has she ever done anything that didn’t make me feel at least four of the seven deadly sins? (The fun ones, obvs ;-p). Seriously, I want ALL THE THINGS! So, I spent quite some time looking through the pictures of the collection and sighing wistfully until I realised that I could totally DIY something similar, with ease. Ok, not exactly the same, but I could definitely channel the same vibe and get my happy Archie fashion fix!


So, inspired by these shoes, I set about creating little hearty brooches that I could put on all my shoes. I was going to do it all ruched and pretty, but lost patience as I wanted to wear them NOW. (I miiight be more Veronica than Betty.)

First, I cut up some old Archie comics and also printed out various pictures I liked. Then I laminated them at work. (Naughty Styletterie). Then I simply used various bits of old fabric, some brooch backs, some pearls  and some plain multi-purpose glue and fashioned the above hearty shoe brooches. Then I decided it would be really fun to make some Betty and Veronica cameos, so I went online and found them some frames (pink and vintage-y for Betty and diamonds for Veronica, naturally). I loved those so decided that Jughead definitely needed to get involved since as far as I am concerned his laid back attitude, never-ending appetite for junk food and penchant for crowns make him the coolest member of the gang. (Ok fine, I fancy Jughead, so sue me! Juggie, if you’re reading this- call me.) Poor lovelorn Ethel was his counterpart, and I might make them into earrings.



I then got a little trigger-happy and started attaching them to everything I could find. I might try and papier mache a bangle at some point too. Basically, if you see a lunatic dressed head to toe in little pictures of comic strip characters skipping through the streets of London, saying “Omigod!” and “Sheesh kebob!” every 2 minutes, don’t be alarmed….

Thank you!


The Styletterie