Do you believe in love at first sight? I didn’t. Perhaps you will think me shallow for finding my soulmate in a necklace. My response to that is simple: I don’t need you. I have my necklace.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I spent the whole of last Sunday in Bicester shopping village. Four years ago, I had gone to Bicester with my boyfriend and seen a pair of Vivienne Westwood earrings that I loved. I didn’t buy them as I decreed them too expensive but the heaviness of buyer’s remorse has lingered in my heart ever since. (Translation: I’ve been going on about them for four years. My boyfriend rues the day Ms. Westwood was born.) So, this year I went for my annual mosey into Vivienne Westwood to see if they had anything similar and stopped in my tracks, all thoughts of tacky hoop earrings forgotten. It was perfect. It was beautiful. It was love.

And it was about 5 times more expensive than any other item of jewellery I have ever bought.


I wrenched myself out of there and moped desultorily around a few more shops, picking up accessories and casting them aside for what was the point? I had tasted desire. I had known love. I dismissed everything I saw, weeping and bemoaning the fact that life had lost all meaning. I wailed and beat my breast. The shop assistants asked me to leave after that. A few more shops and several dirty looks later, my friends took me and threw me back into Vivienne’s arms. I touched it. I tried it on. I made my boyfriend take pictures of me wearing it as though these were my last moments with a dying relative. And when the time came to say goodbye, I couldn’t.

Reader, I bought it.

And hot damn do I love it!!!! 😀



The Styletterie & Her Necklace