Today I’m wearing:

Purple and lace top – Warehouse

Blue skirt – Vintage (my Mum’s from the 70s)

Leopard print jacket – M&S

Boots – River Island

I always find it harder to wear colour in winter, all my bright clothes seem really summery so this is an attempt to look professional (I am wearing it to work), colourful (to combat my misery as the weather turns from autumn to winter), warm (see previous point), fun (I am going out later with a friend) and comfy (we are going to eat lots of pizza).


 D Nameday 2013, B2 201

D Nameday 2013, B2 212

Silver and gold heart earrings- my sister’s from the 80s (I hesitate to say “vintage” lest she reads this and kills me)

Silver heart necklace – Pianegonda, a gift from my boyfriend for my 21st, still love it

Silver and purple glass ring – vint- I mean, my sister’s from the 80s

Silver hearty ring – Tiffany’s, gift from my parents. Bought it on my first ever trip to NY, wear it every day

Silver “empty hand” ring – vintage, has another ring that goes with it, but can’t find it

Silver band ring- was my Nannie’s

Black “tattoo effect” bracelet- bought it (probably from Claire’s Accessories) in the early 00s, and I’m singlehandedly spearheading the movement to bring them back into fashion because they are so cheesy they just make me smile. (Also because I still have the choker, belly chain, headband, anklet…..)

Large black bracelet- H&M, got it for practically nothing because the central stone had fallen out but I liked it better that way

 Good grief, only just realised how much jewellery I wear!

 I never take off any of my other bracelets so I tend to forget about them and just think of them as a part of my arm. They are mostly vintage and/or gifts I got a million years ago.

Any thoughts? I like the outfit (I am always looking for ways to wear this skirt, I just love the colour) but my brother just looked at me and said “woah” whilst shielding his eyes. I tried to explain that clashing is the new going but no dice. So, is too busy?

Thanks for stopping by!


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