Imageposer, moi?

Friday night and it was time to pour it up

So, I confess that for Hallowe’en I totally considered going as Miley Cyrus because, like, lol. But problem a.)


Paris Hilton (and half the known world) had the same idea.

Problem b.) I hate spending money on Hallowe’en costumes and the only way to avoid that would be to wear a different one of her looks and…

Problem c.) I am not going out in public wearing nothing but flesh coloured underwear and a foam finger.

So, no then…

But all is not lost. While rooting through my cupboard I found these shorts that I bought for the summer but then never wore because they ride so far up my extremities that they really should have bought me dinner first. Not ideal for a day at the beach. Anyway, thanks to their itty bittyness and grungy camo print, they had become known as my Rihanna shorts. And that is why I decided to go dressed as everyone’s favourite bad gal this year.

I didn’t want to do a specific look of hers as, once again, that would probably involve buying a costume. So I decided to abide by the spirit of Rihanna, if not the letter of Rihanna (ie. look generally badass and scantily clad). All I needed to buy was a pen for her tattoos (my friend suggested I use a sharpie and wash it off with vodka but given that she hasn’t actually ever done that herself, she just “thinks” it will come off, I decided against…), some blonde hair dye spray and some massive hoops.

hallowe'en 13 074

I ended up with red hair dye spray as apparently blonde doesn’t exist (fortunately Rihanna has had every possible hair colour/style) and as I couldn’t find a tattoo pen, my friend did the tattoos using a combination of liquid and pencil eyeliner, which stayed on all night. (I was amazed, I swear that never happens when I actually wear it on my eyes! And I got loads of compliments on them from people who thought they were real.) I also bought Revlon Black Cherry lipstick, which I figure I’ll wear all winter and I found big gold “Bad” hoops in Claire’s Accessories, which are insanely tacky but I kind of love.

hallowe'en 13 114

hallowe'en 13 144

hallowe'en 13 128

Who’s that chick?

Yes, that is Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons doing my tatts. I’m just that cool.

hallowe'en 13 054Only girl in the world… (well in this photo, at any rate)

What I’m wearing:

          Camo print hot pants, Motel Rocks

          Black M&S thermal strap top (bet Rihanna never leaves the house without her M&S thermals….)

          Gold chain waist belt, vintage (my grandmother’s!)

          My most stripperific shoes, Office (I changed into less painful ones to actually go out…not as hot, but at least I could dance!)

Bonfire Night 13 089

And the jewels:

          “Bad” heart hoops, Claire’s

         One spike earring, Topshop

          Black and gold choker, originally a hairband from Dorothy Perkins, broke within two minutes and now I wear it as a necklace

          Fake (I assume) “Prada” heart pendant, took it off a handbag someone gave me

          Random gold chains, think they used to be my sister’s

          Snake ring, my grandmother’s

          Double finger rings, Aldo

          Gold spiky ring, H&M

          Pink leopard square bracelet, don’t remember where I got it, maybe H&M?

          Gold sequin bracelet, also can’t remember

         –“Kinky” bracelet, bought it in Camden when I was about 14 (weirdly, it didn’t occur to me that an S&M themed cuff might not be totally appropriate!)

          No diamonds, unfortunately

 My boyfriend said that it was unfaithful to the Hallowe’en costume tradition as it wasn’t scary enough (I guess his mind was in disturbia) but we went to a 90/00s hip-hop and r’n’b night (not very Hallowe’eny but very very fun) so my booty shorts were perfect! Besides, where’s the fun in going out looking like a monster when you could unleash your inner good girl gone bad instead?

NB. If you are ever lacking flirtatious attention from a rude boy or two, might I suggest going clubbing with a bunch of girls dressed as Boudica, Dita Von Teese, Poirot’s next victim (who happens to be a 20s flapper) and Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons – we were on fire!

Take care!


(Oh na na, what’s my name?)

The Styletterie