This is how I found my earrings when I came home late one night, a couple of months ago….Standing up….and I’m sure I didn’t leave them like that….


Oh how I love a theme! Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, World Migratory Bird Day, you name it, I have an outfit for it. However, these days I have a desk job that doesn’t allow me to turn up in full Morticia mode on Hallowe’en (*sigh*) so I have had to content myself with vaguely spooky jewellery and a red and black glittery manicure instead.




-My amazing skeleton earrings complete with gender specific bits and swinging fig leaves for modesty, that I bought in Camden almost 10 years ago and still wear all the time.

– My spiky bracelet from Forever 21, because spikes are Hallowe’eny? Somehow?

– Gothic ring (that’s missing half its stones) that I bought in a cheap shop in Birmingham a couple of years ago. Also known as my “Twilight engagement ring” by my friends….

Happy Hallowe’en!


The Styletterie